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  2. It was tested on Jame's GPX5000 and behaved itself even in 'sharp'. Not suitable for QED as it behaves like a DD and on a QED it only runs on one winding like a mono. I am led to believe it will also be built in a 18 or 20 inch version, and if so Beatty and I want one.
  3. Your forum Steve is a pleasure to be a part of, as was your old AKMDS forum, & it is the way you moderate & run it & keep that crap out of it that had me migrate way back in those earlier days. By far the huge majority of forum members are a pleasure to be "around" & give & take & share with. Generally a great bunch of like minded people that get on famously. You can do no wrong. You know how & where to sail your ship. You will always have my back. Thanks for all you have done & continue to do. Very best of luck to you & all members out there. JW🤠
  4. Were you running it on the QED Reg or your GPX 4000, or both? It must be painful to only have a 10oz small tiddler nugget to test it on 😉
  5. Yea, I'm not too sure about that ad, it was a bit on the weird side, I thought their first one was better. It does look a bit like a Red Ace 350. I don't know about swinging a Red detector, I like the darker colours of the Equinox, the Red would stand out like dogs nuts.
  6. Paul, the biggest color we had for testing was only 10oz, so I don't know how far it would pick up something really big. I've played around with some pretty big coils in the past, but this thing takes the cake. It was picking up beer cans at about 5' or more. PS It ran smooth even in very hot ground.
  7. So it isn't from a hoe that gave you a hickey? JW 🤠
  8. A very useful device. Used in Equine Polo, knitting and marine navigation. The original Danish versions are better than the cheap Chinese copies. Can be used as a last ditch ferrite for the GPZ if you lose the original (need to somehow keep this post relevant to the thread 😬 )
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  10. 👍 I can vouch a big fat yes in agreement to all that Jasong, in our insanely mild ground. Many of you will know my thoughts on the SDC in our insanely mild ground up against my 4500 & NF Sadie coil. The SDC just didn't shine for me. In bad ground (highly mineralised), maybe.The 10" X coil is just next level again. Getting smaller gold at crazy depths. Any gold is good gold to me & considering our gold is mostly small any way, why wouldn't I be happy being able to go back over my old grounds & glean more out of it. Especially in known "hot" spots. The enjoyment is still there in it for me. So why not? Maybe again just in our insanely mild ground. But that is the only ground type I know. Lucky me I guess. I always wanted a smaller coil for my Zed because I absolutely knew there was a lot of small gold & possibly bigger gold in areas I just couldn't get the ML 14" coil into. I bet we all have places like those. And it is proving to be. But I just knew it was a no brainer. The X coils are even getting gold off ground the ML 14" wasnt out in open ground. So when the opportunity came along I was all over it. No hesitation in chopping A ML coil to get the chip for the patch lead. Because I can still use that ML coil anyway by putting a plug back on to it. So not destroying or making the doner ML coil worthless or unuseable at all. So it doesn't become a throw away or sacrificial coil like people are thinking. I dont know why people keep pushing that point. It is false. Obviously things can go wrong with making the patch lead, as some have found out, but they shouldn't if all is followed to the letter. We may think it is easy to do but if in doubt get it done by a professional in that field. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  11. I recharged my Nox 800 as usual 3 days ago and it took about 12H. Before it took about 4 hours in average. I did not change any items nor did I use a different socket. What came to my attention for some while is that the magnets of the charger cable became weak not holding on to the unit as they used to. I have about 100 charging cycles done in the past 7 months since I got my machine going out about 5-6 times a week. I'm curious if anyone made the same experience? I will try the other cable which came with the machine after running it flat. I usually charge after 2-3 detecting sessions (usually about 2-3 hours each session). As I have a trip to CA coming up beginning of September I don't want to take a chance getting into trouble being there. Should I have the battery replaced?
  12. What is a Doohickie.🤔 Is that similar to a Thingy-ma-who-dacky-ma-whats-it? JW 🤠
  13. bethanyb1201, Thanks for the input for what you found on this unit, I hope to learn how to understand everything that you have told me about the settings that you are using. I live 125 miles south of you near Hillsboro IL. and I will have to find a place to make a test garden in this soil and learn what you have shared. Thanks for the information!
  14. good to see how much help one will receive on this forum. I had EMI issues with my Nox 800 and they are history now due to the input I received from you guys right here on DP. Good to know there is a family................
  15. Yeah I detect a lot of places that are probably about equivalent to JW's soil so I guess maybe I'm biased. But a lot of people here in the US detect similarly mild soils almost exclusively too. I guess when I talk about products I usually am speaking in terms of the US since I'll never have the time or money to detect anywhere else so I it's rare for me to consider it. Same way I see very little consideration for US soils when I read Aussie forums. I know what you are talking about though with gold that hits less deep on the GPZ. When it was first released I was finding very occasional nuggets like that and reported them to ML instead of the forums because at the time it would have caused arguments to say such a thing, even with video proof. I even found large ones, one was 24 grams, that hit a good 20% less deep on the GPZ than the 4500 w/17x13 Evo (some others were up to 50% deeper on the 4500). They were all oddballs though, like chewed up wads of tangled, ropey gum.
