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  1. used it since day one and always just popped it into my pocket. I'm in the UK and it never stops raining here😄
  2. I love my 15" coil sometimes having the sensitivity up too high can cause the problem depending on the ground. I used the CTX for over 4years and changed because of aging muscles, however I'm not missing the CTX because the Nox is a great machine.
  3. covid has had an impact on the production all goods so I doubt Coiltek are any different. P.S. I'm perfectly happy with all 3 Minelab coils. Never a fan of the coiltek coil I had for the CTX
  4. I use the WM08 exclusively because it allows me to use my own headphones that I had built by Minelab Mal (minelab owners forum) They are second to none in my opinion and I have had a good number of phones over my 40 years of detecting. the Bluetooth ones are ok but using mine with the WM08 means I get no outside noises and the tones are sharp and clear
  5. I love my 15" over here in the UK. I too find it's just the ground coverage it useful for and would say it's definitely heavier so have to use the proswing harness. I have found cut quarter hammered coins with it so can vouch that it doesn't miss much. When visiting Australia (my sister lives there) I only pack the 11" for the beaches.
  6. where will he use it? That's the first question. How often is he likely to use it?
  7. I think you said it all when you said "with my ground". Much depends on mineralisation of the ground. Here in the UK I find leaving ground balance at 0 works fine. If I want extra depth I turn the iron bias down
  8. I used the CTX for over 4 years but pain in my shoulder and tennis elbow had me thinking the Deus would have to make a comeback but I was never happy with that squeaky thing so when Minelab announced a new light weight detector I ordered one before I knew what it was. more than happy with the equinox but I still found my shoulder unable to bear more than a couple of hours. Bought the proswing 45 harness and now I can swing all day
  9. what number are you using: sensitivity recovery speed iron bias or new f2
  10. My first thought is ' surely it will let more sand in'. I have used clear silicone to seal the covers on and have not had a problem getting them off when needed. had to use silicone remover to clean up a coil when I went to Oz knowing how fussy they are about contamination but when I got there they didn't want to see the detector. been twice and neither time did they look at it
  11. I suffer with my shoulder too which is why I use the pro swing harness. I use the15" coil 99% of the time and I'm usually out 6-7 hrs each time
  12. I have been gold detecting with the CTX when visiting my Sister in Oz . Not successful😀 I have the Equinox 800 now (which is not a VLF machine but Simultaneous Multi-Frequency) Did not try it on Gold detecting when I went over to Oz last year as no one was going out but definitely like it better over the CTX which I used for over 4 years.
  13. I'm going to give that a try David. was on a very iron infested site thursday
  14. looks as if he hadn't really used it for long. I love mine so much so I sold my 4yr old CTX
  15. sorry I didn't see the date. Like Randy I have found George 3rd counterfeits too but never Viccy ones. It looks as if yours could have been made from the impression from the original as Like Randy's example mine are clear as a bell where as yours looks worn. Nice find though and collectable
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