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  2. As always Simon you come up with some very nice finds, and bring life to how you came across them. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your next hunt!
  3. I don't like how White's justify their 20 year old design detectors the way they do saying they're still competitive, why not make new ones that smash the competition rather than saying our old classics are competitive and be satisfied with what you're selling, and when it comes to modern features they're falling far behind, features are what will sell detectors now when all manufacturers detectors for each task are so close in performance. Wireless is becoming standard even in entry levels now. Did they miss a lot of manufacturers are heading in the way of multi frequency now, don't want to miss that boat. Innovate and excel Whites, don't accept mediocre as acceptable as that'll eventually see you fail. They'll only be acceptable to the market for so long then what are you going to do? it will be too late. Success will always follow those that never stop striving to achieve. I don't mind having a detector in the Whites price range for 5 or so years then replacing it with the new model, the way detectors are improving over at the competitors I'd be disappointed if I didn't have to replace it in 5 years as I'd be expecting a newer better model sooner than that. In fact I'd happily replace my Nox every 2 to 3 years if there was a newer better one, one year wouldn't be out of the question for me if the improvements were good enough.
  4. JRH, Welcome to the forum as you will find all the answers to any of your questions that you may have. These are the nicest people around and they don't mind helping people. Please post some pictures of the finds you uncover to share the fun with all of us.
  5. To quote Ozzy Osbourne " I'm just a dreamer, I dream my life away oh yeah I'm just a dreamer, who dreams of better days"
  6. I think common sense might be banned there. It's not like they are really trying hard to get interest in their "hobby" products anyway. Sad to see.
  7. I can understand them wanting to hold onto the durability portion of their designs. Unfortunately today people don't respect that so much. They would rather have something that works real good for a decent amount of time and replace it. They might need to start treating these things like a computer replacement cycle (maximum of 4 yrs) instead of a 1950's car replacement cycle- the 20+ yr thing. I'm afraid that one line put in there might just be etched in history, the bit about Ken White would rather close than build overseas. None of us would fault White's for trying to save/make a dollar and come out with innovative products. Some overseas things can be done quite well if you guide them enough and lay down your specifications and expectations. They can STILL use "DESIGNED IN THE USA". I personally would not hold it against them. The thing is if they continue to rehash the same stuff over and over it won't matter where it is made, people will stop buying. I figure they will be the next Tesoro if they continue on this path and hard-jaw thinking.
  8. If I do get a Gmx it would be 50 % for beach and water. 10% for tot lots and volleyball courts. 40% for turf jewelry.I wonder how it would pull our rings in iron in water or even be able to work in water. The Deal ends in a week. Rick did not like it in the water.
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  10. I have a feeling that after the Apex release that minelab will pull a new rabbit out of the hat.Nox multi Iq2 or vanquish pro with ground balance plus all nox frequencies without waterproof.
  11. Back to the original Pennytopia today, I arrived at 1.30pm knowing I had to be gone by 2.50pm to pick my daughter up from school so only a quick hunt but I was happy with the result. The grass is getting out of control again 😞 a bit of a pain, it's coming into winter now so the frosts should stop it growing and kill it off a bit. hopefully they give it one more mow then that'll do it for the season and make it easier to detect. I decided I'd give Park 2 a go today, I've rarely ever used Park 2 and I like Park 1, I'm a bit stuck in my ways and got used to the limited number of tones so Park 2 was annoying, I'm trying to get myself used to using more tones following the advice of the more skilled detector users. Would you believe my first coin of the day was an excellent one! a 1940 One Shilling, I knew at the time when I found it that it must be a decent find as I didn't recall ever finding a 1940 before..... and the reason is they only made approx 500,000 of them!!!!!! It was deeper than my Carrot. You can tell by all the soil I had to remove after getting my plug dug out. Oh yea, 1940! Next unusual find was a bit funny, another One Shilling and one I don't find often, a more modern 1950's cupro nickel version. These come up 12/13 What a difference a few years make going from silver to this rusty looking mess of a coin. Not very deep ether, being more modern.... as you can see I've got to use the Sampson T-Handle seeing old pinky died, I see that as a shame as I much prefer old picky. The next decent coin was another silver, a 1937 threepence, again my trick with circling it and hoping to see a 18 or 19 flash on the screen along with the normal coin numbers (15/16) worked, I knew I had it before digging it. No quite carrot depth on this one. A few more junker coins and it was time to leave, almost forgot to do the school pickup, got lost in the moment 🙂
  12. Hello everyone, I'm from Java, Indonesia. I started my metal detecting journey since last year because I love history and gold. I own Garrett AT Max, Minelab Equinox 800 and waiting for the new Nokta Gold Kruzer. Cheers, JRH
  13. Simplex = No multifrequency option or selectable frequency options Vanquish = No selectable frequency options, no ground balance Apex = No recovery speed setting And let’s not forget, both Simplex and Vanquish lack...... Hybrid Audio!!
