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Minelab Vanquish Successor Predictions

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1 hour ago, Chase Goldman said:

Yep.  This is what the updated Vanquish should be (abd should have been).  I always thought adding a middle of the road single frequency mode like Nokta has done with Score is a great move.  Adding a single general purpose Multi-IQ mode to the X-Terra Pro would fill the niche as well.

Hopefully Nokta will choose prudent default settings on the Score (especially the iron bias setting) and make it adjustable on the Double Score so that Facebook won't be chocked full of complaints like it is on some of the Legend pages. Nokta might have to double up on internal EMI mitigation too. Reminds me of the first years of the Equinox where users had to really learn how to metal detect as in learn what the settings do in positive and negative ways or else that were clueless and unhappy.

When you price high performance VLFs as low as the Legend, and price entry level but very capable detectors like the Vanquish, Double Score, Score and the X-Terra Pro/Simplex so low, people with very little experience will expect them to run perfectly even in tough ground conditions. Can Nokta make the Scores run as generally stable as the multi IQ Vanquish series??????

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