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Trying Again ;)

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In the early 80s got into underwater suction dredging in No. Cal. mostly in the Sierra's , towards the end early 90s I picked up a detector , a Garrett , was just getting use to it at parks and got out of Cal. back to MN .

Kept telling my self I was going to get back to Cal. to mine again , but then Cal. banned dredging , took a lot of motivation out of it .

But I did find a great metal detector store in  the area Metal detectors of Minneapolis , and the owner had a lot of knowledge , and I bought a bunch of detectors including pin pointer , a couple of Whites machines one of the bigger general detectors , and a gold machine , then a diving unit from Fisher and another I do not remember .

Manly went around parks & beaches with my German Sheppard - that way we both got a good walk in 😉

Then a couple yrs. ago had a fire , lost all detectors and or about $250,000 in tools & equipment .

Now also on disability , and Gillie - the dog ran into the end about 13 yrs. / starting to sound like a country western song 😉

Well bought a Minelab Equinox 800 from the same shop , dang I stopped by and he had a used one with 2 1/2 yrs. of warrantee left for $700 , I went home to get my saved coin stash about $500 and more stashes and when I got back to the store , the used unit was sold , but he did have a new one in stock . 

 A couple weeks later I went back to get a pin pointer , we both agreed that that the Garrett Pro AT was what I wanted , hay it was on sale too 😉

Now taking a friends boat to FL , I'm not into fishing & throwing back - I'm a catch & eat kind of guy 😉

This will be my 1st salty beach doin .

Oh and we were going to go looking for the bermuda triangle and look for lost stuff - dang the Equinox only goes 10' deep .

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Welcome to the forum, 

I'm pretty new here myself! Everyone here has been nice and willing to share there expertise freely!

Welcome to Florida; don't forget the protective clothing, lotion, and drink alot of water and Gatorade! (Fair warning: Beer dehydrates)  It's been summer all year, and hotter than hell! 

  Sorry to hear about the fire! They were my mortal enemy before i retired! Now it's just the sun! Good luck, and post us your adventures and finds! 🤟🏖

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Welcome!  MN in summer and FL in winter.  Sounds like you've figured that one out!  If you're detecting gets in line you'll be the envy of this site.  I look forward to seeing and hearing about your finds.


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Thanks , not in Fl yet , dropping the boat off in Kansas salt mine for storage in a week or so , then in Jan. picking it up to take to Fl .

Trying to avoid towing boat in snow , then my friend will be throwing fish back , and I will keeping what I find from the beach 😉

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I've heard that salt mines are used to store stuff by the government, but i did not know that the public could store stuff too! Pretty interesting! I'm guessing that they no longer work the mine? Or has it just reached the max that they could mine without compromising the structure?

  The only thing that was mined here was shell rock, and beach sand! But no storage here due to sea level!

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