  14. Well I am about to continue to veer of topic... As long as it has a good balance between recovery speed and depth, I agree that an explicit recovery speed adjustment isn't a necessity. But it seems fair to hold Apex up for comparison against the two most relevant detectors in its price and performance class - Simplex and Vanquish, which both enable users to select between modes that trade recovery speed for depth. So like wireless audio, audio modulation, watertight integrity, rechargeable batteries, and adjustable operating frequency, fast and variable recovery speed appears to be one of those "modern" desirable (but not necessarily essential) features that differentiate good and great value class detectors.
  15. Nice piece, Looks to have some gold intact! And the V notch looks intentional!👍👍
  16. Is Coffee banned in the First Texas lunch room? 🙂 That stuff helps with productivity.
  17. I have used countless detectors without a recovery speed setting, and to this day only a tiny minority of the detectors made have such a feature, including many top performing machines. Be fun to make a new thread with a list, as it would not be all that long a list.
  18. I was told that the IT guys were doing server maintenance. Not sure why it took 2 days. Sad but.... zzzzzzzzzz
  19. That’s correct, the outage had nothing to do with the introduction of new sites - which is still pending. My speculation was wrong
  20. I’m not sure when the dealer conference is or if it already happened, but is there any new information on this topic? Thanks, Brian
  21. Hopefully the Garrett Apex will really be a detector to respect for at least 5 years. The GMT 24k and GMX are excellent detectors for sure. However, the MX Sport fiasco, so/so TreasureMaster and the absolute worst detector I've used in the last 15 years, the TreasurePro...................... a made in America sticker should not have been put on that thing. It doesn't deserve it. Jeff
  22. Johnedoe I’ve still have my Eagle II that bought in 92 and it still works good. I don’t see myself selling it anytime soon. Old friends you just don’t sell them and that’s the way I feel about my Eagle. I did have a 66 T but long ago I gave that to a friend and it still works. For what it’s worth I don’t sit around waiting on a new toy . I do use what I have but I do like to window shop . The Best To All Chuck
  23. You hit the nail on the head Walt. Can you imagine making phones now to last twenty years, or computers? That’s fine if technology were not advancing. The product cycle and technical advances are coming quicker than that now. And after the disaster that was the MX Sport release casting stones at others over quality is a joke at best. But they did finally get it right and it’s a good detector now. What people want though is performance, and if it comes in a detector built like a tank or a rickety broomstick that’s what they will buy. What do you think people will be lining up to buy, an Apex for $425 or a TreasurePro for $449? Garrett is every bit as built in the U.S. as Whites, so that excuse really does not wash. I do wish the folks in Sweet Home success though, as much for us as for them. Personally I never agreed with the premise of this thread. The 24K is a great detector. I see no reason why having the option of a waterproof version should upset anyone. If you don’t want a waterproof GMX, get the 24K. Seems like a simple choice to me. Thanks for sharing the info.
  24. Kac - MK 3 tone has higher recovery speed (higher reactivity) than MK 4-tone correct? Even Simplex uses different recovery speeds between its Park 1 and Park 2 modes trading depth for separation. One of my concerns about Apex is that there doesn't appear to be any recovery speed variation whatsoever - or at least Garrett is not talking about it.
