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Big Nuggets Bob

Detector Mods

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Am I reading this right...? $2200 bucks for mods to a 4500?


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  If you are looking at Link Technologies prices on mods remember that is in Australia dollars not US.  The best thing is to send a contact email to Peter Woodland, Woody, to get the cost in US dollars.  

  I have had two detectors modified by him, an SD 2100 and a GP 3500 and I notice definite performance advantages in the quietness of the threshold, emi interference and the ability to find smaller gold.  I had used both of these detectors before having the mods done and am sold on his mods.  

  A friend of mine had his GPX5000 modded by him and he claims almost the same results as the GPZ 7000 on small gold at depth.  You just have to use it and get to know the best setting to be in for a particular ground condition and gold type.  

  Personally I can’t afford a 7000 so the cost to modify my 5000 would be worth it, which I plan on doing.

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3 hours ago, Big Nuggets Bob said:

Anybody had modifications done to GPX 4500 by "Detector Mods"?

reviews appreciated, wondering if it's worth the $2200.00.

I think a forum user that goes by Shep has had his 4500 modified and he seems to love it.

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Hi there Big Nuggets Bob, Yes Detector Mods is in Aussie. Peter Woodland. As WesH has said above. Known usually as "Woody". I followed Woody for some time checking on peoples comments & results. Like has been said above, many have been very positive. I do know that many bag him & his mods all over the forums. He has his haters & disbelievers but the proof is in the eating of the pudding. Very easy to be negative by following the pack but not fair if they haven't tried his mods for themselves. Funny how people form an opinion straight off someone else's say so without first hand experience or doing a bit of their own homework & research. Of course Minelab would be loving the na sayers, disbelievers & the negatives & possibly could have a hand in that. They have their products to protect & of course want to sell as much new product as they can. How dare someone come along & "tinker" with the best, even if an older model & making it better & cheaper than forking out $$$$$ more for the next new model.

  I purchased one of his interference filters for my GP 3000 & it worked a treat. I know that from first hand experience detecting in a high EMI area. Getting gold that otherwise was lost in the "noise" prior to getting the filter. Not just did it calm down the EMI but also solar influence. I ran my 3000 as hot as I could so paid the price with EMI & the like. The filter solved it & lived on my detector from that day on. Getting transferred on to my 4500 when I got it. I had JP (Jonathan Porter) ask me what that black box next to my signal amplifier booster was, after he saw a photo I put up of my setup in general detecting. Nothing more was said after I gave the answer.

Just prior to getting my Zed I purchased another 4500 that had all the "Woody" mods done to it. The price was just too good to say no. The whole detector was less than what you have quoted for just the mods alone, & I am talking NZ$. I was always VERY inquisitive as to his detector mods & the positive comments I had read about them. I didn't pay too much attention to all the negative comments, as to my reasons mentioned above, but kept an open mind. To be honest I have only used it the once :rolleyes: as I then got my Zed & have not put the Zed down. I took the modded 4500 to an absolutely thrashed public recreational fossicking area. An area I had been over numerous times with my 3000 & then the standard 4500. I went to the most thrashed area of bedrock, straight down from the public car park. Turned it on. Set MY settings, auto tuned, ground balanced & was away. I didn't have the interference filter on it & I was using my B&Z booster & twin speaker set up from JP.  It was running so quiet I thought there was something wrong with it. It was very unnerving being SO use to a louder threshold. Checked every thing & all seemed ok. Oh well...what the hell, so I went detecting. BANG....got a signal almost straight away. It lept out. It was a smallish piece of thin gold jammed down in a bedrock crack. Visually I couldn't see it as it was down a bit. Took a bit to recover it but I just could not believe it when I saw it was gold knowing how worked over this area has been. Even having sluice box operators smashing out & opening up the bed rock cracks & crevices to get at any virgin material to put down their boxes. I was sold on the modded 4500. How could I not be. Your choice though, is it worth it for you? Only you can answer that & be satisfied with your choice. If you have a 4500 & it is out of warranty then maybe. Of course if it is still under warranty & you have the mods done Minelab will not recognise the warranty from then on. Which is fair enough & understandable from there point of view. Good luck & let us know what you decide.

I am off for my first detect in over a month. Just been too hot at low to mid 30 degrees celsius temps. Then yesterday morning woke to snow half way down the mountains & a temp high of just 15 for the day. Much more pleasant, so I am out there. 

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:    

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The GPZ & SDC can see types of gold the 4500 & 5000 cannot detect. It would be interesting to know if your modified 4500 can see these types of gold. I read on Woody's site that the mod allows detection of this gold on the 4500/5000 by extending the frequency range.  I have gold pieces that scream on the GPZ & SDC but don't make a peep on my standard unmodified GPX-5000 no matter what timing or coil is used.


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Matt kelava has some videos with his 4500 on youtube under "goldhunter" channel. He had his done by woody. He also uses detech coils and swears by both the mods and coils. 

