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  1. Went to a different, flat beach for a change of pace. I was going to wrap the GPX in plastic and go into the water a bit but found out my Detech coil needs to be weighed down in order to not float. Not a big deal, as it is a great coil and my favorite. I will know better next time and will weigh it down. Because of how flat the beach is, I expected and was granted, lots of bits of aluminum 😆. The number of coins was in line with how things seen to go for me on my area beaches. Found a bit of silver as well. Also found a ring which is either nickel or white gold. It is not as clean as I would e
  2. Went out Thursday for a beach hunt at the usual place. It was a very busy week, and I was looking forward to some stress release, hopefully digging for some remaining silver. Kind of a random in how I was going to run my day, but I new I wanted to dig some large iron to see if it hid anything great. Just a couple of silvers for the effort and the usual clad with a couple of exceptions. I did get a nice gold wedding band with the initials of both people in it and a 52 (I am assuming the year they got married). What was odd though was the only other inscription on the ring, which was P11. I am t
  3. Nothing too hard even for a rookie technician like me with not so High knowledge on boards whistles and bells... I'm Just posting a couple pictures at the end of the work, but really (again) misappointed regard the gasket system in the TDI beachhunter. To give some value to this post, I Just want to Say: please BE CAREFUL doing surgery on this control box, as the plastics are something to severely review to the death White's factory, now Garrett property. Not only the gasket tunnel between the upper and the lower part of the box is been made to create gasket's cuts and leaks at
  4. The other day I was detecting on of the many beaches in Santa Monica Bay. Just like all other beaches of the world there are some unique features about it that we all learn. I was thinking about how much sand has been added since a swell event I detected about 6 months ago. I can see where that cut was and I see where the new beach line is and it is 25-30 feet in many places. Our wave pattern with the La Nina has sanded things in. We have earthquakes which raise our plate. How about your beaches from the old days? Before I started metal detecting I was a surfer. Many natural breaks
  5. So, I decided to try another beach to see if the conditions were the same to find silver. I spent about 2 hours there before I could not stand it anymore. For such an affluent town, the have the dirtiest beach I have ever detected on. The amount of junk targets and iron were overwhelming. I could not swing without hitting multiple targets. I got a bit of clad, and an 8-gauge shotgun shell casing, so I flew out of there. 🙄 The drive back to my favorite beach was now the goal to save the day. I wandered around for a bit with no luck, so back to the same area where I did good before. I expanded
  6. Well kinda (but that's another story) 1 clad dime and 3 memorial pennies , a fishing sinker , an unfired 22 pellet rifle round . 2 1/2 pull tabs and a bunch of tinfoil balls one of which looked like it was turning back to aluminum ore! ( or maybe it was just BBQ sauce ?) and a few odd pieces of iron I haven't washed off yet????? About 3 hours in park1 sens 22 , f2=0 disc = off., the 6" coil on the fully updated 800 Swinging in an old campground (it was root city) I watched being built
  7. Getting ready to hit the beach this morning. Bringing a CooB scoop today and I had a thought - how far out do ya go? Is there a certain depth that is better than another? Don't want to "get in over my head" here 😀
  8. Finally got out again this afternoon. Beautiful warm day, great weather here. Went north on this beach today, didn't think I'd find much. Only went about 1/2 mile. Ended up with 2 more quarters, two dimes, and 6 ridiculously salt-crusted and corroded Zincolns, and an odd piece of soft metal that was a 15 ID. It unfolded easily. Junk take was pretty big, lots of sinkers. It's a REALLY clean beach, you know it when you found something. Found these odd storm wash piles that kept producing the encrusted pennies. I'll probably hit them again tomorrow.
  9. How deep can you get on this??? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/possible-military-explosive-device-washes-ashore-on-florida-beach/ar-BB1fikoa?ocid=msedgntp
  10. Finally got warm enough (and I had enough time) to hit the beach for 3 hours. Before I went out I stopped by the local Police department, asked where I can detect, and gave them my name. First thing I found was the small military button or possibly cuff or tack attachment. Not sure if it's Civil War era because I don't have my references with me. Found two pretty unrecognizable pennies, and to my surprise a 2003 one Rand coin from South Africa. There isn't a lot of junk on the beach, second photo shows the take. One gold pull tab! 😀 It's a really quiet beach. I was in more of a scout
  11. Over on the 6000 threads they are showing a few pictures of attractive detectorists. (You don't need to know how to use a detector in order to be a detectorist.) One picture I saw had been significantly photo-shopped. There is a bit of grumbling about the use of models rather than REAL detectorists. Here is a REAL detectorist. I showed her how to hold the detector and the scoop! What a FIND! I had just a junk chain at this point but I hunted my way back to finish my 2 hour hunt and I got a small little hit. Sometimes you just have to go slow. It turned o
  12. Went out to 2 different beaches for a mix of GPX and AQ hunting. Tony repaired my headphones for the AQ and also made me a spare set , along with 2 short cables, so I could zip tie the short cable to the machine, and so I would not break the M8 connector. The short cable also converts the M8 to an M12, a more robust connector going to the headphones. So, for the first AQ hunt in a while, I chose my “spot” to see if I could find any low conductors where the GPX had previously run the 18” DD coil. I did not find any coins in that area, but did find little bits of melted copper and lead. So, I ve
  13. I did not think I would get a chance to get out this week, but since yesterday opened up for me, I decided to hit my favorite spot. I had a couple of ideas on how I would work this same area, but in reality, it required a bit of trial and error to get these results. It was supposed to rain part of the day, so I figured I would use the Equinox for the morning. I wanted to get as close to the iron areas as possible, so I decided on the 6” coil. If the rain stopped, I would use the GPX with the 18” DD coil to get those deep dimes, in the other section of this spot. It worked, but I had to make a
  14. Targets were still plentiful 6 wheats 4 silver coins a silver ring and a silver religious metal. It looks like they pushed the sand out in to the water. Cant forget this.