  25. Like Steve said.... get out and use what ya have... Plenty of time for the new shiny toy after it has been out for a while..... SO............The concept of using the machine you have and finding stuff instead of always looking at the greener grass on the other side of the fence has a good bit of merit. In the meantime.............Get out there and have some fun, find stuff and let others do the beta testing for you. Then after that shiny new thing has had some realtime testing and reviews Then go take a look at it and see if you can maybe try one out for a few hours.... You just might be surprised that it is not what you had expected.... I still have my Eagle Spectrum that I get out from time to time. I also have a Bigfoot coil for it and man can I cover some ground with that bad boy. I also have an MXT that the wife has taken over since I got my V3i 8 years ago. So I am in no hurry to .....upgrade? .... At some point I might But for now I have what I need to do the job and I don't think I miss much when I hunt.... And yes I have hunted next to an equinox operated by a friend who loves his not.... I have not been outgunned yet. So have some fun, find some stuff, take your time. Just my humble opinion and yes I know opinions are like a'holes.... everybody has one...LOL
  26. Here is an email I sent to Steve Howard and his reply: I just wanted to follow up on our last conversation. Keep in mind that I have always loved Whites more than any other company. They’re American made and here in Oregon. My love affair started way back in 2005 when I first started selling Metal Detectors. In my opinion the companies that are coming out with new innovations and technology are (rated in order): 1. Minelab 2. Notka 3. Garrett 4. White’s 5. Fisher Last on the list would have been Tesoro but we know what happened them. No new machines. No new technology. They just kept regurgitating and modifying Jack Gifford’s work. Multi-Frequencies, Wireless Headphones, built in Lithium Ion Batteries are just some of the features being offered. Garrett is coming out with a new detector with all of these. MSRP is $499 stand-alone and $599 with wireless head phones plus you can hear the pin pointer through them! White’s has always been a company that was interested in making the highest quality products sold at the lowest prices. The last price increase made them a little less competitive leaving some to believe that White’s now cares more about profit than making the best metal detectors. The company is going to have to step up its game if it plans on competing for business in the years to come. I’m not trying to critical Jack, really. It’s just some of us fans are worried. We just can’t imagine a world without White’s Electronics in it. Thanks for listening! Walt Evens ********************************************************************************** Dear Walter Evens Thank you for sharing your insights and suggestions. It is becoming harder and harder to be price competitive... building electronics in the USA. Unlike Minelab / Nokta, White's is NOT in bed with any Government, thus, we must earn a profit or die. One need only sweep a Simplex or Equinox a couple times to know it is not designed to last much over 5 years. White's belief a metal detector should last 20 plus years is difficult to change. Recently at a open hunt in New York. Excluding White's, the oldest metal detector competing was four years old. A 30-year old White's metal detector won the main event! I counted 37 White's metal detectors over 20 years old still competing and still competitive. Rest assured White's is still in the game. Can we build China quality for China prices...NO. Even cheaper, can we build Turkish quality for Turkish prices, NO. Ken White would rather close than build cheap overseas. However, White's can still design and produce the best designs, obviously... proven in that all successful metal detector companies copy White's Electronic, electronic designs and (meat & potato) features. Sincerely Steve Howard White's USA ********************************************************************************** I really appreciate him reaching out to me. However, I noticed he didn’t address Garrett and the New Apex I was in reference to. Secondly, IMHO Serious Detectorists don’t want a metal detector that lasts 20 years. They want the latest greatest technology and features. Now, the guy that buys one and goes out every so often, maybe. I recently spoke with my dealer contact at White’s. The GM24k will remain and be to the GMX Sport what the MX7 is to the MX Sport. In other words, if you don’t need it to be completely water-proof, you don’t have to pay the extra money. The GMT and MXT Pro will stay in production with their knobs and switches for those folks who don’t own smart phones and can’t navigate though the various screens to make it do what they want, although I suppose you could just use the factory presents. When I inquired as to wireless head-phones I was informed that with the advances in Blue Tooth Technology, it’s something currently in the works. I asked about using the Spectra Sound system but was given the impression that it’s too expensive for the mid-range prices. Walt
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