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Greeting everyone
I was looking for a coil to use on the beach with my TDI SL. Mainly I was looking for stock 12 "dd but I did not find anything used, I have the 7.5dd and I consider that for hunting on the beach it is too small. I found online the" scarab mono 18 "x14" from pmcoils. I have not seen any information on this coil, I was mainly looking for a DD because I had the dual field of surfmaster for a while and it went very well with those coils, but I could give the mono coil a chance if he found any positive information. .
If some use this coil or know some information, I would appreciate your opinion.


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The company seems to have done its activity 3 years ago, but still keeps some videos on youtube.
I think I'll keep looking for the 12 "dd of the whites.

Thanks Steve.

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Get a larger coil from Miner John, his coils are the best match for the TDI machines, even better than oe coils.

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I've heard good things about the Razorback 14 "DD, I think it was made by Miner John, but they are no longer available, I could go for the 14" mono, but right now it's out of my budget.

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    • By nugget hunter nz
      Hi guys I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what ones best of these two coils I've herd alot of  good things about the 12 round nugget finger coil but like the eleptical coils as can get them in places the round won't go and I know the 12x8 is fairly new .but thought I'd ask if anyone has any experiance with it compared to the 12 round ..on depth and sensitivity?
    • By Nokta Detectors
      Hello all..... some of you guys have been asking for 9'' and 13'' coils for the Kruzer...it is done.... we have developed these and will start shipping them at the same time with the Anfibio series.
      Both coils are compatible with the Anfibio and Kruzers. 
      Thank you!
    • By gambler
      whites garage sale  so I just ordered this from whites garage sale, now my question is when would I use each of these coils?

    • By Tony
      I thought I'd copy this from my other thread which was buried down on the second page.......is this okay Steve as I don't want to duplicate if unnecessary?
      "Just got back from the beach....in one word.........awesome. Some observations;
      It is the deepest detector I have ever used on the beach (in the past 25 years) by running the higher voltage pack.
      It is the first time I have ever detected (with any detector, including the Minelab PI's) my gold wedding ring at a measured/buried 18" deep.
      The US nickel can be heard at 16" in buried wet sand...but with GB OFF. With GB ON it drops to 12"-13" !
      My machine is much deeper with GB OFF across all targets.....the rock solid threshold with GB OFF is unbelievable with no loss of sensitivity.
      Even with the coil swept through shallow salt water at max gain and 10us......it is so smooth. I don't know how White's have done it....maybe a new batch of the latest flux capacitors......
      I tried with GB on but in clean white sand, there was no perfect GB....it was close but just a slight positive signal as the coil was lowered to the ground...but the depth loss was significant with GB on and slight falsing with higher GAIN. None of this is a problem with GB OFF."
      PS.......on the real deepies (edge of detectability), there is often a one, two and three way signal but not a four way signal if swept from left,right and up and down.
    • By Tony
      Well I sat down and re-visited the 4 x 18650 batteries for the TDI Beach Hunter and managed  a successful battery boost.....It's a snug fit but went in better than expected.
      Now someone probably has another version but here is my Ghetto version !
      I needed to remove most of the White's battery holder to reduce the overall height otherwise the 18650 holder would sit on the floor of the White's holder. All that's really needed is the end part to make the electrical contact.
      The two outer batteries are quite secure inside the detector as they snug up against the battery compartment housing.

      1. Cut down AA White's battery holder
      2. Trimmed down 18650 battery holder
      3. Removal of two small plastic tabs from the "roof" of the detector's battery compartment (easy and very neat)
      4. Bit of hot glue to bring the two holders together but doesn't need to be super strong.
      5. Soldering of 18650 leads to contacts on the White's battery holder
      And for the record.........the depth increase on my gold ring is a solid 1.5" to 2" over the standard 12v pack. Range has jumped from 14" to 16" with GB off and everything else at max.

    • By Tony
      My TDIBH got here door to door from the USA in 6 days which is great....thanks again to Gerry at Gerry's Detector's !
      I did some basic tests on my back lawn (which is devoid of any metallic targets to at least a metre).
      I did notice that no GB was needed which is what I would expect but interestingly if the GB was left at "4", the detector would barely detect my gold ring. As soon as the GB was turned higher or lower, then the ring was detected at great distance. I know I can run with no GB (straight PI) but the depth was slightly improved with GB engaged.
      I am wondering that when I hit the beaches, which down here are generally mineral/black sand free, where should I leave the GB if it's not required?
      I will most likely bury a target and dial in the GB (assuming it's not actually needed for a proper GB) which gives the best response but I am very wary of a setting that might not see the target !
      I am new to the TDI SL platform so any tips is much appreciated.