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  2. According to Steve's post, it is 1 meter or 3 feet. I'm trying to decide on the AQ or maybe the Excal.
  3. I wouldn’t put too much stock in those FB photos or the post that had v-flex along with the suspected model numbers. Both were originally on those “click-bait” metal detector sites that quite often have completely bogus stuff.
  4. I think folks are defining entry level based on what the Vanquish is actually competing with in the detector marketplace and that is primarily the Garrett Ace series and the First Texas lower end Tek and Bounty Hunter detectors. The GO FIND is more of a novelty detector in that respect and hasn’t been a serious competitor to Garrett or First Texas in the entry level marketplace. Nokta/Makro is also making a run at this market demographic with their Simplex machine.
  5. Skate , awesome information and insight. It does shed light on some of the questions. New Hampshire only has a few miles of beach where bathers are prevalent and they are well picked. There are a little less known beaches that would tend to have bathers, relics and town laws. The state beaches are picked well but are replenished by visitors from surrounding states and tourists. southern Maine beaches are equally attractive. The beach that I showed photos of , is as one writer said, worth checking the history. This is all good info ,not only for me but others on the forum.. Thanks
  6. See my explanation as to why above and how you can avoid needing to do the double press.
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  8. Noise cancel is the only one i have to double press..... but yes.
  9. Most detectors use filters....... which if the coil is moving to fast will filter out weak targets. Used to be 2 and 4 filters..... may be higher now days. The larger the coil the more material the machine has to process as well.....thus the faster you go the less it sees. 6 is a pretty FAST recovery..... that beep is quick if it comes thru and sometimes ya just miss near targets that a slower recovery of 4 might not. Sweep speed always matters IMO. Might try buring several targets in a line at different depth and distances from each other.... then swing between target to see what you are missing. Ive found if im not getting a whole lot .... try something different....... slow down and NOT cover so much beach that day.
  10. Not yet, wanting to get a correctly functioning battery pack. That might bring a question to mind. Do you think the sweep speed mods would help depth in any way?
  11. Doesn't sound right at all. The coil sounds like it is touch sensitive if it is reacting to wet grass. I'd be contacting Minelab or a dealer to have it looked at.
  12. Just checked the tracking and it should arrive tomorrow. Sent my 14" coil off yesterday, so as soon as Pat makes the patch lead and sends it back ill be able to get out and try both coils.
  13. Not sure of that source. Vflex IQ and models only mentioned in the MD Hunter blog as far as I can tell and everyone has sourced from that. The Latest Minelab Vanquish video clearly shows the Multi IQ logo and only features the red detector in both videos. It's all speculation at this point, but I am hanging my hat only on what Minelab has chosen to put out there in terms of info.
  14. G'day Jin, you should have your big 20" spiral round X-Coil very soon, it will look like this as I now have one as well, it just arrived today, I just put it on the scales and it weighs 1670 grams (without the lower shaft) cheers dave
  15. There's always more left no matter how well you've done it,well done Dave
  16. Its not entry level. Thats the Go Find . As for the headphones we will have to wait and see but the size of the control box i think points to a large socket .
  17. Hence the entry level. People entering the market/hobby for the first time don't have 1/4 grey ghosts sitting around, they have a variety of 1/8 headphones and earbuds. It makes more sense for you to use an adapter than all of them. With my tesoro I always used an adapter for that reason. I have several quality 1/8 headphones used with computers and devices. It made far more sense to buy an adapter for a few bucks than to spend $150 on headphones that I could only use on my metal detector. I could certainly be wrong, but I expect more and more detectors will move to 1/8. It certainly didn't seem to hurt sales. You even bought one.
  18. If it 1/8 inch i wont buy it . I like my Gray Ghosts too much. Chase .. I have read that it is V Flex IQ so going by the screen shot on Facebook i have seen it could be a cross between the Terra and the Nox . I think the numbers will be different .
  19. If they are targeting an entry level market no idea why the would go with a 1/4 plug when pretty much the whole world has gone to 1/8.
