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  1. Join the SPMA, lots of claims from S.D. county to Yuma Az. If you also relic hunt I would like recomennd a book by Chris Wray called The Historic Backcountry. It covers SD and Imperial counties. Loads of information.
  2. GB: Thanks, have found dimes but the condition is so poor that it wasn't worth showing. The lock reads Southern Pacific Co.Roadway and Bridge Department. Steve: I have been running sensitivity like "low beams in the fog" particularly in difficult conditions, I like stable. The beach 1 mode is the best in the alkali mud for sure as I have toggled back and forth to park 1,the most reliable signal is beach. I am sure this place has been detected multiple times over the years, the Equinox being the advantage. The site is giving my friend with a T2 fits
  3. I have been hunting an old desert SP stop that is heavy alkali , so heavy that the top of the ground is a white salt crust. The park 1 and beach 1 settings have produced the most favorable results for me and at this point seem equal. The sensitivity level I run varies as chatter annoys me. The settings I have been using are 50 tone, Iron ON with volume set at 1, 0 iron bias and recovery at 6. There is a lot of garbage in the ground. I recall Brian Cal-Cobra posting about hunting in similar conditions and am interested in his take (as well as others) on setting choices. The Morgans and the lock came out of the worst of the alkali mud and were completely encrusted. All three were good dig signals but none deeper than 6 inches.
  4. dsrtdwg1......I have used this ID on all the forums that I am a member of. All were off road dirt bike forums to begin with, then any other that I happened to participate in. Kept it simple, I have fallen on my head more than once. My name is Wendell Clark, no I did not play hockey.
  5. I read the entire thread this morning. My 800 has the update,with the 6 on it I am digging a bit more iron at depth. The flip side is that it finds previously missed high conductors in high trash areas, thats a fair exchange in my book. There seems to be a difference in tone quality, a slight shortening or clip when it falses.I am keeping mine as there are no cellar holes or CW battle fields here in Southern California.
  6. I like the idea of marking the potential target and trying different settings. I will take some golf tees with me next time.
  7. Today I tried something different, trying to cherry pick only deep high tones. Had the 6 inch coil on my 800, very trashy small 100+ year old park. Set it on Park 1, noise cancel, manual GB, 5 tones with the first 3 segments set to 0 volume 1 tone the last 2 were both set to max volume and tone, set the recovery speed at 5 and 0 iron bias. My question to those that know is, am I losing depth with this kind of setting? It seemed to work well, I have been trying to figure out how to park hunt deep silver,.All the pieces in the image were only giving tone, no numbers and were all carrot deep. Suggestions?
  8. Good vid TSS. For a while I was trying the low recovery speed, low and slow sweep while trying for deep silver in old parks. That is the info I was getting....listen for the wispers or the warrble or whatever......it did not work well for me, every signal seemed like an audio smear(is there such a thing ?) RS 5 seems to work well in very clean ground, 6-7 in the more littered areas, 6 really being the sweet spot. Sensitivity seems to play into all this also, adopting the less is more way has helped me quite a bit.
  9. Did the update this morning, no problems here. Did a a Factory Reset (Thanks Phrunt) as it seemed to be the right thing to do. Everything works as it should. I went out for a couple hour hunt and noticed the pinpoint function ghosting is gone, good fix.
  10. Nice find! I'm impressed with your patience and willingness to not damage the coin.
  11. Market the item youself. Retail price on jewery is insane and is usually bought on impulse. Jewelry is a loss not an investment.
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