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    GPX5000, Gold Monster, AT-Gold, GB2, MD20, Hibanker, Quad, Pans, Classifiers, Picks, Shovels and various other implements of destruction.

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  1. Alberta and BC, I haven't had the opportunity yet to try anywhere else so I am currently 2 for 2.
  2. Hi John I am in Edmonton as well and unfortunately the fine flour gold that we have as well as the Corey Shape Factor make the Quick Sand a poor choice for us.
  3. Very sad news, my condolences to Fred's friends and family. I wish that I had been blessed with the opportunity to meet him, I will do as suggested and have a shot of tequila tonight in his memory. RIP Fred.
  4. Sounds like an interesting build, I look forward to seeing the video. Cheers
  5. Unfortunately it is looking like GPEX is in fact gone, the forum has been offline now for 2 weeks and there has been no email response from the site administrator.
  6. I know that this may not be the correct location but there are a few members here that frequented GPEX. I am just wondering if anybody has any information as to why the forum is down, I have a sinking feeling that it has met it's maker but am hoping that I am wrong. Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!
  8. This is the one that I used to have access to at work, sure was nice but...…. Ohaus Explorer® Scale - 220 grams x .0001 gram Enlarge ANALYTICAL Most advanced scale in its class. Recommended for research, teaching and quality control labs. 14 application modes, including: check weigh, dynamic weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, totalizing, filling, formulation and differential weighing. MG/G/KG/OZ/LB/DWT/CT convertible. Large, color LED touchscreen display. Can be removed from weighing base. Automatic calibration and fast stabilization for accurate results in seconds. Powered by included AC adapter. Includes glass draftshield with flip-top cover. 1 YEAR WARRANTY MODEL NO. PLATFORM SIZE CAPACITY/ ACCURACY SHPG. WT. PRICE EACH ADD TO CART 1 2+ H-4737 3 1/2" Round 220 g x .0001 g 23 $5,978 $5,712 ADD
  9. I am getting a GPX5000 and have a new problem to solve, what is the best way to transport it when flying? Thanks in advance for your advice! Cheers
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