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  2. Nice finds. I wished I had mine back when I was living in Georgia. It would have been great to carry with me when I used to gold pan there.
  3. Klunker, That is a really great photo but I'd have to say your affliction and memories have called for vote way too early before the mid-year mark! Lots of other kids and grandkids and even a few great grand kids will be out and about before the end of the year ... or they should. Keep the photos coming. The contest is still open. Mitchel
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  5. took my new xp orx with 9 x 5 elliptical coil out for a walk yesterday in the northern az goldfields heres 2 from a heavily worked area with the orx this dog will hunt quiet smooth & ez to ground balance the small 1 is under 10th of a gram the orx gets it done i like it
  6. Did the thick patena layer cause the signal to be some what weak or iffy? Some of the gold at a region I hunt has a calcium or hard clay build up that is cream to orangish cream color and often causes the gold to be hard to get a signal on. It kind of masks it.
  7. “new metal detector For Metal Detecting, water hunting, relic hunting and treasure hunting”
  8. Mr. 1864Hatter. Sir. You should be ashamed. I was subjected to the same kind of abuse as a child and so instead of being a normal child I grew up with an appreciation for the wildlands of the Sierra mountains, a love for prospecting and the realization that I had a very special father. And now I am thoroughly addicted to prospecting with little hope for recovery. I am voting for your photo to be the "Best Photo of the Year"!
  9. The Minelab Vanquish has been added to the Detector Database
  10. The Minelab Vanquish is a new metal detector announced by Minelab and with a likely introduction in the fall of 2019. Little is known about this new detector at this time but new information will be added here as it becomes available. For now follow Minelab Vanquish threads on the Minelab Metal Detector Forum From the Minelab YouTube Channel: ”Minelab Vanquish a new dawn a new metal detector For Metal Detecting, water hunting, relic hunting and treasure hunting” Minelab Vanquish metal detector
  11. Bobby pins are a pain - one of my least favorite targets.
  12. If the machine is screaming at you reduce the sensitivity until it stops. I have had to run as low as 14 in some places to get the machine to behave and can imagine situations where even lower settings would be required.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that Jim has passed. My very earliest days of metal detecting were greatly helped by Jim. I have his books and the ICMJ articles in my library. I will dedicate my summer searches to Jim's memory. Bugler
  14. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim. He did correspond with me a few times, and without fail Jim went out of his way with kind commentary. A real gentleman for sure... Rest In Peace.
  15. So many successful “old timers” in this have passed away without sharing their hard earned knowledge and understanding. Jim Straight, along with a few others (relatively) did the opposite by sharing what they know or knew. He will be remembered amongst our ever growing numbers for he has left a legacy of his published knowledge to help us along in our adventures. May his sole Rest In Peace, a true legend of our time.
  16. Jim was an honorary member of our gold club, the Valley Prospectors of San Bernardino. It was always special when he attended meetings. He loved to share general knowledge and had great stories. A few years ago the club even named a claim after him. I wish I knew him better. His legacy lives through his pioneering books on nugget detecting.
  17. It is always a sad day when a great mind in our gold hunting community has passed away. It is a loss to all across the globe. You are very right Chris about a loss of knowledge and secrets with each one of these legends passing. I never met him, but it's a loss. I felt this loss when my two old timer miner friends, George Kornec and Clay Lewis passed.
  18. Not to offend anyone but in Australia it was always known as Chinese whispers.
  19. Hi Nenad, I have a question about running a gp3500 in tracking, I have a patch I found some years ago when I was using my gpx5000 with some really nice gold coming off it, like the 2 ounce bit in my profile pic. The ground is so hot and variable that enhance & fine gold struggled even dialling down settings. A took a mate out there just for a day so he could find a bit with his ZED & it too had trouble over the same ground having to drop sensitivity right back to try & cope. I haven't encountered groud like it before. Since then I sold my 5k through not being able to get out and use it but still own a gp3500. Now I am back on the hunt again, I was wondering if you had any experience using a gp3500 running in tracking using a DD coil opposed to fixed & if this may work in this situation as this ground seems to be nearly impossible to work at times. I did some tests with a 0.3 piece using my Detech 15" spiral dd running in tracking & what I found I couldn't track out the nugget in dd mode. I'm yet to test my Detech 11" spiral mono using tracking. But I am hopeful over this super hot ground the gp3500 may have a chance if I can use tracking using a dd coil. If you have any advice you could share with me using the 35, it would be much appreciated. Cheers Joe
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