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  1. I use sometimes on my GPZ 7000 the Quest Wirefree Mate- Wireless Transmitter and Receiver. Its 2.4 Ghz Freq, not bluetooth, and the latency is .06 seconds. I think the Minelab Equinox wireless built in latency is .40 seconds. A full charge lasts over 30 hours.... There are youtube videos on it.
  2. Thanks Lunk, yeah Ben talks a lot about Barrel Springs area, in the book. Also Mill City, how some guys pulled out 100 ounces on the water districts property there...
  3. I got this manual at a swap meet in Quartzsite, Arizona. It's a manual written by Ben Thompson, who placer mined a lot in Northern Nevada/ Mill City area. He describes. Terry T bones in 90's that found a 27 ounce nugget, and killed by a train. He also talks about Burns Bros truck stop, and Dick who worked there also found a 24 ounce nugget near where Terry found his (Big Easy). Enclosing pic if his book. Dave
  4. I went out hunting in Havasu Arizona Saturday and Sunday, running in high yield, sensitivity at 18, and had no problems, except the normal, where it goes off on roots/ cactus. The desert was blooming big time, with green grass everywhere. Dave
  5. Thanks for the journey Lanny.... you should write some articles for ICMJ, or other prospecting magazines.... Get one of these to scrub that bedrock ?
  6. Nice finds on the old spanish Trail Cal Cobra.... I have hunted it a few times in Nevada and California, and found some pretty good stuff. There is actually a guy I know in Pahrump, NV. that found a jar of old silver and gold coins buried alongside the old spanish trail...in the 1990's metal detecting. You guys have done pretty good at that spot... you stuck the cow in there also ... good one !!! Dave.
  7. There are some nice places in and around Vegas. I live here, my main passion is nugget hunting and meteorite hunting, but also love to hunt for coins and relics. There are old mining camps, springs, wells, Old Arrowhead Highway, Old spanish trail, Native American sites, caves, just to name a few. I was using a CTX 3030 for years, but sold it about a year ago, to go to a Nox 800, which in my opinion works wonders around the 3030. I have been hunting the SW deserts since 1988, and have built up quite a collection. IF you find anything good while out this way post on here, would love to see. Good luck... Dave.
  8. I live in Vegas, and go to the gold shows whenever they are in Vegas. They have done this before.... where they skip a year or so. The fun times were when Tom Massie was running the shows, and was there. Hope they also come back to Vegas in the future. I think they are limited on shows, and like to try different places every now and then. Dave
  9. Doc, Congrats to your friend , that is a fantastic find. I personally believe Gold Basin area was being mined before 1861, being a trail to take people back to the Colorado. A few years ago, I found an old engraving on a rock with a date 1851 out at Gold Basin, and with your buddy finding an 1852 gold coin, I believe prospectors started prospecting the area in the 1850's. The oldest coins I have found at Gold Basin date from 1920's... Dave
  10. Got out to Franconia on the north side yesterday with some friends. The 2 center meteorites are OC's, and the small outlying pieces around them are irons. Until next time, Dave
  11. Right next to the fake display of the nugget at the Golden Nugget Casino, they have a vending machine where you can buy gold bars, good idea I guess as they must be making some good money on those machines do to the prices they are selling the gold for.
  12. Chris, Ill try to get an XRF on it sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, and let you know.... very cool looking though. Dave.
  13. For new detectors coming out from Minelab, keep your eye out on the patent, and trademark websites for names like Codan, Minelab, Bruce Candy, ect....
  14. Dont tell the Colorado School of Mines- They now offer Ph.d degrees in Space Mining https://space.mines.edu/
  15. Real Nice, thank you Steve, never seen a database that covers so many detectors...
  16. That stinks, thanks for the info... I just subscribed about 4 months ago.... Dave
  17. What does everyone think fake ? Says release Sept 2020.
  18. Chris you have been killing it lately out there. This skunk will get off my back soon ...?. You got a lot more gold on that speci than I thought also... I was figuring 3 or 4 grams, congrats dude !!! Dave.
  19. That is a great looking piece Chris. Congrats on a nice find. If you do specific gravity test on it, let us know how much gold is in it.... Hope those nickels bring you good luck, When some prospectors find a gold nugget they leave behind a nickel in the hole to show appreciation or respect to the earth or God for their good luck. Here is a webpage about nickels... Dave
  20. Doc, Great story, thanks for sharing.... I enjoy reading your adventures... also like your new adjustable bungy design, will have to get one. Dave.
  21. Jim knows exactly where the Mojave Nugget was found out there.... hope he gives the pointy finger to someone ?
  22. Those darn Vegas Chips ... ? , are you going on that private tour with Jim Straight near Randsburg? Bet you could find some nice little pieces there ?
  23. Lunk, Thanks for the report, and congrats on the great gold with that 6" coil dude. I also got a 6" for my nox800, love the NOX compared to the CTX, which I used for years. It hits great on gold, and have found some nice old coins and artifacts in the desert with it also. Neat little trick I learned not to long ago, from the prospecting, park, and field modes, if you are getting an iffy signal, like nickels, or even trash, place the machine in all metal mode and pump coil above target, a trashy target will usually dip into the negative, as your gold and nickels will usually stay in the 1 and above. Dave
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