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Garrett Submersible Headphones

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I bought these to wire with another machine. Has anyone spliced these?

It has an extra black wire which I assume is just from a general audio wire they used which is probably microphone, so it would have no use. (unless im wrong)

Anyways, when I wire these into a 3.5mm jack they are really not loud at all. Any advice for getting them really loud? Thanks

Garrett® Submersible Headphones | Garrett Metal Detectors

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15 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

What detector did you adapt them to? They might not be a good ohm match. The blue phones have a two pin connector and so only use the two wires.

deus2 using the 6 pin connector.

and also straight to a 3.5mm jack which ive tested with other devices. volume seems to peak out at the same for all devices. which is loud but not loud enough under water.


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They worked fine on my ATX and Infinium, though never were loud. Most like just enough when used underwater. For out of water use you could use a signal booster like the Steelphase, but underwater that’s not very practical.

If I was getting underwater headphones for the Deus 2 I’d be looking at custom Tony Eisenhowers.


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