  16. hola como usted, espero que el nuevo pescador, pasé años cazando con mi cz21 bajo el agua y el saldo se traduzca en kilos, hablé con el miembro Denis de este foro y mi pregunta es la siguiente. AQ, ¿será realmente bajo el agua? Realmente tengo experiencia bajo el agua y sé de lo que estoy hablando. un saludo
  17. Probably different where you are Jasong just as with KiwiJw's ultra mild soil makes me drool with envy. I can only speak for where I am where the SDC is a huge compliment to the GPZ and I'd be much poorer without it. There are situations where the SDC outshines the Z. One example, a tight patch about the size of a bus where the average depth of the nuggets was 26 inches and sitting on the cap. 17oz of chunky bits. After every signal was removed with the Z in goes the SDC for another 3 or so ounces. Yep all tiny bits the Z couldn't here but 3 oz none the less. Many of the bits I would have thought the Z would have heard, but it wasn't the size of the bits..it was the make up or type of gold. Bits clearly heard on the SDC had to be rubbed on the Z coil to ellicit the faintest of response. Still, if I didn't have an SDC I'd look at a smalled coil for the Z. But I have an SDC edit: just to clarify, wasn't pulling nuggets with the SDC at 26 inches, dug the whole area out down to cap then used the SDC
  18. As to why no small coil from Minelab for the GPZ well it’s like why no 6 x 10 coil for the Equinox yet? Probably the most popular detector in the planet, and an obvious coil option. Coils simply are not a priority at Minelab for some reason. That being the case, if I were them I would help aftermarket people, not hinder them. Coiltek and Nugget Finder has a lot to do with the success of the Minelab PI machines by providing such a wide array of coils. Large coil selections help sell detectors, and that is obviously what Minelab would rather do. Car manufacturers count on tire companies to make tires so they can focus on cars for the same reason. But Minelab is like a car company that does not want anyone making tires for their cars.
  19. I hardly use my SDC even though its been to Jenny Craig and lost almost half its original weight, has the 11" Coiltek Coil on it, but tis good to have for visitors to use plus it is there onboard just in case the Z fails. Back to the thread, that risk involved making the patch cable for the X coil sucks big time, for me was something I accepted and that is what it is about if your not comfortable with doing this and experimenting with the X coils they are not for you as Rob, Steve and others have indicated with their thoughts.
  20. Don't you own or have leased a big portion of Rich Hill along with some gated land that prevents access (or at least the ability to get to close enough to hike) to open public land behind it? I mean, if I'm thinking of the right guy, that's a massive advantage that allows one to essentially ignore dinks if they want and go exploring places none of us can really get to. For some of us dinks are 95% of what we find and ignoring them is not an option. Starting from zero with no family or inside info might provide a different perspective. To me, every ounce of performance I can squeeze out of my equipment makes a massive difference between not being able to go prospecting at all and being able to afford to take time off work and make the long trip out to the goldfields.
  21. Hello all! I forgot about this post! I have since figured out the 800 in my loamy glacial till! I am in Loda Il. Its on the southwest corner of iroquois county. It took ALOT of tinkering and tests but I am now able to get 10 in on a dime during Ideal conditions. 1st thing I found out was we have alot of ariel plane to ground signals for some reason so can I can only hunt at night. Its the only time I can have a quiet machine. 2. You MUST grid off a 30x30 or whatever size section you want to hunt and do random GB over the grid. I can go from 90 to 15 in 5 foot! Auto isnt fast enought to keep up. 3. I can only hunt when ground is completely dry or soaking wet! No inbetween.. It has to do with the heavy mineral content. In dry soil I get 6 in and soaking wet 10 in. This info is for multi only. Very SLOW swing speed.. I use the beach for land settings and they work perfect! Higher recovery speed doesnt help in this soil for some reason. I have better luck on 2-3 and extremely slowww.. I run sen 20-24... Those old bricks sound like silver dollars! I havent figured out how to beat that besides switching over to 10 custom..I also learned 50 tones. Thats the way to truly beat this soil! The machine tells you everyrhing you need to know on 50... 5 not so much. You also must use head phones. If you dont you WILL miss the little subtle noise thats dif from bricks and minerals. I spent 20 miserable hours in my test garden on 50 tones before I got it. I came from a discovery 3300 almost like yours. Biggest keys are a GB grid, 50 tones, soaking wet or dry soil. I am in Tennessee as we speak and detecting on regular ground is like shooting fish in a barrel compared to home. Stick with the beach to land and learn it.. Forget the machine has all other multi modes. In central Il you are better off using a single freq than using park,field... Gold mode I am starting to see some major promise also but going to play more before giving my approval.. Sorry I dont know the big words but hope that helpsm
  22. Hey y’all Did you do any testing deeper than 20”..... like maybe 1.5 m? looked interesting for some big lunkers🤠
  23. Hey y’all Did you do any testing deeper than 20”..... like maybe 1.5 m? looked interesting for some big lunkers🤠
  24. To me the SDC is just a tool for bad ground. It doesn't really shine over the GPZ in any aspect I can see other than ultra dinks and gnarly ground. And it looks to me like the 10" X Coil is going to outshine it there too now. The SDC reminds me of a backhoe - ok at a lot of things but not the best at many. The GPZ/GB2(or GM1000) combo is like a mini excavator/skid steer combo - way better and more efficient at the widest possible range of things. If I was just starting detecting I'd probably be tempted to start with an SDC (and regret it just like I regret going with a backhoe instead of a miniex/skidsteer instead). But to expect people who already own a GPZ to go buy one is a really stupid business decision that sounds like it was made by accountants and not detectorists.
  25. Totally agree, and if I only had a 7000 I may have well looked at a smaller coil. But I have an SDC so really have no need for a smaller coil but do need/want a bigger coil for my Z. The SDC compliments the Z like a finger in a bum so can fully appreciate the need for a smaller coil for thosewho only have or want one machine.
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