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  1. Wish i lived nearer the coast as i live so far inland,infact near the old pump station site,so its rare for me to go beach detecting,but i plan on doing a few more days this year though.
  2. A good day on the beach,that a fair amount of spendables that you have found,do the banks still take the old pound coins ??
  3. Diggin' Gold

    Enjoyed the video,just a quick question which 15x12 Commando coil did you use was it a DD or Mono ?? i use the same coil but only a Mono on my TDI Pro,does work very well.
  4. How To Get There? Top Camp...

    That was absolutely brilliant,really enjoyed that video,can see the need for a tough 4x4,thanks for showing the video
  5. Question On Whites TDI

    Dont question him,just take the money and pick the machine up and hit the road before he changes his mind,bargain of the century i would think.
  6. What is it like pinpointing wise with those long narrow coils ??? it is still right in the middle of the coil or is it harder pinointing with them.
  7. A wise move in my opinion,should have been done a few years back,but as the old saying goes 'better late than never',using the MJ folded coils that was a great decision as i have never liked the stock DF coils that came with my Pro,infact i have only use mine for about sub 60 minutes. The 2 coils that i use the most is a MJ folded mono but the next size down i think its a 10x6 or something like that and its really deadly on small items,but my everyday use is the 14x9 Coiltek Mono coil,the reason i like this its so light being foam filled and can swing this rig around all day long. Glad that Whites have been listening and taken some action as i feel in the last 3-4 years after being a loyal Whites fan for many many years they have been in my mind going down the same route as Tesoro and resting on ones laurels from the past.I am afraid that they still need to come out with something new as the gap between them and other brands 'that' have bought out totally new machines has widened and by a massive margin. Whites you certainly get my vote on this latest incarnation of the TDI,all you need to basically do is address the battery life issue.
  8. As i am mainly after old coinage that is mainly silver or gold the pinpoint probe is very important too me as i dont want to damage these potentially rare coins,so my main everyday use probe is the Garrett pinpointer,i also have a Whites Bullseye as a reliable backup and a DX-1 inline probe on my DFX possibly my best probe but alas its only tethered to the one machine alas thats its downfall. Also i have and occasionally use is the Uniprobe headphone/pinpointer all in one,expensive setup because it came over from the US son incurred high postage and other import taxes but i do you that mainly when artifact/hoard hunting as because its Pulse based it does offer extra depth. But for every day use the original black Garrett does everything reliable as i am after,its vitally important when coin/artifact hunting that you are precise when digging the coin out so as not too damage it.Not like the nugget hunters who use massive axe based implements
  9. For me if i had just one machine to choose for most of my UK permission coin hunts it would be the Deus without any doubt,its about as good as it gets on our silver hammered coins and for the most part all our coinage. But the machine that has provided me with my best coins has been the T2 and surprisingly enough with the small coil,this combination has found me 3 celtic gold staters 55bc and a George111 full Guinea. But if i had just one machine it would be the Deus,the most popular detector here in the UK for many years.
  10. I can only speak for when i am hunting for rings and general jewellery here in the UK,for the most part as i live inland so far from the beaches that are traditionally the places for gold rings and jewellery in general it not often that i do beach detecting,so most of mine is done inland and specifically leisure locations as i find those are the best places. One of my favourite locations is near a river crossing or ford going back well nearly 2000 years,so not only do you find coinage from folks who have dropped them while travelling through the ford but also roman votive offering to the water gods,and rest assured one can find some nice roman coins. But the main reason i hunt this specific area is during the hot summer months its a haven for young mums who bring the young kids down to the shallow river mainly to paddle and catch tiddlers with nets etc,but usually the young mums have grannies old lumps of high class ice that have been handed down through the family,and as we are all aware that cold water makes the fingers shrink and unfortunately sometimes these rings do fall off and never seen again until someone comes along with a metal detector that is. I prefer using a small coil setup and this can be either a VLF or PI machine and as the water is only about 8'' maximum finds can be easily found,surprisingly enough one machine that you would not expect to work well is the Compadre,but when fitted with the small 4'' coil its a deadly combination.Another machine i also have been using and mainly in the hunt for fine gold rings/jewellery is the TDI Pro with a 9x5 folded mono.Both these combinations work well and have recovered some nice finds from just this one small location in recent years. Roll on the hot summer days again and that is mainly because the crops are still in full growth here till harvest time,at least it allow me to still carry on detecting.Of course this is only how i do this type of detecting and it may differ from other folks who hunt gold rings/jewellery inland.
  11. Camera

    I also received a PM and like yourself i also could not work out in the translation side of things,of course the GoPro option would have been the most popular option as its a very established brand name but comes with it a heavy price tag when if you look around on Ebay you can get similar cameras that do the exact same thing as the 'GoPro' version but for about half the price.This is exactly what i did and also got a complete set of mounting equipment to mount the camera in various ways. That is possibly the only option that i can suggest from between the translation.
  12. Camera

    Must admit i am not sure what you are saying on this camera thread,only thing i can suggest is what someone else has mentioned is you are trying too use a 'GoPro' or similar camera,but they cannot be linked to your detector.Can you explain a little better what you mean,gut feeling tells me its a communication break down between 2 languages.
  13. I guessed it was along those lines the targets that you are after,if that is the case then i am pretty certain a 16'' coil would be fine and 18'' would be more than enough,this would certainly nail a small money jar size item and of course bigger and still allow for single coinage as well to be found.
  14. Have been thinking about this post about which coil is better of the 2 but you left out one vital piece of information and that was your finds that you are after,had a look at one of your previous posts and you mentioned this ' Byzantine and Roman money' so am assuming that its mainly coinage,of course i could be wrong on my assumption but i dont think i am. My opinion going from what you have mentioned is that the 18'' coil would be better for coinage size items and above but the larger 22'' coil would be the better option for locating say the coin hoard container but not so great on the individual coins.when i am after finding the scattered coins from a plough damage hoard then i mainly use the 15x12 Minelab mono coil,18''Detech mono coil on my TDI Pro and for actually locating the actual container i would use my 20'' Grande Sierra mono coil. But as most traditional UK hoards are/have been buried usually by a person laying down flat on the ground and placing the container into the hole then these are found in the 15'' to 24'' depth range or the length of the persons arm for a better way of describing it,so in theory a 16''-18'' coil on the GPX should be more than enough hitting power to not only get the individual coins and also the container and other artifacts as well. These are of course just my thoughts on how i would use my detector/coil combination in a situation like this and its not all that different from your situation by the sound of it.It may be off topic of say the norm of nugget hunting but the common denominator is of course the word 'gold' as in nuggets and gold coinage.
  15. Endings And New Beginnings

    This possibly one of my favourite detecting forums,of course i am not a nugget hunter but the information that Steve H and the forum has provided me has been top notch,no major bitching or posts like other forums have,it basically runs exactly how a forum should be without over power hungry moderators etc which some forum have,which is a pity. It would be tragic if the forum in its current format changed,thanks Steve for providing a tremendous detecting platform.