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    Park 1 Or Park 2 For Beginners

    I had great luck with Park 2 and Field 2. Next time I'm at the same spot I had good luck with Park 2 at, I'll switch over to Park 1 and see how it does. Might use the 50 tone audio though, I'm getting dialed in to the whispers and warbles of deep coins in the 50 tone audio, so likely stick with it, but I'll try the 5 tone for a bit to see how it does 🙂
  2. Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites. At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!! The canslaw was punishing!! Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!! As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓 Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left! This poor eagle button: Felt good to get out!! I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites HH, Cal
  3. Tom and I got out for a few hours after work yesterday to one of his "back-pocket" spots that's been well worked over the years. It's getting stingy with targets, but I still managed to get a few keepers, including the oldest seated dime I've found, as my previous oldest seated was an 1840 half dollar, and an 1840 seated half dime. Hunted in Field 2, auto GB, noise cancel, 22 gain, 50 tones, multi-freq, default settings for everything else. If anyone has any idea what this do-hickey is, I'd greatly appreciate an ID. It's about an inch long, and the ID of the circle at the top is about the diameter of a U.S. nickel: Big ole piece of lead was super deep (and super disappointing at the reveal), two old pieces of green copper, we find at Spanish era sites. The large piece is 4.75" long, surprised that wasn't dug up long ago, but just goes to show that there's still potential for large silver, or relics to still be there. Nice old late 1700's/early 1800's flat button: And the grand finale - lol This seated dime was deep, came in as a high tone whisper, and even the pinpoint audio was weak/soft. I've been fooled with plenty of deep iron that sounds similar, but this sounded good enough to go for, took several shovel loads of dirt to get to it, and finally the pin-pointer was sounding off as I saw a dark black disc fly by in the dirt movement. I felt around for it, and located it, and before looking at it I felt it to see if it had a loop as I suspected it was going to be a button, no loop, OK, time to check it out and it was an 1838-O seated dime!! Thanks for looking and HH, Cal
  4. Thanks! I'm sure if one was to dig all conductors, as one should at a 250 year old site, something good might come out of there, like a old coin. I'm going back next weekend, got a bit more insight as to where ground zero was, so may do better there, but who knows, it's where you find it.
  5. Hey Steve! Yeah it's a lantern part, no idea how I missed that, I should've know it. Not sure on the merc, it's totally possible. Need to ezest it and look for a date, but no matter what the date, it's at least 100 years newer then what should be at that site. Cool that detectorists can snag an old intact bottle now and again. Yeah happy with the opium bottle!
  6. They were likely cherry picking high conductors for the most part. I'm going to research the site a bit more to get a better idea of the layout, there's a ton of low conductors to dig through, but you never know what might show up in the low-mid conductor range, can get some nice buttons in that range, coins too.
  7. Cal_Cobra


    Nice job!! I can't wait to take the EQ800 nugget shooting.....patience grasshopper....
  8. Introducing the worlds first Equinox, the Equinox 100 was shown at the West Coast Computer Faire c. 1977. Wow this things been in development for like 40 years!
  9. Cal_Cobra

    Short Relic Hunt With The Equinox 800

    Randy thanks for taking a crack at it. It's similar in shape, but it's 1850's or older, it's cast and all hand finished. It's something either per-industrial revolution or early IR, it's not 20th century for sure. TY&HH, Cal
  10. Nicely done, I like those older little buckles. Is that a flat button under the buckle?
  11. Great hunt, really super finds!! Wow settled in 1639, so coins from the 1500's are possible, wow, that's amazing!
  12. Nice token, the desert was kind to it !!
  13. Cal_Cobra

    Flutie Tones

    I get flutey tones with deep silver and copper. The 1838 seated dime I just dug had a nice flutey tone to it, soft, flutey, and deep.
  14. Cal_Cobra

    My 800 Is Here!

    Nope not yet. I've been working so much and my wife is about to have our first child, so she's concerned the baby's going to come any second, so she's apprehensive to let me out of the house on the weekends to go detecting, that the few precious times I have been able to get out, I just detect...not even any videos. Later this summer or for sure this fall. Their definitely very different machines and both have a place in my detecting tool box.
  15. Cal_Cobra

    My 800 Is Here!

    Dang relatives - lol You'll probably find a gold coin on your first trip out, just make sure you use the special beginners luck gold mode
  16. Cal_Cobra

    Beach Hunt #7 Is In The Books

    Cool. Only reason I asked is I showed this post to my wife and she loves the last two rings you found, if you want to part with them, let me know. She loves the old style jewelry.
  17. Cal_Cobra

    My 800 Is Here!

    And??? Inquiring minds want to know and all that jazz
  18. Cal_Cobra

    Beach Hunt #7 Is In The Books

    Nice digs for sure! Wetting my appetite for beach detecting!! Do you sell your finds? HH, Cal
  19. Cal_Cobra

    My 800 Is Here!

    Tom be curious to see how you like it!! My EQ800 and Multi Kruzer aren't going anywhere any time soon.
  20. Cal_Cobra

    Short Relic Hunt With The Equinox 800

    Thanks for the tips, I'll set this up, might be interesting to see how switching between Field1 and Field2 does. Usually when I find these mystery parts, I guess it's some kind of gun related thing, and 9 out of 10 times, it turns out to be true, so I'll guess it's a gun related relic
  21. Cal_Cobra

    600 Nets Me A Two Ring Morning

    Nice hunt!! I need to start beach hunting, now that most of my sites are grassed in, the beach is starting to look pretty good. HH, Cal