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  1. I was there when Mitchel found this specimen. We were having a Franconia meteorite outing. If I remember right Mitchel , Twink was with you also when you found it.
  2. Phrunt, If I was you, I would have been out there ASAP... $200-300 a gram is not bad for fresh stones.... and thats if they are OC's. If it was something that is rare, it would be like a lotto ticket falling out of the sky...
  3. I havent been on the forums much, but was able to get out to Salt Lake Utah new meteorite fall, and make 2 finds , just 3 days from the fresh fall. The larger one was 133 grams, the smaller one was 53 grams. If anyone is thinking about hunting, I would recomment an ATV, as its a large area. There are patches of soft mud, where I would not drive even a 4x4 out there.
  4. Hi Steve, Love my 22" X-coil for the GPZ 7000. Made my own adapter, was easy to make, hardest part on it is probably burning off the red coating on the wires to get the solder to stick ?.. But so far love it... P.S. the adapter Minelab has on their coils looks like a double high speed switching diode, part # PMBD7000, in a SOT-23 package. The diode has an SMD code on it W5CAG. More than likely a crypto chip, as they make the Crypto chips in a SOT-23 format also. Dave
  5. Like JasonG, Spurious signals and trying to concentrate on them , messing with different settings were taking up much more time, than finding nuggets to me at one point. Upon talking to others, I then tried the Steelphase SP01 amplifier/ filter. All I can say is wow !!!! It became the holy grail to me, and I dont leave home without it. Not only did it clear a lot of the interference, for me, but I can pump a little more volume into me ears for those slight threshold breaks. No more headaches from after a day of detecting with my ears jammed with white noise. Now this is just my opinion, and am noway affiliated with them.... On the Steelphase for the GPZ7000 I use the following settings. Mode 2, Volume- set to how you want, Filter- 1. I have done several tests with the Steelphase and without to see if Im missing targets, and have been impressed, as it was allowing me to hear those faint threshold breaks, without all the interference. Would love to try experimenting with it with the aftermarket Z and X coils... Dave
  6. Jason, Great work out there with those x coils... hope you get to compare the new z search coil by nuggetfinder with the x coil, would love to hear the outcome of that.... Dave
  7. I would like to get the non compliant FCC GPZ 7000, or GPX 6000.... The engineering menu is great ?
  8. Pretty good info thanks Steve, looks like a lot coming out for minelab, now I would love to incorporate the MDS-10 PI with GPR to see the contours of bedrock, look for those low spots where gold accumulates. There is a lot of new detectors coming out. Here is the link just for the countermine detectors. https://www.minelab.com/usa/countermine/detectors Also check out the F3 UXO - Multi Period Sensing technology into Minelab’s new BiPOLAR technology. ?
  9. I use 8" Reebok Rapid Response boots, 100% no metal, got mine with composite toe. The side zipper model, which I own, has a metal zipper tab, which I remove. The boots last on average 2-3 years, but are used a lot. They are light weight, and in summer when its 115 degrees they do pretty good keeping feet cool... If you hunt in desert environment, waterproof, or snake proof boots I would not recommend, at least for me, as my feet would not breathe in them, sweat big time, get athletes feet, ect. I also put an impenetrable insert in them, as the cactus still come through bottoms sometimes on any boot, especially the chollo. Make sure to get non metallic, a lot out there with metal in them, such as https://www.lacrossefootwear.com/flex-shield-insole.html https://www.amazon.com/Non-Metallic-SoleGUARDZ-Puncture-Resistant-Flexible/dp/B089J59XDT/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=steel+flex+nonmetallic+puncture+resistant&qid=1606576738&sr=8-1
  10. Hey everyone... Now weather is getting much better, I got a chance to visit a place I havent been to in a while. Franconia, AZ meteorite strewn field. I met up Saturday morning with a buddy Greg. Greg ended up getting the large complete crusted Chondrite and large iron meteorite on the right, I found the smaller 3 chondrites and irons on the left.... Franconia's always a fun place to visit. A lot of large basalt (hot rocks), .50 cal bullets, .30 cal bullets, wire, ect out there, but after an hour or 2 of adjusting my hearing to the tones, you start to hear the differences between trash and meteorites, ok not 100 % of the time, but Id say over 50% ?... Dont know about everyone else, but no matter what place I go to new or old, I have to get the good ol hearing adjusted again to the environments, be it gold, meteorites, coins, relics, ect..... See ya in the field, Dave
  11. This guy makes a lot of waterproof covers for different detectors. He has a youtube channel, his name is Sea Ghost
  12. The south side produced some large pieces, back in the day. Nowadays it's really hard to find any on the south side. The north side extends quite a ways up, and smaller pieces are still around, including small irons like Mitchel said. I am enclosing a picture of the meteorite strewn field extended from Jim Smallers original map, this map is a few years old, a lot more have been found since.. Dave
  13. Allen, Was it Jim Smaller? He mapped out the original meteorite strewn field. Was a nice guy, talked to him a few times. Dave
  14. Allen, Havent been to Franconia since the beginning of the year, but get out there at least 2-3 times a year. Fun place and always produces meteorites, along with .50 cal, .30 cal, bits of wire, ect. Still pretty warm there now, suppose to be about 114 this weekend there. A friend about a year ago got a multi pounder out there, so there still there, just not as many. If you get out there hope you get some good ones. Dave
  15. Wow, love the gold pics Gerry, I just love that chevron gold.... Here is some Southern Nevada Gold I have found... Dave
  16. 1515Art, Those are great guns, but not really detecting all day with the GPZ, in my opinion. I bought a Glock 22 Gen 4 (.40 Cal) when they first came out and carried it detecting. You had to carry it up high, like you have to, or it set the detector off. It was just to heavy and bulky for an all day detecting gun. Did have to use it once while detecting down by the Arizona border years ago, while being shot at out in the middle of nowhere... I ended up switching it out for a smaller conceal and carry 9mm. So much lighter, easier to deal with. Dave
  17. Gold Catcher, The Mojave Nugget was not found by Jim Straight, but by Ty Paulson. Jim Straight knew Ty Paulson, and was prospecting in and around the Randsburg, CA area at the same time. Jim Straight in the ICMJ November 2004 Volume 74 says Ty Paulson found the Mojave Nugget in Benson Gulch on the ridge to the right side of the gulch, which is part of the taft prospectors claim, just south of PCSC (Red Chispa) claim. There have been some pretty good size multi ounce nuggets pulled out from the Red Chispa Claim, and to this date still are every now and then. Dave
  18. Throw an audio amp on there, squeeze out a little more depth ?
  19. Doc, Can you get a dealer in australia to carry your product? Ship a whole bunch at once to save on shipping?
  20. Great find Norm... I sold my 3030 also to get a NOX 800. I have found twice as much with the 800 than I did with my 3030... dave
  21. That is a nice find to the finder. Where he found that, numerous pieces like that have been found, not as big though, even by a forum member on this site. Thank you for sharing.. Dave
  22. Rasheede11, If no gold, that place looks great for meteorite hunting... Dave.
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