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    • By schoolofhardNox
      I have the pleasure of sporting the worst cold I have ever had. I should be doing battlefield metal detecting, but for the past 5 days I am just enjoying this cold.😡 So, not feeling like doing any real work or going anywhere, I decided since my beach hunts are over until fall, I would gather up and count and post all my finds for the whole season…. A season wrap up, if you will. Since I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to do everything in one post I figured I would at least post the good stuff. So here it is – the Gold and Silver finds from last Labor Day thru this Memorial Day. I managed 36 beach trips, not sure how many hours but probably about 250 hours of detecting. The breakdown goes like this: Gold total – 36 pcs, at an average of 1 pc per visit. Silver total (coins and other) – 207 pcs, at an average of 5.75pcs per hunt. The breakdown for silver is: 146 coins consisting of 6 Half Dollars, 27 Quarters, 98 dimes, 15 War Nickels. The other items (rings, chains, earrings, pendants, odd broken pieces etc.… - amounted to 61 pcs. Coming later “someday” will be the clad count, and a breakdown of the junk items to show the ratio of good to bad that comes with the territory. It was a great season for me and I look forward to shifting gears and doing the battlefield hunting and maybe some cellar hole hunting if I get a chance. And since I have neglected my other hobbies, maybe doing some of those until Labor Day.  Most of the gold was found because of the Equinox, probably 75-80% of it. Most of the silver was found with the GPX (at depth) probably 90% of it. Not a great comparison since I have found most of that gold in 8 visits and the silver was found with about 28 visits and I was specifically looking for deep silver, so I did not use the Equinox for that, mainly due to the fact that it was busy finding gold  Seriously, I was too inexperienced to get that kind of depth out of the Equinox, as most of that silver was in the 14" deep range, basically sitting on a clay layer with the sand above it containing small wisps of very fine black sand.  But that combination worked well for me and I'll probably stick with it for a while.

    • By phrunt
      Has anyone had any experience with these things? 

      Electromagnetic and magnetic interferences could be extremely annoying when you are looking for that hard to find gold nugget. Most of the noise is picked up by the search coil but a significant level of noise is being picked up as well by the sensitive electronics inside the control box.
      The control box is made of aluminium therefore the magnetic field easily penetrates it.
      To prove that, approach a magnet to the right side of your detector when switched on. 
      Millions of less obvious noise signals are interfering with your detector.  
      We have developed this Shield from the best quality material primarily used in sensitive 
      medical and scientific electronics. After years of studying and testing different materials we have found this one ticks all the boxes. 
      I have revisited the places where I've previously cleaned up and found more gold after installing the shield.
      It is 0.35 mm thick, held firmly around your control box by the armrest and  the new improved version with dual layer shielding on the right side is only 175 g!
      We have tested it on the GPX 5000 with amazing results such as quieter threshold, better GB, resulting in slightly increased depth.
      The shield allows you to increase the Rx gain by a notch or two without compromising the threshold. Use Inverted Response when hunting for big deep nuggets. 
      I noticed it on Ebay today while I was looking for a cover for my GPX.
      I have noticed I've been able to quieten down my GPX by opening the control box up and scraping some paint away where the shielding touches the casing, on one end they had scraped away paint from one screw point during production, and the other end had no paint scraped away at all by the factory so it's sheilding was basically useless.  By scraping paint away from a few areas on each end of the detector I was able to give the GPX a bit of a noticable quieten down.  I am sure on later models Minelab would of scraped away more paint but as mine is a very early model made in Australia version this wasn't done.
    • By phrunt
      So now I've got a Gpx 4500 my phobia of headphones is really getting to me, I hate the things.  
      I want to hook up an external speaker to it, I have tried an external speaker I had laying around and unfortunately the amp on the battery doesn't kick in using it so I assume its to do with it having a stereo plug on it.  
      Kiwijw mentioned he thinks you need a mono plug for the amp to kick in, if this is the case I'll just cut the end off and add a mono plug but I wanted to be sure before doing this that's what kicks the amp in.
      I've also ordered what seems to be the popular speaker for the 4500

      However it comes with a 3.5mm mono plug, so I'd need to change that to a 6.5mm plug (1/4")
      The problem I see is they're being advertised for GPX detectors looking like this

      So they've put a stereo plug on that one, and advertising it for GPX 4500's
      Would that not mean the amp won't kick in and you'd need a booster? 
      Does anyone know for certain what makes the batteries amp kick in? 
      Even JP sells his one with the stereo plug, I'm puzzled
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I have been sending on to Simon (phrunt) some old video footage I took to show him the sensitivity & depth of the 4500 on pretty small gold. using the Minelab 11" Commander Mono coil. That coil found me a lot of gold, small gold. All these clips were taken on the same detecting mission & were pretty much one after the other. The day was windy, as you will see, & it was before my days of using a scoop to retrieve targets. Consequently I got the dropsy's & made a meal of the recovery in the first vid. Hence it dragging on far longer than it should have. Sorry about that. The reason why I never made it public back in the day. I could have edited it but didn't. Just the raw footage. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
      Video # 1
        Video # 2
      Video # 3
       There are more that I will add later. Cheers
      Good luck out there
    • By phrunt
      I have stumbled across an opportunity to buy an old GPX4500, it's one that was made in Australia.
      There seems to be conflicting opinions of if the new or old one is better, I have read the new one has a gpx 5000 guts in it with things disabled so it runs smoother and ground balances better in hot ground but then others saying they would rather chop off their arm with a toothpick than give up their old GPX4500 for a new one as the old one punches deeper on bigger gold and runs hotter.
      It seems most people think the new one is better, would I be right in thinking this? 
      I've decided I'll get one either way, be it new or this older one.
    • By Sourdoughmoe
      Is it  normal to see bareley visable symbals at the top of the lcd screen looks like cell and battery markings??