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Well ... after a lot of faffing about ( including clearing my forum cookies, hence logging myself out, then not being able to log in again because I didn't make a note of my password ....) I have come to some conclusions.

I have a saved copy of the forum front page , from August 2019. This loads correctly, with the right font size and layout.
I then saved the current small-font front page, and compared them.
I had a hunch the problem was to do with .css (cascading style sheet) files. Comparing the two versions, there is an obvious difference: the old page had 11 .css files, the new page has just 8. The missing three are named:



My hunch was the 'widgets' one was the important one. So I copied this .css file from the old saved page to the new saved page.
I then re-loaded the new page, and behold !! it displayed properly, like it did 3 days ago.

Now I don't know what exactly 'widgets' does, it's related to 'gallery' in some way, but I'm no web guru.
But it seems the absense of these 3 files is what's causing my problem - with missing 'style' info, my browser is not able to format the page properly.
( anyone who has ever turned off 'page style' will know it makes a mess of the layout, and usually changes fonts to basic ones. Dankowski's Forum has this problem for many folks, as the .css files are insecure, even though the main page IS secure, and security-heavy browsers don't load them up: the result is an ugly page. )

Any thoughts on this, Steve? Any automatic updates taken place that you have no control over ?

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Yes the site has updates regularly, but none I don’t know about... I have to load them. The fact that I and nobody else is reporting this problem is a rather large clue. The site is running fine for me on six different devices and several different browsers. You probably have a caching issue. The gallery went away a year ago.

You mentioned everything but trying another browser.

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Problem solved, I think.
I'm using Firefox, which like most browsers has a 'page zoom' feature, using "ctrl +" and "ctrl-" to enlarge/shrink the text size. It would appear my machine has decided to permanently remember a 'zoom out' setting for detectorprospector, not globally for all websites, and it remembers it even when it's shut down and restarted - which it's never done before. I zoomed in, to what I assume is 'normal', and it seems to have stuck with it so far.
This explains why the saved page loaded OK, as it's not on www.detectorprospector.com, it's on my C: drive.
It doesn't explain the .css file effect I discovered, that's too mysterious.

I found a few references to this effect on the web, with the question "how do I stop it doing this ???" , so it's not unique to me. One answer is to go into the browser settings, and edit Max -Zoom and Min-Zoom to "100", then it should always stay at 100%, regardless.

Thank You for your thoughts.

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I use Firefox too, this remember individual zoom settings for websites has been around for a while.   I like it as I find all the text far too big on DP forum, and most other websites. I am able to fit a lot more on a page by zooming out so I run at zoom of 67% on my laptop.  Glad you got it sorted.

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I'm pretty sure FireFox never used to remember the Zoom setting, especially if you actually shut down the browser, or the entire computer. But having experimented with it now, it seems to do it consistently. I've no idea what zoom setting I have, though, there isn't any indication I can see?
Delving into About:Config shows the standard settings are zoom levels of:
0.3; 0.5; 0.67; 0.8; 0.9; 1.0; 1.1; 1.2; 1.33; 1.5; 1.7; 2.0; 2.4; 3.0
so I guess I had 0.67 set, I've no idea why.
It doesn't remember zoom levels of individual images, though. I use it sometimes on Geotech1, where people often upload small images, and if you close a tab, then re-open it, it reverts back to 100%. That's the kind of inconsistency that throws me. Likewise - if you get some stupid 'out of date security certificate' nonsense, and you add an exception, it only does it for that one page, not the whole site, pretty irritating. Yet this 'remembered Zoom' seemed to apply to all the detectorprospector site, not just that one page I was viewing. Pfft.

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