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You Know You Are Getting Old When You Have To Deal With Heel Cracks

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The moral of the story for you younger folk is to look after your feet, keep them covered when out detecting. Prevention is better than cure. Nothing quite like dry desert dust to suck moisture from your feet. I am in my 60's & have always kept my feet covered when out detecting & have no signs of cracking. A way would pick with uncovered feet has its own risks too, not to mention dislodged rolling rocks. 


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Mitchel, you are on the right track. Keep on "rasping" off the dry dead skin. Don't try to get it all at once. Every couple of days take some off. In the mean time use your favorite moisturizer. I do like bag balm. In short order you will be tripping the light fantastic. It sure hurts for awhile tho.!!



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I think part of it came about because this summer I used diving booties quite often on the beach hunts.  Previously I never let my feet get that wet for so many hours.  When I stopped doing that at the end of the summer I had a thick pad built up and it dried too much with wearing the sandals.

I thought I had it fixed as I had no problem with it for just about 10 days but now it is back.  I think I've learned my lesson and just keep up with it nearly every day.

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I dont have the problem but my wife had bad eczema and I'l talking bad...it went away after about two years dietary and supplements doctors wanted to put her on some serious meds (chemotherapy type stuff)  and pred... but she just dealt with it instead...she had cracks that started on her hands and eventually went to her heels.... the ones on her heels were really bad..I felt so sorry for her... she used to put Cera V ointment and socks or saran wrap on her feet at night..she said this stuff really works...



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