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Steve Herschbach

Back Again - White's Discover Magazine!

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3 minutes ago, kiwijw said:

That was interesting. Even from New Zealand.....Might have to dust off my old MXT. LOL :)



That means a lot, especially coming from a Kiwi! If you'd like to share a story from your neck of the woods please do so (can PM me), might be nice to have some exotic perspectives in the next issue.

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21 hours ago, tboykin said:

Mike - here you go man -

Our newsletter gives you an "e-delivery" of Discover as well as some exclusive discounts and first access to deals.

Thanks Tom, link worked fine, am signed up.



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Remember back in 2014 when that massive five pound gold nugget was found in California - the Butte Nugget?

At the time what detector it was found with was shrouded in mystery. Maybe the detector model was revealed at a later date and I just missed it. Regardless, this issue of Discover just cleared the mystery up....



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    • By Steve Herschbach
      In 2014 I posted a review of a detector by a company almost nobody here had ever heard of:

      If you look at that review of the Nokta FORS Gold you will see I had made several comments about things I think needed improving on the machine. Yes, I do that sort of thing. What amazed me is Nokta fixed every one of them, and in record time - I made a special note in the review about it later. It made a serious impression on me. 

      What then followed was a quick succession of machines by Nokta and Makro, the sister company. Nothing earth shattering per se but top flight performance at aggressive prices and a willingness to try new ideas and listen to feedback. Frankly, it came on so quickly it actually turned some people off, and I saw complaints about too many machines too fast! 

      The entire time that we are seeing this rapid succession of machines most of us are waiting on this or that manufacturer to deliver just one new machine. October 2014 to now, and I am looking at a machine in the Nokta Impact that frankly has no exact equivalent from many of the old school top tier manufacturers. Maybe you guys see no merit in being able to select frequencies but I am highly focused on replacing all my various VLF machines with just one detector, and it is most likely going to be a selectable frequency model that wins that competition. If Nok/Mak can get from FORS CoRe to Impact in three years the "Big 5" manufacturers had better get serious and quick about picking up the pace. The listen and bend over backwards to please attitude alone is getting a lot of fans willing to forgive in other areas. Next up we will no doubt be seeing PI models and multi frequency.... and who knows what else. People can and will argue the relative merits of the Impact versus the other top-of-the-line models, but just the fact the Impact is getting compared to the very best anyone else can make says something about how far this company has come.

      Anyway, I have my own ideas about the Nokta Impact and what I will be doing with it, and most revolve around the large coil. The main thing I wanted to note here is what an accomplishment this is a for a company almost none of us heard of less than three years ago, and what it means for where they will be three years from now. Congratulations to the Nokta and Makro team and most especially to Dilek Gönülay for an impressive job well done.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      We have the New Garrett AT Pro 2? coming in May.
      The new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is said to be available in May.
      The new Nokta Impact is now shipping to dealers and will have widespread availability in May.
      And finally, the new XP DEUS HF elliptical coil is supposed to ship in May!
      Looks like something for just about everyone there. Not sure about the Garrett but look for more from me on the Minelab GM1000, the Nokta Impact with large coil, and the Deus elliptical coil when the time comes.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Nothing but this video tease until May 6th however. The manufacturers are actually trying to make us all crazier than we already are.
      Steve to wife "they are driving me crazy!"  My wife "that's a short drive honey!"
      Looks like an AT variant, in line with rumors and early announcement....
      "One of the products sure to create attention will be a new All-Terrain (AT) product that is slated for a spring 2017 release. Just like the current AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, and Pro-Pointer AT, this new machine will maintain its waterproof integrity while adding exciting new features, including built-in Garrett Z-Link Wireless Technology for headphones. More specific details on this detector and other wireless accessories will be made available in early 2017."

    • By Steve Herschbach

      Ready for download Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2017 Edition

    • By tboykin
      Tough choice which sub-forum this goes. Technically the eggs have coins inside, so this one seems good.
      White's has expanded its Easter Egg Hunt this year to cover more ground. Top prize is an MX Sport. Rules and map here - contest is USA only!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From the Prescott Daily Courier 
      Jack Delano Gifford, 75, passed away Jan. 3, 2015. He was born in Miami, Arizona, the son of Norval and Mayme Gifford. When Jack was about 6 years old, he and his family moved to the Phoenix area, and he lived there until he moved to Prescott, Arizona.
      After high school, Jack served his country in the National Guard for six years. During that time, he also earned a technical degree in electronics and started a family. In his early electronics career, he worked in the aerospace industry. During a slowdown in the '70s, he was recruited by a metal detector company and worked in that industry until his retirement. Jack was an entrepreneur and an electronics design engineer, and founded three companies. The last one, Tesoro Electronics, brought him many friends and national and international acclaim for his designs and his support of the industry. He started that company in Glendale, Arizona, in 1980 and when he moved it to Prescott in 1991, it provided new technical jobs and industry for this area.
      Jack started visiting Prescott when he was in high school and, during his careers, he and Myrna would visit the area for some much needed R & R. Eventually he realized he could move the company to Prescott so they could enjoy the Prescott lifestyle full-time.
      Jack loved his family, motorcycles, metal-detecting and working on vintage stereo equipment. He also built the speakers to complete the systems, many of which he gave to family and friends. After retirement, he became a PADI-certified scuba-diver. Jack joined American Lutheran Church and served on their board. He was part of the Tuesday night men's Bible study and worked in ALC's outreach programs such as The Rock and Teen Closet. He also worked at the Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank and served on their board.
      Jack is survived by his wife of 54 years, Myrna; sons James and Vince (Katy); three amazing granddaughters, Isabella, Lily and Charlotte; sister Gloria Gray; and many nephews and nieces. He was predeceased by his parents, infant daughter Kelly Jeanine, and sister Glenna.
      First Texas Lead Engineer Dave Johnson wrote a great "insider's obituary" honoring Jack at,2140231,2140269#msg-2140269