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  1. Good hunt, nice write up! Love the early barrel tap, and congrats on the largie! I believe the Shirley bit is part of a suspender clip, find them frequently at western ghost towns, although they usually say Shirley President.
  2. Nice dig! I have a Navy Colt cap & ball pistol in my office, it looks similar.
  3. I had a nice XS2 with mods, it was great at the beach. I'd hunt in AM mode and do the reverse disc mode to check, it was deeeep.
  4. Nice site! The mercs dates line up with the date on the spring, pretty cool 👍 Must be a 1916D Merc hiding out there somewhere eh?
  5. That's a great deal for a VERY capable metal detector. I dug my first gold coin with the Impact.
  6. Nice hunt! That square thing almost looks like a mold, but for what? Always love the mystery finds!
  7. Hopefully they're able to adhere to the mid May release time frame, I have a week long detecting road trip in the works for the end of May, would be great to check out the new firmware then.
  8. That is until ML announces the Equinox Pro/1000 at Detectival this fall, then the chaos starts all over again 🤠
  9. Looks like you're getting along with the french poodle just fine. Love that spur, it's in great shape and even better, it's marked 👍
  10. Great they were able to add a mineralization meter, well done! @Nokta Detectorsit would be great to see a chart or something that shows the differences between all the multi-modes. Keep up the great work, happy to see this moving from bug fixes to new features and feature enhancements 👍
  11. I need all the depth I can get, along with the superior iron handing for relic sites. The F5 isn't for these sites, but Mike seemed to get along with it pretty well for turf and jewelry hunting.
  12. I believe you do. I had a F5 for a hot minute. I liked the setup, the analog user input into a digital machine. it was a solid machine, but in my dirt it wasn't a depth demon. Like JCR said, the Mike Hillis posts on the F5 will speed up the learning process on the F5, he was pretty fond of it.
  13. It's not worth the $. They scrape ebay auction results, and the information is only as accurate as the seller (GIGO issue), but you can get some ideas, especially on sold values if you can find the same things.
  14. Nice hunt, congrats on the seated! Shame that ground is so hard on the coins.
  15. Inline pinpointer as discussed on another Legend thread here. A closed loop elliptical DD coil. Ground mineralization meter One thing that Minelad did was make an updater that was also supposed to be able to be used to create your custom programs as well. A bug free, more USB friendly updater/program customization application would be terrific!
  16. Great hunt, a little bit of everything! The lock is cool, very early combo lock. Might be able to find the patent.
  17. What was your audio setup? Tone breaks?
  18. Nice job, that's a great find and likely paid for a few Legends right out of the gate 👍
  19. It's definitely an entirely different ballgame for sure. I've heard folks say that detecting for natural gold is the most difficult sector of metal detecting, and it's common to get skunked. Still, odds stacked against me, it would still be worth the experience to give it a try one of these days. Not sure I need a PI though haha Maybe when they finally make a discriminating PI I'll get one and I can use it for gold and relics 🙂
  20. Pictures like that make me want to switch from relic hunting to prospecting! Never had tried gold detecting, one of these days I'll like to give it a try with the EQX800.
  21. Nice work! I used to average one SLQ a year, but the past few years I haven't bagged a single one.
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