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  1. Lunk, Thanks for the report, and congrats on the great gold with that 6" coil dude. I also got a 6" for my nox800, love the NOX compared to the CTX, which I used for years. It hits great on gold, and have found some nice old coins and artifacts in the desert with it also. Neat little trick I learned not to long ago, from the prospecting, park, and field modes, if you are getting an iffy signal, like nickels, or even trash, place the machine in all metal mode and pump coil above target, a trashy target will usually dip into the negative, as your gold and nickels will usually stay in the 1 and above. Dave
  2. Mitchel, I remember that movie, good one. One of my favorite mining movie is the oldie but goodie Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Dave
  3. Chris, Good to see you got some good pieces out there. Congrats dude !!! Hope you get approved for the surgery on your appeal. It had been a while since a nice find like that. Until next time, Dave
  4. Some pretty cool finds from everyone, thanks for sharing. While using a GPZ 7000, I found a very nice condition Union Soldiers Infantry Button about 2 feet down, in the SW. Wish we could see the stories behind some of our finds.
  5. Glad you held on to it Mitchel, the 3030 is a good machine. I sold my 3030 to buy 2 Equinox 800 machines. I have found twice as much with the Nox, than I did with my 3030. Especially in high trash areas, old mining camps, where I could not run the 3030, with all the trash / iron. I also love how much the NOX is so much lighter... Dave
  6. I tried all settings... You cannot have any discrimination on, or it blanks them out. They are an L/LL . With discrimination off, the horseshoe mode, you can hear them... but cannot walk 2 feet without hitting trash out there...
  7. Richard got a nice 5 gram, and 2 gram piece, Eric got several 1 and 2 grams pieces. Mike (mikestang) and Robby went there 2 weeks before us, and got a nice 40 gram piece with other smaller ones also...
  8. Hey Mitchel, If youve seen Li Bofang facebook he has a lot of pics on it...... tons of meteorite and gold pictures and stories on facebook everyone shares... Dave.
  9. Mitch, The auction ad states found in Buller goldfield
  10. I hear ya Gary.... another meteorite just fell in China, and they are recovering it right now... locals are thinking they are worth a lot, some charging $5,000 a gram.... Crazy ?
  11. Hi Mitchel, Thank you !!! Myself, Richard Garcia, and another buddy of mine Eric were there for 2 days. Its a hard area to hunt nowadays to get anything over a gram or two. I just got lucky, right place at right time kind of thing. Dave
  12. Upon looking up the new meteor impact that just happened yesterday in South Africa, I came across this article. I guess its confirmed Pyrite, and not gold.... Dave
  13. Rick, The 800 is a nice machine, congrats on the finds.. Dave
  14. Thanks Fred, about 200 feet from tracks. The rains bring out new ones to the top. Magnet fishing ?. I continued on to Glorieta, NM. to hunt Palasites for 4 days , but that is another story .... Dave
  15. Kodiak, That is an awesome find... Ill trade you ... hehe... Dave
  16. Got out to Holbrook Arizona to hunt Meteorites with a few friends. Ended up with 168 Grams of meteorites, a few coins and items from the railroad. Eyeballed the meteorites, and used the Equinox 800 for the items. The Equinox 800 would hear the LL/LL6 Holbrook meteorites with no discrimination. As soon as I put discrimination on, I could not hear the meteorites. I could not hunt with discrimination off because of all the trash on the side of the railroad tracks... Dave
  17. This is only my opinion.... My Equinox 800 is not very good with meteorites if you have any kind of discrimination on. With the detector wide open, Franconia is just full of hot rocks and sets the detector off big time, even though it does hit on the detector in wide open mode. But you will be hitting a thousand hot rocks before finding a Franconia. I have tested it on both Gold Basin, and Franconia meteorites. Not sure about GM 1000, as I dont own one. The best detector for meteorite detecting is still the 7000, or pulse detector.... Dave
  18. Thanks all, and JP.... Hey JP I had a question. DO you gain most of your knowledge on these machines with trial and error in the field yourself, or do you actually get to pick Bruce Candys brain ??? Thanks, Dave
  19. Fred, if you look at Steves pictures earlier in post, the auto function shows the ferrite automatically adjusts to ground, so if you use the ferrite ring, then start scanning the ground detecting, it will then adjust to the ground, and now your ferrite ring has done no good. I also looked at Jonathan Porters response and he says: "An edge of detection target will present itself to the detectors electronics as potential ground noise so the Auto GB is going to mess with it somewhat, this is why I always move away from a potential signal response onto clean ground, center the GB under the coil, and then get the GB averaged again by carefully sweeping before moving slowly back in over the target zone. " I believe the clean ground is averaging the ground, and auto balancing the ground, and ferrite. So if it does this, isnt using the ferrite ring useless in auto?? Hey Jonathan, or Steve if your listening, please correct me.... Thanks... Dave P.S. I just purchased a (RED) T130-2 ferrite ring. Im thinking of using a different Ferrite Ring, for testing. Minelab recommends a dust iron toroid with 1-30Mhz freq band, permeability from 6-10. Minelabs (Yellow) Ferrite Ring is a T130-6. Has anyone used a (RED) T130-2 ferrite, as that ferrite seems to still fall in the same recommendation specs.
  20. JW, If I'm understanding this, running in Auto, automatically adjusts ferrite for you, no use for ferrite ring. Only in semi, or manual.
  21. Steve there is a Patent pub date April 19, 2018 for Bruce Candy/ Minelab. It looks like the continuation/ improvement to the GPZ 7000 I believe. I wonder if there is another mod coming out?? Link to patent Dave
  22. I hear you Fred you about the odd week or day, on my side, work sure does get in the way :)....
  23. Thanks Chris nice finds from last Sunday. There is about 7 grams of gold in a baggie from last Sundays hunt laying in the desert somewhere ☹️ Approaching about 1500 hours on the GPZ, I think Im moving to the Semi mode ... ? , thanks Steve, Jonathan, Norvic, n Fred for the great advice... Dave
  24. What ground balancing mode does everyone use? Only reason I ask, is I recently saw a video with Johnathan Porter on Facebook, , where he got a faint signal, that ended up being a nugget. He mentions if he was in auto, passing over the target 3-4 times, more than likely the signal would have went away. Now I hunt in auto, and I can't count how many times I've come across a faint target, and it went away after a few swipes of the coil. Now I wonder how much gold I've missed....? Dave
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