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Found 25 results

  1. I think you would like a coil like this on your Simplex Tom. Very thin. Sweeps thru the water incredible.
  2. For people who have impulse control issues, it is really disconcerting that the CAPABLE Simplex+ is priced near the impulse buy threshold. I have detectors that can do everything as well as the Simplex, but I am intrigued by the simplicity and VCO audio option in AM that I wish my Equinox had. This could prove interesting in mineralized dirt and may just be the design that finally compels me to get my first full fledged Nokta detector (if it had a higher single frequency selection option, e.g., 24 - 28 khz, it would be a virtual no-brainer). In fact, I am forced to think up weird rationalizations like if I get the Simplex+ with wireless HP, that would give me an excuse to pick up the wireless Nokta PulseDive pinpointer because I would then have a compatible Nokta detector to use it with. I want Simplex and I need help...
  3. It seems like everyone has issues with the volume on underwater detector headphones. I am very much intrigued by the idea of using the Nokta/Makro vibration mode and no headphones at all for hunting in the water with a mask and snorkel. Not only a savings in money but a real potential boon for those who are hard of hearing anyway. This is a feature that deserves more investigation than it seems to have gotten so far. Vibration This feature provides feedback to the user by producing a vibration effect when a target is detected. It can be used independently or together with the audio response. When audio response is disabled, all responses during target detection are provided to the user as vibration only. When the vibration is turned on, the device provides short vibration signals upon target detection. The magnitude of the vibration effect can vary according to the depth of the target and the swinging speed. This setting is common in all search modes. To turn on or off the vibration, after selecting vibration in the settings menu, use the plus (+) and the minus (-) buttons. Vibration may not be felt in the All Metal mode with weak signals; it will be felt as the signal gets stronger. In other words, vibration does not start at the depth where the audio tones are heard but at a lesser depth. Therefore, if you are detecting with vibration only and audio tones are off, you can miss weaker and deeper signals. NOTE: The vibration setting always comes in off position when device is turned off and on again. Nokta/Makro Simplex+ display and controls
  4. Published on Oct 3, 2019 by The HunterGT
  5. First off I am getting the Simplex primarily as a backup for my fresh water wading. It also has a chance to become my first choice as MF is not needed for fresh water hunting. I have used many single freq machine in the lakes here, 12 Khz and high gain should get it done quite nicely which leads to why my request for the proper coil. Wading for jewelry is all about area coverage, the more the better. To cover larger areas requires time and at my age the size of standard DD coils is a time limiting factor due to the resistance of pushing those DD coils thru the water. Looking at N/M's website they are already supplying a coil for the Anfibio/ZKruzer line that would fill the bill for me, the 9" concentric. Less drag will extend my hunt time and the real kicker, the increased sensitivity to small gold due to the concentric design. Please N/M give me my coil! Thanks for the pic Steve
  6. This was from a review on Simplex that Andy Sabisch wrote. “2) If the Target ID jumped around even when wiggling the coil a few inches side-to-side, it was always trash – can slaw, a ball of tin foil, etc. Remember, this is for coin hunting so relic hunting or hunting overseas, you simply need to dig those signals but for coin hunters, erratic TIDs = trash.” Foil tdi all over. If gold locks on this could be big, maybe.
  7. Published on Oct 2, 2019 by EnglandsHistory. Extreme depth test on multiple buried targets, hammered coins, and a mini hoard of 1.1kg who wins the test???? you decide....metal detecting uk.
