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  1. That key date 1886V is in fantastic condition. That definitely made the trip worthwhile. Not something you often see!
  2. That is a monster. Odds of finding anything Spanish in the Northwest is small, so my hat is off to you! Bet that rings in at the top of the scale!
  3. Welcome aboard fellow Oregonian. I share your passions...and wish i were closer to the old gold country of Jackson county and surrounding! Like Doc....the steelhead bug still bites me!
  4. Hey, a fellow Beaver and a coastie! I never used to get much further south than Tenmile myself. Funny, I've spent a lot of time roaming around Lakeview, Rabbit basin/Plush and FrenchGlen. Not a whole lot out there but fresh air and open space! Ticks and Rattlesnakes seem to thin out the herd😆
  5. I see you are in Ohio Geologyhound. You make the move back east at some point? Not much draw on the Southern Oregon coast if you aren't from around the area, other than Hwy 101, the Rouge River and some pretty good looking countryside! Born and raised on the central Oregon coast myself.
  6. Thx HardNox. I know we are fortunate on the left coast to have more desirable S mints. I have pulled one 08s IHC in very nice shape...still waiting on the 09s. Posted it on the coin cleaning thread.
  7. I've started to conclude that SF must have sent the shipment of 1.8M 1909s wheat pennies to Oregon:-) No doubt many of the early SF coins were shipped to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and NV. Only have found one 1909 without a mint mark. Added the 3rd 1909s wheat to my collection, and the second in the last month. Been unlucky in that many of my 10s or 13s coins have really been quite clean, but the 09s coins have all suffered a bit in our soil. It's no beauty, but still fun to pull a key date.
  8. Thank you Monte. Was a pretty easy learning curve as the menu's/options are basically a dumbed down V3i. Eking out all of the performance took a little time. Zincoln
  9. That half is exceptional. Beauty! Good for you...had to be a rush! That is on the my short list of denominations left to find....and I can only hope to happen upon one some day. Got teased with an 1892 Barber half once....almost not fair.
  10. You can't beat that with a stick. I think that is right up on there on most detectorists lists of white whales. Have probably found 50 pockets watches that retained significant portions, and yet to find a silver one, much less gold! Very well done indeed, and fun to see if one could find the provenance. Pretty cool this was gifted by employees of TT Co.
  11. Sounds like a fun place....with plenty of potential still there. Glad you got back out to make some saves!
  12. Thank you for the ID, F350. Much appreciated. I had also thought mirror or comb, but pipe didn't ring a bell. Makes perfect sense now.
  13. I broke my S mint streak and added a D mint barber silver. 1908 D. The place I've been hunting has seen many, many detectors over the years. It has seen plenty of use from the early 1900's, and had history into the second half of the 1800s. Simply seems that with new tech and enough patience, there are always a few more goodies to find. I've hit this place at least a dozen times in the last 10 years, and I've rarely found a wheat penny. Finally landed a war nickel last year. Mind you, I do reasonably well with my equipment in other locations, so I had effectively given up on this one as too few targets to bother with. When i started posting a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled into a 1909 barber dime...and a buff nickel and several wheats. This reenergized me to give it a go again in part of the property that i hadn't hit much in years past. It's bare of underbrush, so it's easy enough to hit. Since, I've totaled 4 dimes, 4 buffs, 1 almost indiscernible V just today, 24 wheats (most 1909-1929), and 6 IHCs. Today I added the barber quarter. I've must say that I need to give some of the credit to the Deus. If I'd hit this part of the ground thoroughly with my V3i, I'd have found some of this haul, but I don't think I'd have found all of it. The D1 has been doing a nice job of pulling 8" deep nickels and pennies...which is close to the limit of what i've done with the V3i historically in our dirt (9"). And it's so nice that it is so light. Even the 11" coil I used today was easy enough to swing for 8 hours. Now, I think I'll let it sit for a bit and give both the ground an myself a break before i try it again. The targets a getting much harder to find...but they are still there. Hit the 1918s merc 2 days ago at 8+". Just a faint peep. Have to be more there. Today the big surprise was the Barber quarter at 4". While there was iron on one side and a tree on the other, the 11" coil fit easily in between and the signal was no mystery....but I didn't believe it. Could possibly be a shallow silver quarter left. I just took a quick shover scoop expecting a bottle cap or clad quarter, and out popped one of my favorite coin designs. How on earth did this survive the multitude of detectorists? Nothing to really hide it or protect it. Just dumb luck I suppose. Also added a sterling piece today that may have been part of a fountain pen? It had material inside the cylinder, but i couldn't ID it. Seems to be wood or tightly wrapped paper with some sort of core....but this piece is likely 100+ years old. Get out and hit that permission that went quiet! We never get it all! V below appeared to be an 1892 before a light clean up.
