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Europes Largest Metal Detector Distributor Gives Minelab The Boot

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Xcoils, who undoubtedly make the worlds best detector coils dropped dealers and have for some time now have supplied direct. The price has been the same as dealer price, so they have picked up extra profit and don't seem to be too much effected by the change. GPZ coil sales have been such that the earlier GPX (5000) coils are no longer being made. A shame, as adding an Xcoil really picked up the performance of GPX and earlier PI models.

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Yes, sales of X-coils have snowballed so much they can't keep up with orders and that's selling direct to customers from Kazakhstan so selling direct can work.  How many sales they lose by not having local dealers I guess they'll never know but seeing they can't keep up anyway that doesn't overly matter I guess unless they really wanted to expand the business.  Seeing it's not even their primary source of income I doubt it, it was just they wanted coils for themselves, then they sold and gifted them to friends then it went crazy and became what it is today.

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2 hours ago, Calarms said:

Thanks for posting that Simon,

Do you think there might be price reduction in the near future

I can't imagine price reductions taking place, I think they reduced the price of the 6000 in the USA and not elsewhere to clear out the older stock with the EMI problems sitting around over there as even now after the EMI fix being announced in August 2022 they're still selling detectors new in USA with the problem, the ones being sold in Australia are all fixed up new models so you can see where demand is higher.  It also fits with them extending the sale in the USA until the stock ran out.

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