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Does anybody know why a gravel bar in a creek on Google Earth would show as Pink instead of black and white? This is in central Indiana, not much in colored rocks or mineral deposits in the area. It is a glacial gold area and with copper nuggets but they don't show up on aerial maps. I did spot a large gray clay stream bank on another creek which had alternating layers of red and gray just above the creek line like an ice cream cake. Too bad its owned by the state and they refuse to let us prospect there. It is a known gold creek too.

It cannot be seen without Google Earth and a Historical Imagery view of the woods taken March 30 ,2005, otherwise tree cover blocks the view on both of these creeks.

What's the best color laser printer for around $300 for aerial map prints?

-Tom V.

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Don’t know on all counts Tom. Did you ever hike in and find out?

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Its all private property so can't just hike in plus its 150 miles away. Plus its deer hunting season so kinda dangerous to be out prospecting for now.

I need to get my butt off my chair and go check a creek I map dowsed about 60 miles away.

Sure would be nice if it is a gold creek and so close to home. About a dozen farm ditches come together right before there and the resulting creek is like 40 feet wide with fast water, gravel, and bedrock areas. But there are 4 land owners to deal with. It is an old coal mining area and world famous iron concretion fossils just 20 miles away where Joe Public is allowed to collect but NOT dig for these things. Sposed to be ferns, amphibians, and such in these concretions mainly at Pit number 11 of the old strip mining area I hear. I did get a few colors in a creek 5 miles away.

I just got a new triangular shaped alluvial sluice from a seller in Surprise,Arizona to try out too.

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      I am very prone to getting lost and it's hindered my gold detecting quite significantly so I've been trying to find a really good solution to my problem, I've tried various GPS mapping software but not found anything that really suited my possibly unique needs.  I'm planning a gold prospecting trip to a spot I've been before with Kiwijw a couple of times and had some pretty good success there, especially Kiwijw with his gold finds so I've been wanting to go back for some time but been a bit hesitant to go alone.
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      I do a ton of work with Google Earth plotting targets, claims and such. My stompin' grounds are devoid of cellular data, so any device that is DetectorProspector approved and might have some capabilities for satellite imagery, overlays - I would really appreciate guidance.
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      Ive attached a lidar map of the main area i prospect.  Id like to get peoples knee-jerk reactions on where they would swing a detector knowing large nuggets (they have generally been very crystalline with a few specimens found) have been found in the creek.  So what would be your number 1, 2, and 3 spots to focus on.  Ive detected around a good bit and have yet find anything outside of the creek, but i want to see if im missing something obvious. lol  
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      2nd question is about a standalone GPS unit that folks use. I have an old Etrex but would like something a little newer and if possible it will accept Google Earth images/KML files so I don't have to try to redo all the points I have saved to my places and the special MRDS and other KML layers I've accumulated.
      Any info is appreciated and I know from experience that somebody out there is bound to learn something from these topics besides myself. Thanks in advance.
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