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Camp Fires


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This was from a local dummy’s campfire...

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9 minutes ago, Hard Prospector said:

Retired recently from the county fire department,  I was probably on the fire!

Wondered who this guy was with his back to the dump looking down at a detector in his hand! 🤣


JK...  ok, here’s my camfire while out at Hauser geode beds looking for geodes and other minerals:

that was a great trip!

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11 minutes ago, Bear said:

Not to compact but the best fire pits.  It is two washing machine drums with legs that screw on welded to the bottom.


I’m yet to take it camping, but this is one that I made out of 4 car rims stacked on top of one another. Can be cooked on and glows red when stacked up with decent hard firewood. Also good for getting the smoke up and out of eyes.


Other than that, I love me a traditional campfire on the ground.


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On 2/18/2021 at 8:12 AM, vanursepaul said:

TaskMaster sent me out to do some scouting a year or so ago

--- had a good camp--

Nice fire---- easy on the feets..... 🤠




Glad you shrunk the picture so we can’t see it properly, those feet would scare small kids.

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