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    Metal detecting, hiking, camping, fishing, bushcraft and self reliance.
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    Minelab Equinox 800, Garrett Ace 400, Garrett Pro-Finder AT, Lesche Mini Sampson 18" T-Handle, Spear Head Spade, MocDoo 12" serrated digger, Nisaku Hori-Hori blade

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  1. Wow, that is a stunning find! Thanks for showing us. -Bill
  2. Welcome to the party! -Bill
  3. Wow, fantastic that you found the ring! Nice work ? -Bill
  4. Great finds here! My 15" arrives today and my brother in law has secured a site a few towns away where where a large farm has been in the same family for a number of generations. The ladies father died a short time ago and said that her folks and their folks never let anyone detect on the land...but she's going to let us since we're friends. The 15" will complement the stock and 6" will and always travel with me in my backpack for a quick field swap-out when needed. -Bill
  5. Your fathers is looking out for you, my condolences on your loss. -Bill
  6. As others have said, welcome to the forums and the Minelab Equinox fan club ? I have the 800 and Steve's info has been invaluable ! -Bill
  7. Welcome to the party ! -Bill
  8. Park hunting is a tricky task. The last thing parents with little kids playing or folks walking their little dog want to see is someone carrying around a wicked looking shovel. To get to the left over silver coins in this town, you can expect to go pretty deep and doing that with a hand digger just seems to take too long (I'm looking at that Raptor though and thinking about giving it a spin). The two hand diggers I alternate depending on the location and soil are an authentic HoriHori and a MocDoo digger (seen here). I've had a few people even look at the Hori Hori and back at me like I was an axe murder or something My compromise for park hunting is the 18" Lesche Mini Sampson (seen here) in combination with the T-Handle belt holster (here). I have yet to be asked about this small shovel while in the public parks and when not in use it hangs off you belt and doesn't look very imposing. If anything you look like a city worker walking around with things hanging from your side ? . All that said, if there's a lot of people and kids milling around in the park, I typically will go someplace else and not chance the negative feedback that may hit me. However, using the 18" Sampson and belt holder I listed, I have never been asked to leave or justify what I was doing. -Bill
  9. The only time I switch to a single frequency is when there's enough interference in the area with power lines or a strong electric fence in the area and a noise cancel doesn't do do it's thing enough. When that happens, I switch to my old friend, 15KHz and after a fresh noise cancel, I'm usually good to go for that hunt. Good luck! -Bill
  10. This is probably a noob question and I'm sorry if it's already been answered somewhere. Is it necessary (or a good idea) to do a factory preset when switching coils? Just wondering what you all do. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year !! -Bill
  11. Enjoy! I have been loving my 800 since I got it a few months back. It's so awesome to go back to previously hunted grounds and find all the stuff that your previous detector must have missed ? -Bill
  12. I'm using Multi about 80% of the time with 15KHz being a solid 20%. I usually always go over the entire ground I'm hunting using Multi and of course, always have luck with that. If time allows, I go back over the ground running 15KHz and always seem to pick up a few coin signals that I either missed using multi, or just passed by for whatever reason. While the update has helped with coins sitting on their side using Multi, I still seem to have better results using a mid range frequency at picking out coins on their side. I just see this as a fantastic feature that Minelab has given to their customers, the ability to switch frequencies and personalize their hunt. If you haven't tried it, you might consider going over a a previously searched yard using a single frequency,, you might be surprised at what you find ? -Bill
  13. Hi Steelhead! I'll add one more item to this already great list of suggestions. I too use Park 1 for most of my trashy coin-shooting hunts and this is a fantastic coin setup that is easy to configure and helps you out with tones . Best of luck and happy hunting! -Bill
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