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nice move, good gold. Stay safe and well.

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Hey Lucky,

I feel the same about S. Florida! I'm looking in Tennessee!!

   Congrats on the big move, and hopfully finding some big( and small) gold!👍👍

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You know Rick if it weren't for those ripples in that scoop you would have never found that nugget 🙂Thanks for the report!


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Great job on the nugget!!!!!!

Whiskey/ Red Meat and Leaving CA. You couldn't have picked a better combo!!! I wish you luck with all that you encounter . Moving stinks but I'm sure you will be much happier. If I lived closer I would bring the meat and the bourbon for one hell of a barbeque!!!!

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15 hours ago, beatup said:

Well done on the nugget and the move Rick

You know Rick, Reno is just your first step on your way to Wyoming!  😁

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    • By LuckyLundy
      As a few of you may know October in the High Desert is the time to be there!  This October, I hardly seen another prospector!  Seen, more folks scouting for hunting season than anything.  I gave a few Chuckar & Antelope Hunters a pointy finger.  But, the Goldfields pretty much empty and to myself.  Well, with the Sun setting earlier and 7 pm, just a little early to rack out.  I bought a big Black Light Flashlight, to hunt some glow in the dark rocks for our new rock garden area of our backyard.  It was fun, riding the RZR around the desert at night shining that light off to the side. Seen all kids of stuff that reflects at night.  Some I didn’t bother picking up as you can see.  I need to find some other glow in the dark minerals other than Orange, lol.  But, my 2 days was spent collecting a few nuggets also.  There’s gold out there, just need to get your coil over them...Until the next Hunt!