  20. The silver pendant is a DY (David Yurman) .925 Cf. I can't find one online just like it. There are some 'dog tags' similar and I don't know if the one I have has real black diamonds! The other material is a black, textured stone that looks pretty nice also. I'll have to see a jeweler for that piece.
  21. Even though your area is challenging try and look at it as a classroom every time you're on the beach and simply learn something new. Vary the sensitivity to see how that affects the performance as well. By learning to detect where conditions are difficult you'll be light years ahead of those who've never had to deal with that kind of stuff as you move from beach to beach. For me iron has the slightest of grind at the end of the tone as it relates to everyone's beach nemesis, bottle caps. I purposely dug as many as I could in the beginning just so I could differentiate the tones from a new one to a rusted one or slightly rusted one. I can now with about 95% accuracy tell if it's a bottle cap just by sound alone. If I have time I'll still dig them just to remove them so I don't run into them the next time I'm at the beach. Getting the coil clean from sand or salt is a pain. I hate it when I'm sweeping in the high tide/towel line and the top of my coil seems to collect a pound of extra sand. I'm thinking of drilling a couple of small holes into the skid plate to allow for the water to drain. HH and keep asking questions. Best Skate
  22. I've only been detecting about a year and here in New England we are infested with lobster traps from the new lobster gold rush. They break up into pieces and litter the beaches deep in the sand or on top. I had the Garrett ATX and it went very deep, but even with the iron discrimination button it still loved those Lobster Traps. With the Makro Kruzer or Equinox 800 I don't have any issues with traps. Also the ATX coil cable corroded on me even though I washed it after every trip and sand would constantly get in the rod joints. I couldn't find replacement cables and it seemed difficult to replace anyway due to the way it was constructed. Garrett actually replaced the whole coil under warranty and I sold it on Ebay to someone in Texas who doesn't have to worry about lobster traps. The equinox is a lot more forgiving to a beginner like myself and is easier on my shoulder, though its still harder to maneuver than the Kruzer even though they are the same weight i think. I may see if i can get an Equinox coil that I can move in the water easier. Both the Kruzer and ATX seem to have some issues with hot rocks. The tones of the Kruzer fatigue my ears and I accidentally ended up in the wrong mode frequently due to the menu settings/layout. The only reason I bought the Kruzer was because the local metal detecting store near me hates Minelab's customer service and convinced me the recovery speed on the Kruzer would be far superior. After reading this forum and others, I wanted the simultaneous multi frequency so I grabbed the equinox. Overall I'm happy with the Equinox though I still have yet to tinker with the recovery speed. I've been leaving it on the default 6 in beach 2. No issues with lobster traps(or hot rocks so far). My only issue is with salt water getting in the coil cover and causing falsing end of swing occasionally.
  23. Yep, they have been verified to work with Equinox. At full price, though, they are pretty pricey compared to other brands such as sound peats that go for less than $30. Don't know what is considered half price here, but you can use the Sound Peat Q12's as a reference price point.
  24. I was just thinking of the phrase 'ultrasound for the ears' for our 3D look at the ground. Most ultrasounds that I am aware of require a visual screen to see the object and it is named for the type of wave used and not the receiver!
  25. The video makes it seem all but certain the Vanquish will be multi IQ based (Multi IQ logo shown) so unlikely the ID numbers and behavior would be much different than Equinox. Just packaged cheaper with fewer settings options , less display clutter, fewer bells and whistles than even the 600, but otherwise basically the same beast under the hood. Guess we'll find out after release. But seems a far cry from the Soveriegn/Excal replacement you originally envisioned in June, though it was interesting/ironic they used the Excalibur trope for the central theme of the latest video.
  26. I've been wanting to film a video of myself finding a nugget with my QED but things have been a bit dry on the nugget front lately for me, I managed to scrape out one a couple of days ago using my GPX but that's it for a week or so now. It appears Howard the guy that makes the QED was doing a video on showing various mode and threshold settings with an in ground untouched target when his cameraman proceeded to tell him to dig up on camera after saying he's sure it's a nugget. He seemed a little hesitant but went for it, and sure enough, a nice nugget. I thought some might like to see the video to get a bit of an idea of a QED in action and how it sounds.
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