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White's Metal Detector Manuals Listed Again By Garrett !!

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26 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Your speculation is every bit as good as mine. The 24K blows the AT Gold away as a nugget detector, and I kept my 24K when I let my Gold Monster go. The AT Gold is the better general purpose detector. White's had the half sine patent and others. Whether they do anything with any of it remains to be seen.

Thanks. Interesting read.

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2 hours ago, GeoBill said:

I've been away from detecting for a long time so I'm not really up to speed on the different technologies the various companies own. I'm more familiar with the biotech/hitech world where companies are bought solely for their intellectual property. Did White's have patents that Garrett would want/need to move their products forward?

Steve, you bring up the 24K. I see a lot of discussion/praise for the GM1000. Do you think Garrett would bring it back to compete in that space? Is it superior enough to the AT Gold that they would want to repackage under their own name?

I'm pretty happy with my V-SAT but was looking to get a VLF gold machine for my son.


As Steve suggests, the 24K sh*ts all over anything that Garrett have ever offered as a VLF gold machine. Only close runners that are on the market are the good old Gold Bug 2 (1990's design but still a killer on small gold) and the Nokta-Makro Gold Kuzer. The GM1000 could have been good except for that horrible digital audio that clicks, pops and farts constantly. The 24K has the depth advantage on small gold due to the excellent 6" CC coil and its ground balance system.

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