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Video I Did Of The Garrett Apex On Nail Board Test

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Video of the Apex on Monte's Nail Board Test.

This is Monte's official Nail Board Test he sent me Years ago.

I think for the large size of the stock coil and DD its quite Good!!

Test done with factory tone break.Zero Disc.Multi Freq and some other solo freq's at one point for a comparison.


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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Video I Did Of The Garrett Apex On Nail Board Test

Large size of the stock coil?

It’s a 6” wide DD.  I would expect it to do well in a separation test despite its length.  

Fact is that other detectors do even better with 9” round coils as demonstrated here.

But a decent showing for a detector in its price class.

Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm surprised that there wasn't more interference from the concrete slab! Most have wire and rebar embedded; so that would usually have an effect on any test setup!👍👍

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Still looks like a pretty descent machine, if it only had all metal mode 🙂

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    • By abenson
      I put the Apex on eBay a few days to see if it would sell at $340 plus $20 shipping (that's $65 less than the going price new). Got a lot of questions about how I liked it and why I was selling it. Also got a bunch of low ball offers at $250-$300. I assume from this the Apex isn't going to be a hot seller used. When I sold my Vanquish 540 pro package it was gone at $425 plus $20 shipping in a matter of hours. So if I have to give the Apex away I guess I'll keep it and see what additional coils/updates come out in the future. From the 20 hours or so I have on the Apex I really can't see myself using it for anything but urban clad coin hunting. If they bring out a smaller coil it might do OK in a ghost town.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      People keep saying the Apex cannot be updated over the internet. Can anyone provide a quote from Steve Moore or Brent Weaver saying that it is not updateable?

    • By Bohemia Miner
      I got my first chance to take the Apex out for a test drive in a local park. I chose U.S. Coins mode because the area I was hunting is home to a Carnival with Rides and Game Booths every year. I must say, it ran fairly quiet until it hit a target. I will most likely use Zero in the future as the “Pre-set” modes may have more discrimination than I’m used to.  Or I could “Accept” some of the blocked-out segments to create a “Custom” Program.
      Overall impressions: Simple, nice and light weight, well balanced, easy to adjust settings plus the Wireless Audio that you can hear your Pin Pointer through!  However, I watched a You Tube video of a hunt at a Boy Scout Camp.  The videographer mentioned that the Depth Gauge seemed to be “off”.  I experienced the same issue.  One target read 4” when it was right under the surface.  This happened more than once.
      My 1.5 hours netted me some Clad coins, a Cinemark Token, a Fleur-de-lis snap or button cover and three strange washers.  I only found one other piece of “junk” which appears to be cast Aluminum.
      Comparing it to the Minelab Equinox Series would be a bit unfair.  While they share similarities like Simultaneous MF, GB, Noise Cancel (Frequency Shift) and Preset Programs including Beach Mode, that’s where it ends.  The Nox has way more Features and Adjustments putting in a completely different league altogether!  The APEX is simply an entry level Multi-Frequency Metal Detector for those starting out or an upgrade for the many Ace Enthusiasts.
      I’ve mostly worked with the White’s TRX which reads off the tip.  It will take some time getting used to the 360 degrees of the Garrett and Nokta Pin Pointers.
      My only real concern other than the Depth issue is what problems, if any, may occur due to them being put together so quickly to fill the many preorders and back orders.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Hitting a NEW PERMISSION, fields surrounding a Manor House with the Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish and Garrett Apex
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a video that Garrett has done in response to some of the user videos made about the new Apex. It’s possible this was posted before and I missed it... been busy lately!
      “Iron targets can “mask” or change the Target ID of adjacent good treasure targets. Two examples of target masking are presented, along with a demonstration of successfully scanning coins mixed into a row of nails. Although the presence of iron can change a target’s ID, this video shows how easy the Garrett Apex can pick out the treasures in such trashy detecting environments.”
    • By abenson
      If you want to see the Apex in the action in the field here is a video I did over the weekend. Didn't compare it to anything in this video just got out and hunted with it.
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