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Disgusted By $500+ Price Of Garrett Deepseeker Coil (and Minelab Prices)

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My hobbies have paid for this hobby. My wife and I have an agreement. If I can figure out how to pay for something without having to dip into the budget or savings I can get it without having to get approval. I used to surf. The older I got (52 now) I'd be on my board thinking about metal detecting so I sold my surf boards and bought more detectors. I used to kayak surf and when i wanted an Excal I sold the kayaks. Same thing happened to my paddle boards, I wanted to try the CTX so I sold my boards. 99% of my hobbies prior to going all in with detecting were black financial holes. New paddles, wetsuits, boards etc. All cost money that could never be returned.

It didn't hurt that great whites have been showing up all over the coast in terms of influencing my decisions. Bottom line is we find the money we need when we really want something bad enough. I know a guy who smokes a pack a day that thinks Minelab's detectors are too expensive. $6 a day times 365 days is $2190 to smoke menthols. $2190 will buy a CTX and maybe a used extra coil. It's all about perspective. 

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On 1/7/2018 at 11:04 AM, MontAmmie said:

I've had 3 detectors (so far).  Every one has paid for itself within a year or two in finds.  When I started the hobby, I was a fat, middle-aged, pre-diabetic housewife/nurse.  I've lost 40 pounds since then and I'm in better physical shape now than when I was 40.  Would I have done that with an expensive gym membership or a treadmill?  No way.  I'm lazy and I can think of every excuse in the book not to move my butt.  But on that beach swinging my detector?  Oh man, that's a whole different ball game!  "I've been out here 5 hours, covered 3 miles of beach twice, and I'm bone-tired, but oh look at that cut over there!  I just gotta hit that before I leave!"

The money I've saved in medical costs alone has probably paid for my detectors and equipment many times over.   Not to mention the years of good health it has added to my life.  My metal detecting equipment is truly priceless.

Awesome story, I hope I can detect another 20 years.

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Here in the UK a new GPZ7000 costs at the moment £7699 , thats down from £8495 . Crazy money if you dont have the right places to detect .

In the end you buy what you need and can afford . Minelab and Garrett and others charge what they think people will pay and if people buy them then they wont lower the prices till they cant shift them .

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