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Great story, nice looking gold for sure.....They were hunting with A2Bs then.....

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Thanks for the post Norvic! I got into this game way too late ?

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Awesome Vic. Thanks for the stories, photos & memories. Just got on the 'puter since Simon & I went off on a weekend mission. I will leave Simon to say anything on that if he wishes. He took photos...I didn't. We did find gold, cough splutter, but not with detectors. Had to pan in desperation to save face & not get a skunk. That is how tiny the gold was. Flour.

As to the cricket....what can I say except ? ? into my weetbix. I don't think our US friends will get that one.

Best of luck out there.

JW ?

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9 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

Crying in your porridge 

Ha ha....very similar Paul.? But you have been around some Aussies for a while now. Kiwi/Aussie sayings & slangs are all very much the same. They would have rubbed off on you.:laugh: You may even recognise the significance of that world cup cricket match between England & NZ.

Best of luck out there

JW ?

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