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    GPX5000, Gold Monster, AT-Gold, GB2, MD20, Hibanker, Quad, Pans, Classifiers, Picks, Shovels and various other implements of destruction.

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  1. Alberta and BC, I haven't had the opportunity yet to try anywhere else so I am currently 2 for 2.
  2. Hi John I am in Edmonton as well and unfortunately the fine flour gold that we have as well as the Corey Shape Factor make the Quick Sand a poor choice for us.
  3. Very sad news, my condolences to Fred's friends and family. I wish that I had been blessed with the opportunity to meet him, I will do as suggested and have a shot of tequila tonight in his memory. RIP Fred.
  4. Sounds like an interesting build, I look forward to seeing the video. Cheers
  5. Unfortunately it is looking like GPEX is in fact gone, the forum has been offline now for 2 weeks and there has been no email response from the site administrator.
  6. I know that this may not be the correct location but there are a few members here that frequented GPEX. I am just wondering if anybody has any information as to why the forum is down, I have a sinking feeling that it has met it's maker but am hoping that I am wrong. Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!
  8. This is the one that I used to have access to at work, sure was nice but...…. Ohaus Explorer® Scale - 220 grams x .0001 gram Enlarge ANALYTICAL Most advanced scale in its class. Recommended for research, teaching and quality control labs. 14 application modes, including: check weigh, dynamic weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, totalizing, filling, formulation and differential weighing. MG/G/KG/OZ/LB/DWT/CT convertible.
  9. I am getting a GPX5000 and have a new problem to solve, what is the best way to transport it when flying? Thanks in advance for your advice! Cheers
  10. That was great, thanks so much for the generosity and effort! Cheers
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