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To start with I think the Keene over size jets and couplers are great.  Over the last few weeks of dredging I can count on one hand how many plugs I had had in the jet.  People had told me in the past they have had trouble with them sucking air.  What I do is double up the gasket with a cam lock gasket to make a good seal. 

The problem I am having is getting the coupler on to a new hose.  

I have put a few of the couplers on the years but it is always so difficult to get it to go all the way on. 

I was wondering if anyone had a good technique or procedure to make it easier?

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The last time I put a 6” bullet on a hose it was on aftermarket oversized hose. I used a hand rasp and a lot of elbow grease. I am sure there is grinder device a person could use but that’s what I had. It worked.

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Use a torch and silicon, just did mine a few weeks back and worked great! Also screw the hose in don’t just push it.

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Thank you for the info.  It is a 6" inch.  I will remove a little of the hose prior to inserting it.

SJM did you heat the hose or the coupler?  I bet if you heated the coupler too that it would expand it out like a fly wheel like older ring gears for fly wheels on general motor truck.

In the past I have glued them in with E 6000.

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Really I think just the silicon will do it. Lubes it up so it will spin on easy then seals it. If the diameter of the hose is too big you’ll have to mill it, I’d use a four inch grinder and a sixteen grit flap wheel but if your like super Steve you can whittle it down with a spoon. I used the heat to burn off the old silicone from the bullet, only way I could get it clean. Everything was nice and warm when I reassembled it. As gas as the silicon I used what was in the shed, think it was GE tub and bath stuff?Good luck!

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Thank you gentlemen.  

I was able to get the bullet onto the hose by using a little of all of the techniques and the help of a friend.  We first cut down along the ribs of the old hose and pulled most of it out like a Accordion.  We heated the remaining glue with a torch which came right out with a wire brush on a drill.  I started to use a rasp on the hose but switched to a side grinder which preped it pretty fast.  We checked the fitting as we went.   We wanted to keep it tight for a little friction.  We got it to the point where when we slid the bullet on the hose it got tight with about 2 1/2 inches left before Bottoming out.  Also we only ground up the house about 5".  Slathered up both the hose and the bullet with E-6000, slid the hose in and pushed it all the way to the bottom.  I let the hose sit over night propped standing up with the bullet on the floor because that E-6000 will run a little bit.  Checked it this morning, came out great.  Just need to trip a little excess glue off.


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