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rodney edwards

Gold Bug 2 Speaker Not Working

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I have heard of this happening. One possible cause is that the headphone jack is wired to the speaker such that inserting the headphones repeatedly may have caused a weak solder joint to separate. The Gold Bug 2 is relatively easy to open and inspect. If you are under warranty this would in theory be covered but the mailing cost and time may not be worth it. This thread describes how to open up the control box for inspection.

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I've fixed many issues just like the one you mentioned.  You can do it.


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Just thought of something that has happened several times over the years.  

A little information first:

The headphone port is designed to cut off the internal speaker when the headphone is plug in.  I've had several times where the speaker suddenly quit.  The problem was a small speck of dirt in the port causing the detector to cut off the speaker output.  My solution:

Shoot short burst of compressed air into the port hole, then insert the plug in and out.  Repeat and see if the problem is corrected.  Still no sound, then take apart and inspect the connection and the port .

Amazing what we forget.



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