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Garrett Axiom Compatible X-coils


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Detech were considering making Axiom coils also...no doubt these will be half the cost of the Kazakh coils. Just a matter of who does what, when. Good to see someone has made a start though...

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Can someone explain what makes the X Coils so good, and what does DOD stand for ??

just trying to learn since I am new to the Axiom

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1 hour ago, phrunt said:

The windings of a ᗡOD are much like the letters, there is an inner transmit winding which is the O in ᗡOD, and the two outer D windings which are the receive windings in the OD

So, it's not a Mono, Concentric and not a traditional DD coil. 

A similar type coil is used with the GPZ except on the Axiom the design allows for using discrimination.

As for what makes X-coils so good for me it's they are able to make the size and type of coils that benefit me, types that have been said can't be done are done, and they have the freedom to do the designs they want to do. 

They mostly make spiral wound coils which are often the most sensitive type rather than the more traditional bundle wound coils.   Even their coil cables are made in-house with the shielding they want to use and not just off the shelf cables so they can make everything to their own specifications.

In this case because Garrett didn't security chip their coils and allowed aftermarket manufacturers to make coils for the detector, I think we will end up seeing very good things happen with the Axiom over time and this little 8" is just the start but a very good start.  

They've said it's a very sensitive coil, I really like this size on my GPZ it's super sensitive coil on that detector so hopefully once they start to appear we can all hear some feedback from new owners as to what they think of it.

when I was out yesterday I was thinking how I would Like to try a 6 or 8 inch round coil just to see how one would work on the Axiom, may have to pick up this 8 inch X Coil when it comes out, I am happy with the 3 coils I have rite now but I like to have options for my detectors, so this 8 inch X Coil is just another option, I am also thinking about the 16x14 Mono coil for my Axiom also  that is currently available from Garrett.

So if I understand this X Coil will allow for the use of the Iron Check on the Axiom then ???


1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Thanks Steve interesting design, will be keeping my eyes open for when these actually do come out

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Yep, if you watch the video you'll see he goes over a nail showing the discrimination working.

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Simon, you should ask Garrett if they'd either sell you an Axiom for a reasonable price in NZ, or send you one to use at least.

I'm curious how these coils do, how the discrim works compared to the stock, etc. Seems like many that bought Axioms are either not very active posters, or mostly newer people though so I'm not sure if there will be much to read, at least not in depth WRT nugget shooting like I know you'd write.

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I really considered getting an Axiom for a while there, and Garrett's local distributors were going to get one for me into the country but the price ended up GPX 6000 pricing, I think it was slightly more in the end and I really didn't want to spend money like that on something I really don't need.  I don't often even use my 6000, I just prefer the 7000 for my needs.

I'm sure once they are sold some people might pick one up that can do good solid information sharing about them, X-coils were really good when the GPZ coils were released sending a few people a coil to try out, and they may send a couple of Garrett coils out if people are lucky but I won't be getting any as i don't have the detector 🙂

I'm going to sit this one out, I'd love an Axiom but can't justify buying another detector when I don't need it.  The discrimination is a cool feature, I was out using my GPZ today (skunked unfortunately) and that damn discrimination kept popping into my head wishing I had it whenever I hit a big booming target 🙂  The spot I was detecting I was defeated before going to, just the closest spot to home but there is so much junk.  I had to go to shops nearby so took the opportunity for a detect.

The interest of X-coils with the Axiom was the discrimination, as that can greatly benefit them where they hunt.

With this 8" coil it sounds like the Axiom is going to be real solid competition for the 6000 on small gold.

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