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  1. I wonder if Nokta couldn't do an extended warranty? I mean everyone loves the price, but warranties cost money. In the U.S. you have to put away a percentage of proceeds from sold products to cover warranty repair, so simply adding a 3 or 5 year warranty for "free" isn't a trivial business decision. I know Minelab used to do some kind of an extended or extra year warranty promotions on the Etrac IIRC.
  2. I actually get pretty excited when I'm digging a relic site and get a TID in the 30's!! Lot of super deep seated dimes have come in in the low 30's, deeper silver quarters, I dug a deep Morgan silver dollar last year at an old defunct train depot and it was mostly hitting 36, but bouncing between 36-39, but it sure sounded good (as does some deep junk haha). Perhaps it depends on the types of sites, depth, type of soil, mineralization, etc. Going from mostly 1-99
  3. I'd be surprised if NM didn't make a Elliptical coil like the CoilTek on the EQX, but they'll be smarter and make a closed loop design, so much better for nugget shooting and relic hunting if the coils a closed physical package design. Things can get complex from a coil perspective once SMF gets into the picture. Look at FTP they never could get a DD to work on the CZ, and then we have DD's only working on the EQX.
  4. Doubtful, he just finally bought a french poodle, it's what, ten+ years old now 🙂 It's as old as my F75 🙂 We shall see, he'll definitely get a chance to see one.
  5. Absolutely. The Simplex physical platform was the test mule for the SMF. The SMF has actually been on the drawing board for at least five years, let's see what it delivers! So far they've generally over delivered on each and every machine I've used from them. Nothing wrong with the Simplex physical package, if this thing is around 2.75lbs, the weight's fantastic for a SMF!! I have to tip my hat to the NM team for their passion, execution and listening to the needs of their customers. It's been an unparalleled experience. Let's see what a peak behind the green curtain reveals, fingers crossed.
  6. The great thing is that the good folks at NM listen and have been generous in coil production and there's some nice after market coils as well. Knowing NM they probably didn't lock down their SMF coils...hopefully.
  7. I've always wondered how does a weapon part like this get there and nothing else from the weapon? I've found a few butt plates myself, and the natural inclination when you find one is to spiral out and look for other parts from the same weapon, yet oddly they tend to be solo finds.
  8. I'd like to try one of these one day. I've almost bought one a few times when they've come up for sale, but so far, nadda.
  9. Congrats on your first Barber, Seateds are next!!
  10. Nice hunt, that big tombac makes me think there could be a GW button there!
  11. Interestingly when the XP first started to trickle into the states, it was a curiosity. Didn't seem like it went more mainstream over here until they had some dealership and warranty repair logistics ironed out years later. I like the low weight, but since I replaced my F75 with my Nok/Mak machines, I don't need another iron hunter and actually the Equinox is a fine iron hunter when set up right using the right coil. Anyhow that said, I didn't pay a lot of attention to the XP. We have some detecting friends that mainly hunt highly mineralized gold country dirt and the hard core hunters switched from Etrac/CTX/EQX to the XP to noodle around in the iron. Now if you can take the best of the EQX and the XP and combine them into a better physical package with better ergo, battery life, better water proofing PLUS some new features or performance enhancements would be required to charge double what I paid for my EQX800 when it was brand new and attract my attention. Let's see, it's certainly an interesting development!!
  12. This is going to be interesting! I'm really happy with my current setup, so I'll be on the sidelines, popcorn in hand, watching how the Deus2 and the NM SMF shake out and how they compare to the EQX800. Give the hype some time to die down and see which platform's bring home the goods!
  13. Longer, it actually got leaked out that they were looking at SMF in the Racer days 🙂
  14. Better yet!! I like the no headphone option. Vendor can offer optional headsets perhaps included in a "Pro Pack" with wireless headset and an extra coil or wireless pin-pointer, good opportunity for a 3rd party to build a high quality series of BT LL headphones geared towards the detectorists, or the ultimate enthusiasts quest for the best bang for the buck value headset. The more mainstream options, the better!
  15. That's awesome! I've only ever dug two busts, a half dollar and a dime from different sites. You're much more likely to dig Spanish reales out west than busts 🙂
  16. I can't imagine it's a big seller as an individually priced accessory, but they can easily say it's a popular product by making us pay for it when we purchase the EQX800! Their marketing folks may think it's selling like hot cakes, because of how many units are moved per quarter due to EQX800 sales. Anyhow, I hope they drop this silly sales practice in the future.
  17. I'm not getting rid of my original EQX800, it works too well, I don't want to temp fate 😉
  18. Besides we all know Fords are better than Chevy any day of the week...just kidding, I have no dog in this race 🙂
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