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Minelab Pro Find 35 Field Test And Review

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1 hour ago, Chase Goldman said:

Two words: Sunray Probe.  In other words it CAN be done.  But why?

One situation is when you are relic hunting and clearing out a large trash or fire pit or hut, having a handheld probe that can quickly help you comb through the dirt tailings for goodies (vs. the numerous nails and ration can pieces that you will inevitably encounter) is a huge time saver especially if you are in a confined area that doesn't lend itself to swinging a full-sized detector along the walls of the pit.  Especially one that has trouble separating ferrous and non-ferrous targets in a high trash density environment such as what I just described.  It's a niche use to be sure, but I know a few thousand relic hunters who would probably buy a Pinpointer that could do that and it makes ALL the sense in the world to them.

The magnet is an alternative but tedious to use also.

My Deus does a pretty good job at it especially with the small form factor elliptical coil and wireless setup it can be broken down and used like a Pinpointer on steroids.  Kind of expensive, though. Lol.

Good example. In this case it's not being used as a traditional pinpointer, but as a very small metal detector. I recall someone once sawed down a Tesoro to just the handle, the uMax box, and a 4" coil. Seems that would be an ideal hut/pit detector.


Tesoro Pinpointer Conversion

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In the yards I've been hunting, they are loaded with iron, nails etc. It is to the point where I thought about a SunRay probe for my V3i. I get a hit on a deep coin and get distracted by nails. Needless to say I've been excited about the ProFind 35. At the same time I can't let go of my Bullseye TRX. The range is unreal and I've used it to scuba hunt by itself. That's another application where the ProFind's iron tone might come in handy. I've been thinking about buying it as a secondary anyway, to see how I like it. For now, that TRX is the best damn pinpointer I've ever used.


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