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Holtermann Nugget


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6 hours ago, flakmagnet said:

just imagine your 7000 rolling over that baby...

My 12 year old Tracker IV would have had a blown speaker if it went over that thing.


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It was discovered at 2 a.m. on the 19th October 1872 in the ‘Star of Hope’ mine, on Hawkins Hill, Hill End, New South Wales, after a midnight firing of explosives revealed a ‘wall of gold’. Mine Manager Bernhardt Holtermann and syndicate member Louis Beyers were major shareholders in the Star of Hope Gold Mining company. The mining syndicate of eight comprised of Bernhardt Holtermann, Louis Beyers, Richard Kerr, H. Miller, John Klein, James Brown, Moses Bell, and Mark Hammond (who was loaned money by Bell to buy Kerr’s share of the syndicate then paid him back after the discovery). Holtermann and Beyers received the credit whenever the discovery or mine were mentioned but they did not make the actual gold discovery themselves and the full story is more interesting. Holtermann gave orders to continue the shaft down vertically and rejected Hammond’s advice that a westward extension would be best. However, on advice from experienced miners Moses Bell and William Hunt (Bell’s miner representative in the shaft), Hammond went against Holtermann’s orders, sealed off the vertical shaft at 150 feet and commenced the west drive – and the gold was found.
The Gross Weight (gold + quartz + slate) was 285 Kg, and the weight of gold was 93.2 Kg (3,000 Troy ounces). It measured 144.8 cm high x 66 cm wide x 10.2 cm thick. The Approximate gold value today would be about 5.2 million dollars.
Photo australian.museum


May be an image of 1 person and standing

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Photoshop before photoshop was invented. From what I understand it was cut up to get it out of the mine or something similar so the photo was actually dodged up


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