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V80s Are In Canada

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16 hours ago, Magic12 said:

No bottlecap iron testing

No, no have bottlecap reject (which works very well on the Legend) but you have Ferro-Check too. In gold mode it is spectacular.

I like that in BEACH mode you can choose a Simple Frequency and not always have to go in Multi...

It also allows 'SF' at 20-40-60 kHz in GOLD mode.

The software is in its infancy, they ship it with version 3.0. I'm sure they will update later...

Here in Europe, the Q35 is now available.

Not much longer, let's see who is the brave one who jumps into the pool first...with the new V series.

It look very nice.

I like the option (thanks to the gyro) to unify the VDI numbers according to your swing.

The top package with 2 coils, good headphones and wireless module costs €799.

What do you think?...


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