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    GB2, MD20, Hibanker, Quad, Pans, Classifiers, Picks, Shovels and various other implements of destruction.
  1. I have a GB2 and 2 of my friends have GB2s as well, all three of them have faulty battery doors so we use a small piece of duct tape to hold the doors in place.
  2. Thanks for the reply Klunker I know that no one detector will cover it all but some I assume are more versatile than others and I am forced to try to keep it to one new detector this year with the economy being what it is. The GP Extreme and the 5000 both have sales pending unfortunately.
  3. Hello Everyone I am new to the Forum and fairly new to detecting. I currently have a GB2 and have for the most part only been nugget shooting in BC. I found that the GB2 did okay but had issues in moderate and high mineralized areas and lost depth rapidly. I am looking to get my next detector for the tool chest and would like something that will give me better depth and performance nugget shooting but it would also be nice if it had some capability on coins, jewelry and relics as most of the people that I know that detect aren't nugget shooting. With the vast amount of expierience on this Forum what are your reccomendations? Thanks in advance.