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1 hour ago, billdean said:

Having only one detector now I have been forced to learn how to use it for hunting gold. I have had the Nox 800 for about 2 years, and have not really used it that much. A little on coins in the summer months when I am back in Michigan, but never while in Arizona hunting gold. It has been a real learning experience with many many hours in the field the last 3 weeks with little to show for it. I am hunting one of the most pounded area in western Arizona and maybe the US. I have read and re-read many articles on gold hunting with the Nox but by far what has help me the most was a series of 3 articles produced by Steve Herschbach back in 2014 “Finding gold with a VLF” published in ICMJ magazine. It is very good reading for those who have not read it. After apply Steves principles things started to come around for me. I have hated being without my Monster and my GPX6000 but maybe it was for the better. I surely am becoming more capable with any detector I pick up now but I am still learning everyday out in the field. That will probably never end. Some days are still great even though my best detectors are in for repairs. I don’t have any fancy pictures but here is a couple of my finds with the Nox.



Nothing wrong with those finds. Good one. 

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Great hunting and hope that you will learn everything about it, just so that you can teach me how to use it.

I haven't been able to detect for quite some time now, and am ready to get back to it.

Good luck and good hunting.

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"Experience is the best teacher."  But a good head start from the instruction of people such as Steve and Gerry shortens the learning time considerably.  From the smallest nugget in that second photo I can see you're an A student.  And a 2 g nugget (your scale is mis-calibrated 😉) is pretty darn good these days with all the vacuuming that's been done over the last 45+ years.

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Once you get used to using the Nox I doubt you'll want to go back to using your Monster.  Having an oversimplified detector can be a hindrance more than beneficial.   You'll be able to tweak the Nox to suit your environment at each location, even such things as changing recovery speed can be beneficial in certain areas, being able to notch out some troublesome hot rocks in certain spots is also handy, not having the constant ground tracking is also good too, being able to choose if you want tracking or not, the list goes on and on why the Nox is better than the Monster. 

I personally can't think of a single reason I'd use my Monster over my Nox looking for gold.  I don't even find the Monster more sensitive at all, in any way, I find them both equals in small gold sensitivity.

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