  14. We may not have had the population centers and the magnitude of history.....but at least we got this little gift! You certainly have done just fine over the years on both those SF coins and our earliest settlement drops!
  15. Neat link. I did know it was a 'log truck', but hadn't seen this. I grew up around the big sticks on the west coast, and am used to much larger log trucks....even back then😀
  16. Had 3 hours today, so went back and changed up the reactivity and frequency on the Dues. No silver, but managed several nice early wheats and an IHC. That's two 1910s wheats from this spot in the last 10 days. Thought I had the elusive 1914D today before i cleaned it up, but turned out to be a 1917D. Others are a 1920s and 1919s. These are a mottled green color when dug (Some verdigris and some copper/bronze appearance - kinda ugly and unappealing). I soak em in boiling peroxide, Qtip them clean and then coat them with renaissance wax. They are all damaged already, so this gives them a more even tone and better detail contrast.
  17. Not trying to abscond with your post Bootscrape. Tell me to start my own if you'd prefer. Here are the spigots (some polished, some not - really like the ornate one with the valve still there) which may be water, fuel and/or gas, a brass minie ball enfield mold, and a nice Hubley cast car found at a house in the the high Oregon desert (very dry and sandy). Car is a about 8" long for reference.
  18. 14 Million no-S Philadelphia IHP's minted in 1909. Odds aren't in your favor, but the uncertainty is the killer!
  19. Definitely not the only one. I keep the ornate and interesting items, and scrap the rest. Bunch of barrel taps that i find really interesting. I start with acid magic, then on to a wire wheel on the grinder or the dremel.
  20. Thats a very nice hunt. Like how 3 bottom coins were tightly grouped in year. I always get a special kick out of V nickels...not sure why!
  21. Yes GB, I've been fortunate to find a number of 1910s, 12s and 13s pennies in rather nice condition (all be it fully green), just missing 11s and 15s in the series starting with 09s. They do hold up rather well. Wish i found as many silver barber coins to match. Afraid they are harder to come by. I find a few Phili mint coins here from that early part of the 1900's. But I have never found a New Orleans mint and on very few D mint coins before 1935. Seems nearly all of Oregon's supply was simply coming north on the train from the the SF mint for the later part of the 1800's up through the mid 1930s. I notice that when people find 14D wheats, they are commonly found in midwestern states - which is logical.
  22. Well, decided to hit the park where I've pulled around 20 IHC, wheats, buff an barbers this past 2 weeks. Decided it was time for a bigger 11" coil on the Deus to see what I've been missing. Best finds that I'd missed before were 2 buffs at an honest 7-8 inches. The deepest was absolutely standing on edge and had a nail 3 inches away. Was pretty impressed to hit that coin. (27, 29s) Pulled another 6 early wheats. Nothing deeper than 6", but all very scratchy signals (could have been pull tabs, a bent nail, or deep foil). No wonder they've remained all these years. Too bad the 1914 is missing a D! (13s, 14, 19s, 20, 28s, 37s)
  23. That's a beauty. Appears to have some age too. Hard to imagine it surviving in tact!
  24. 6.4g's is a nice chunky ring for being that small. Had to make you smile!
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