    • By Bohemia Miner
      I’ve heard of folks hunting the Rye Patch area of Nevada.  How do they gain access?  Do they have their own claim?  Are there Open to the Public areas?  What about Local Prospecting Clubs?
    • By tboykin
      In an effort to convince my wife to move to Nevada, I would like to know more about gemstones and non-metallic fossicking/collecting in the Silver State. If I can show her that the state will be a great place for other rock collecting, it will add greatly to my "gold, gold, no state income tax, gold" argument for a move. We are looking in the Hawthorne/Fernley/Fallon area.
      I know about the opal mines up by Virgin Valley, and garnets found in the Ruby mountains. And of course the different gold and silver districts, which sadly, she doesn't care about. She is most into roaming the desert and surface hunting while I swing a detector nearby. My attempts at putting a detector in her hands have not been successful, even when finding gold nuggets. Maybe she is broken.
      Anyways I'm mostly interested in personal experience, pictures, and anecdotes of gemstones and other non-metallic surface finds in the state. Please don't post your spots, keep those secrets to yourself!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      “The Great Basin has some of the most unusual natural history that's buried beneath its soil. Scientists say there was period either thousands to millions of years ago when woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and prehistoric bison would roam the area that we know today as Nevada.
      Recently, some of those animals from around and before the Ice Age have resurfaced.
      Tom Gordon lives in Carson City with his wife. He has plenty of space around his property and enjoys a good sweat from a home improvement project. He bought a couple of trees to plantand began digging holes around his fence. While digging these trenches, he hit some rocks but he also hit something that he'd never see before.
      "I had to take a step back and realize what I'm hitting is some bones from animal," says Gordon. "At first I thought it may have been some chicken bones or a deer but once I dug it out of the ground, I found a full jaw with teeth. My jaw even dropped."”
      Rest of the story with photos here
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Nevada has always been one of my most enjoyable treasure states to visit. 
      Part of why I wanted to make this post (and why I'd like to see others give their input) , is to help guide some of the newer gold prospectors that has joined on with the rise in Au prices around $2000 an ounce.
      A little history about Nevada and I.  I first started detecting Nevada for natural gold in the mid 90's with a local guy from Boise who goes by the name of Largo.  He's had some health issues the last few years and not been to RP but promised I'd try to get him down there one more time this Fall. 
      Some of the Gold Experts at the time, I was able to cross paths with and learn a bit or two (if they slipped the tongue- were usually pretty quiet) are names like Smokey Baird, Dog Water, T-Bone, Duffey, Jim Malone, Jim Straight, Gordon Zahara, 7 Up Jerry, Chuck Graff, Digger Bob, Jim Williams and of course Ed Spears...and probably a half dozen other names I can't think of at this moment.  If any of you old timers on DP know where some of these folks are, I'd sure like an update.  Yes I realize a good part of them have pasted to more golden patches, but I think some are still around and talking the stories of old.
      These were the guys you needed to watch, listen and listen even more.  You paid attention to what they drove and where they traveled.  You'd better be at the T & A (for many yrs I thought it was tits & ass) truck stop in Imlay, early in morning to sit a booth down and listen to their stories of the recent hunts and or finds.  Eventually after quite some time of seeing the same dusty faces, they might give you time of day.  Some of the others never hung there much (guess the T & A wasn't that good), but you might spot the dust cloud of their rig heading to a new patch.  Many a times, I would run into 1 or 2 of them out Sawtooth or Jungo way, and they would occasionally toss a bone of knowledge my way.  After all I was still pretty new to Nevada and learning the gold detector ropes.  Heck in fact, I was still on the VLF band wagon and since I was finding gold every day, thought I was hot shit.  Little did I know at the time, those high dollar Minelab PI's were the real deal.
      My 1st Minelab Gold was with a borrowed SD-2100 (the green one) and it took me about 3 days straight of hunting before I flipped my 1st gold.  It was at that depth and time I realized their true power.  I've been tethered to one almost ever since.  Yes I go back to the VLF's on occasion (actually more than most would think), but I have earned many yrs of detector knowledge and skills, so knowing when to grab the VLF speedster is a must.
      Still plenty of gold to be found in Northern Nevada, but you need to do your homework.  After all, it's not easy to find and that's why some of us on DP who post/comment, we know how hard it is and rewarding at the same time.
      So here's some help to the newer generation of gold hunters who wants to work hard, walk plenty and do research.
      I don't have it in stock right now, so it's not about me making a sale...  Get this book.  Placer Deposits of Nevada by Maureen Johnson.  Study the recorded gold recoveries and realize some of the smaller sites will not get the attention they deserve.  Lack or water in NV was one of the reasons those sites were so short lived.
      Google Earth - Using the computer on Google Earth and look for old mining areas, ore dumps and even recent years scrapes.  These tip offs will almost always provided a few missed pieces of gold.  What I like about G.E. is the ability to see on the other sides of mountains, hills and or areas that I could never get my truck.
      Elevation - Most of the placer nuggets seem to be in the same elevation zone within a few hundred feet anyway.  If you are a follower on DP, then you recently seen this info was spoken and posted.  Do your do diligence and read.
      Indicators - Learn the terminology of Desert Asphalt, Dry Wash Piles, Pushes, Scraps, Iron Cubes and some other terms others might add to this post.
      Detector Knowledge - Know your detector and then some.  Au is around $2000 an ounce.  If you have not found gold with it or are going home skunked more than you go home with gold, it might be of wisdom to take some genuine in the field training.  Yes it will cost you money, but your learning curve and chances of golden dreams of Success are drastically improved.
      Location - Go and hunt were gold has been found before.  DO NOT try to be the 1st at finding gold in a region, mountain drainage that has never produced and or doesn't show any signs.  Just because you were hiking a mountain ridge while chasing Chucker and seen a quarts blowout.  Once you have become proficient at finding gold and building up your patience, then you might do an occasional "prospecting" trip.  Best advice is stay in the areas that has already produced.  Todays never detectors and their technologies still finds a few the old machines missed.
      Patience - If you can't handle detecting for hours with no gold, please stick to coin/relic hunting as their rewards are much easier and faster.  As I mentioned earlier in the post, those of us who have passed the patience test are the same ones who get that tickle in the tummy, giggle of the grin and joy of doing what so many can't, finding a piece of gold with the detector.
      Prepared - Know your body and its limitations.  No metal boots is a MUST if you swing a powerful PI, ZED or bigger coil on a VLF.  Rare Earth Super Magnet on the end of a good quality pick.  Super Bungee, Harness, Swing Arm, Hip Stick are all designed to allow for more comfort that allows for longer/easier time in the field swinging a detector.  Non Metal Plastic Nugget Cup or Trowel to help speed up the recovery of targets.
      Common Courtesy - Pack out your trash and even some of those who don't.  Never toss a dug up piece of trash back on the ground, please put it in your pouch.  Fill your holes as the ranches cows and those of us who hunts nights hate stepping in a hole.  Respect Private Property and or Claims.
      Wildlife - Northern Nevada has an abundance of wild horses and some burros, deer elk, mountain lions, bears, big horn sheep and plenty of moo cows.  A variety of reptiles, some poisonous and most not, even a few tortoise, tarantulas.  As I get older more mature and wise, I learn to appreciate each of the species I might be fortunate to cross paths with and now let them all live.  Yes on occasion a rattlesnake in camp might need to be exterminated, but for the most part, this is their land and they are not trying to hurt us.
      Now for some pics (I do hope others who have had success will take the time to share their pics) of Nevada gold.

    • By mn90403
      Does anyone have a Rye Patch report?  I haven't heard anything about gold from there in some time.
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