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did not see this photo. thank you. If you look at the photo then you can see that this elimination was removed. There are traces of soldering. strange. some kind of secret component))

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I have seen those parts crack loose from the board, and all I had to do was to heat them up with a soldering iron to put them back on .

There is a chance that will fix it, if not replace the component.

Good luck.

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I can only speculate what is the purpose of these parts ( IC, resistor, capacitors ). Sometimes components are fitted to help calibration or testing of the detector, but they serve no actual function when the detector is used normally.
( The Fisher F2 has two resistors fitted between the demodulated X and R signals, with a test-point on the junction. These resistors could be removed with no effect on the operation. )

One thing you could try is removing all of the "unnecessary" parts from the PCB, and see if the machine then starts working. Do this carefully, as you may need to re-fit them again. Tip: resolder them on one terminal, that way you cannot lose them or mix them up .

My hunch is the missing part could be an analogue switch, single-pole ( like part of a CD4066 ) or a single op-amp. [edited]
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