  8. Great news for the owners of the Nokta Makro Blue Edition Headphones: As per your requests and with the latest updates on the SIMPLEX+, your Blue Edition Headphones are now compatible with the SIMPLEX+ production units in addition to the Green ones! Nokta/Makro Blue Edition Headphones Nokta/Makro Green Edition Headphones
  9. Nokta/Makro Simplex + Quick Guide Nokta/Makro Simplex + User Manual Click images below for larger views.... Nokta/Makro Simplex+ Quick Guide page 1 Nokta/Makro Simplex+ Quick Guide page 2 Nokta/Makro Simplex+ display and controls
  10. https://www.findmall.com/read.php?100,2501913,2501913#msg-2501913
  11. https://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,168853
  12. 14 September 2019 (Europe, Africa, North and South America timezones) may be a noteworthy day in metal detecting history. Both Nokta/Makro (at Detectival) and Minelab (on their own site as well as the sites of some partners) have given us details and hypberbole on their soon-to-be-released detectors -- Nokta/Makro Simpex and Minelab Vanquish. There certainly are a lot of differences, as well as commonalities. I look forward to others posting the details. (But I'm sure I'll add my own after some more contemplation.) "Competition is good" has been a mantra here for months if not years. We have it now, at least in the near entry-level detector zone. October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  13. I got a email the other day from the company telling me how great this new detector called Simplex is . I’ve already been reading about the Simplex on the forum here but I had to go over all that’s offered on it again. I don’t know where they ever came up with the name Simplex. Oh don’t get me wrong it looks as if a bird brain like me could run it .What I want is how they can sell it at such a low price with all this Simplex has other than just detect ? I’ve had different businesses over the years and when I seen the price of the Simplex . I was thinking maybe they haven’t heard the words of profit/loss. I see it now, everybody and their brother plus their sister with her kids will be out there swinging this so called Simplex. I guess we could start a rumor that your hair will fall out if you use one . That wouldn’t do me any good half of mine is gone already. Dilek I wish you the very best on the sale of the Simplex. A guy like me with nine grandkids and my two youngest just got married I need a less expensive detector. The Best! Chuck PS At Christmas time I don’t sing Joy to the world anymore.haha Nokta/Makro Simplex+ Waterproof Metal Detector
  14. Dear Valued Members, We are proud to announce our first entry level detector – the SIMPLEX+ which has been the most exciting and anticipated product of 2019! SIMPLEX+ IS THE FIRST WATERPROOF DETECTOR ON THE MARKET OFFERING EXTREME DEPTH AND HIGH-END FEATURES AT AN ENTRY-LEVEL PRICE! SO SIMPLEX IS SIMPLY UNRIVALED!! Product Page Link: https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/simplex-metal-detector/ SIMPLEX+ FEATURES: • IP68 - WATERPROOF UP TO 3m (10ft) • WIRELESS AUDIO READY • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY • LIGHTWEIGHT (1.3kg / 2.9lbs) • RETRACTABLE SHAFT - Shaft retracts down to 63cm (25''). Great for easy transport, storage as well as diving! • 11’’ DD COIL Other features: Easy to Use Single Menu Design Search Modes - All Metal / Field / Park / Beach Iron Volume Notch Discrimination Frequency Shift Vibration Mode Online Firmware Updates Fabulous Lightning for Night & Underwater Use – Backlit keypad / LCD & LED Flashlight SIMPLEX+ WILL BE OFFERED IN 2 PACKAGES: SIMPLEX+ and SIMPLEX+ WHP (Wireless Headphone Pack) PACKAGE CONTENTS SP28 DD Search Coil & Cover 28cm / 11'' 6.3mm (1/4'') Headphone Adapter Charging Adapter USB Charging & Data Cable SIMPLEX+ WHP Only 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Green Edition Nokta Makro Cap SIMPLEX+ MSRP: $299 SIMPLEX+ WHP MSRP: $399 Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you all! PLEASE FIND THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE SIMPLEX+ COMMERCIAL:
  15. Looks like the Simplex will be out before October. The Simplex will be featured as a raffle item at the October 5-6 Pound The Ground (Adirondack) Hunt See the Nokta/Makro Simplex at Pound The Ground Adirondack Coast
  16. Has there been anymore information on when/IF the Simplex will be released? Seems like it would be a decent detector to throw in the vehicle for flash hunts, or lunch hour detecting. Looks interesting, and seemed to be priced right to sell. Wonder what the holdup is on getting it released?
  17. The upcoming Nokta/Makro Simplex has been added to the Metal Detector Reviews & Specifications Database. Nokta/Makro Simplex metal detector Nokta/Makro Simplex LCD display and controls
  18. Be sure and turn on the English subtitles under the video settings if you don't know the language. Nokta/Makro Simplex Data & User Reviews
  19. I think this is Dilek in the video. Nokta/Makro Simplex Data & User Reviews
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