  15. Underwater treasure hunting is full of adventure and opportunities to find some really valuable and interesting finds. Whether you are using scuba equipment, snorkeling, or using our new BLU3 Nemo Dive System, you want to know where to hunt, what to expect to find, and what equipment you need. Continue reading for an in-depth look into the exciting world of underwater treasure hunting. The Different Ways to Treasure Hunt Underwater Underwater Metal Detecting One of the best, most consistent, and thorough ways to find lost treasure is by metal detecting underwater. Whether you wa
  16. I took a ride to a local beach and saw this hole that was never there before. Some one had a machine and moved the sand around and left a hole. I have detected this area Quiet with my TDI BH in the past. Today I dug for 3.5 hours non stop all targets were deep as it looks like there was about 6 inches or more of sand removed. I was amazed at what was below. The best of it 3 Buffalos a silver dime a 1956 class ring and a ring like I have never seen, it has the head of a wolf with its mouth open.
  17. There are quite a few hardcore beach hunters here. I'm not looking for Equinox settings, I'll probably use one of the beach modes on my 600. Most likely I will use Beach 2 because of the 50 tones, as I'm used to 50 tones hunting in Farm 2. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I have a few places I'll be hunting on Tybee island east of Savannah GA, maybe the local Sheriff's office can give me others. 😀 What I am looking for is approach, what part of the beach or tide gives the most bang for the hour. I use maps and stuff to find farmhouses, but a beach is a beach. There are a
  18. I wish it was real! haha You never know what you can find on a beach and today was no exception. It is just tough right now getting targets. This one was kinda scratchy at I think 22 in the wet sand which would have been just about like the pennies. When I got it in the scoop it was not bright so I never mistook it for real but then I looked at the shape and without my glasses I could see writing but also corrosion. I wonder why someone would have it at the beach and if it had been sold as a fake. It is one of the more odd things I've found. Mitchel
  19. And so it ends for my little silver spot. 😭 Went out yesterday hoping the rain would hold out long enough to see what I could still pull out of that spot. Rain came in a bit early, but long enough to let me know that the rest of the goodies are still out of range. A bit lazy this morning, so no pictures of the iron or other non ferrous. Still, a lot of coins came to light, but the Memorials outranked the Wheats by a lot. That usually means less silver, and that was the case. Did manage a very degraded Indian Head, and a 1925 Buffalo, and 3 Canadian cents. Silver was way down from what was flo
  20. So, I had a delayed start for yesterdays hunt. Between turning the clocks forward, and the cold temps, I did not make it to the beach until around 10 AM. It would have been 17 degrees out with a 20 MPH NNW wind, but lucky for me it warmed up to 23 degrees by the time I got there. 🥶 I did have a big cement wall that I was planning on hunting next to, using it as a wind shield - it worked well. This is also the wall that I can not get closer than 5 feet from, or my GPX goes nuts from the iron inside of it. So, I had a plan. Since there are so many targets in this area that are exposed, and I as
  21. I could not wait to get back to my spot at the beach. The GPX was on fire!!! I had an idea that I would revisit the spot I did previously, and try and get the faintest targets that I could hear through the moderate EMI. I was hoping they would be silver dimes, as they are the smallest and possibly hardest to hear. I also wanted to remove some very big iron that took up a good section of this spot. I thought it may be masking a lot, since this is a target rich area. Even though I had reasoned my strategy in my head, I did not expect these results. When I did a lot of park/school hunting we wou
  22. Hello all, I found this yesterday on an extremely trashy beach amongst old demolition debris used as erosion control! It is amazingly intact except for the little safety chain! It's my best jewelry find ever, and first silver of the year! I'm trying to date it, but I will probably have to take it to an antique jeweler for something more definitive, and a more thorough cleaning! So far, it seems to be of Italian or German origin; 80% silver! Going by the 800 mark!👍👍 **After cleaning with silver polish!
  23. Hello to all ,went back to the beach where i found the Gold ring 2 days ago i tried hard but nothing good came out except on this 2 Oz weight probably victoria 100m from the beach towards the sea.........what was it doing here not sure maybe from a fisherman scale...... Anyway as the finds were scarce i decided to push the MDT to the limit of stability so i crank up the sensitivity did another GB just in case So : AM 9khz sens 9 Threshold -1 ST26 GB535 So while it is chatty ,you will realise that the ID suffer variations on a non round target fluct
  24. I went back to my silver beach, as I had a fairly good feeling this part of the beach would not change much. It did not and I had a very good day. Spent 7 hours there with the GPX, dug all signals including iron and finally called it quits when my brain said GO HOME! The number of signals in a short span was unreal. I spent some of my time just detecting from my knees, since I could get 4 or 5 signals in very close proximity to the signal I was digging. Most of the time just inches away. Total coin count I believe was 150. 18 silvers, all copper pennies but 1 zinc, so I put that with the trash
  25. So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible. It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the
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