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  1. dsrtdwg1

    California Gold - SD2300 Finds

    Beautiful piece, professional quality imaging too.
  2. dsrtdwg1

    Gold At Last!!!!!!!!!

    Good job RR, nice looking ring you scored.
  3. dsrtdwg1

    How To Find Old Parks

    A quick Google search produced old maps of Reno. I went to my local library and got copies of antique maps of my area, they were happy to do it.
  4. dsrtdwg1

    Help Needed After First Trip Out

    Chase, great post. Accurate explaination of what we are all (slowly for me) learning about this machine. Good enough to be pinned IMO.
  5. dsrtdwg1

    I Struggled At A Desert Rail Stop

    To be honest I did not think of trying single freq. There are more options than I am used to. I would like to be able to go over this site smooth and stable. Thanks all for the input.
  6. Yesterday I went out to an old SP stop in the desert. It has a long history but the heaviest use was 1920's-1930's when it had a small post office. Being next to the tracks I experienced EMI with each passing train. There is also an under ground cable that runs along side the tracks that made itself known when I got close to it. To top it off the ground is mineralized. I struggled with my settings. I tried default P1,P2 and F1,F2, did not try the other modes. I settled on F2, 5 tones with the power set at 17. I did not change the IB. Later in the day I did notch out everything below 19 with the exception of 12/13. All the targets were shallow so I assume I could have turned the power down even more. I am open to suggestions on settings, or is this just power v.s. stability ? With all that said there were targets worth digging. 1892 v and a 1943 war nickel. A military button from I do not know when, lots of junk that sounded good too when covered with dirt. This thing has been suprisingly easy to use, just not sure I was spot on with set up this time. I am going to go back again and experiment with the options.
  7. Nice finds on a hunted site. Your vids are good, perhaps sometime in the future you can do a side by side in the wild comp of the 800 vs. the Kruzer. Asking alot I know, but it would be interesting. Thanks for posting.
  8. dsrtdwg1

    New Site

    Sounds promising, hit it hard, the door is only open for a little while. Good luck.
  9. I went to a pounded desert site today near where I live. I ran field 2 with no changes. 2 Buffs, thats it for coins. They bounced consistenly between 12-13.The other targets sounded good but....... I must have dug 20 brass rivets, I would have sworn they were a penny! Dug my share of BENT rusty nails today also, the horseshoe button did not always clue me in but they were very deep. I am finding I like both park and field 2 better than their 1 counterparts.
  10. Looks like a good way to share your finds with friends and customers. I guessed at the customer part because of your jewelry/upcycling tag line.
  11. I picked up my 800 last Friday, Monday I did about 2 hours at a very difficult local small park. 60 x 120, railroad tracks with bed slag on one side and alkali dirt on the other side. I dug 5 wheats and was pleased with that but did not feel I had the thing working smoothly. I went back this afternoon and gave it a try again, paid attention to the set up and slowed myself down. This thing works! I dug 4 wheats, 2 mercs and a SLQ, all were surronded by other targets, I am sure I have had my Gold Bug and T2 over these coins as I have detected this park alot over the last 2 years. I ran Park 2 with no changes except sensitivity when I got closer to the tracks. I think I believe the hype.
  12. Hey all, dug this Quarter last Sunday. It was 5 inches deep in horrible alkali, read about like a weak Zinc but I was consistently hearing a high tone. The park I found it in dates back to the early 1920's but has been heavily detected over the years, the only other silver I have found there is a war nickel. Been trying to get out with the T2 as much as possible instead of wallowing around in the wailing and gnashing of teeth( yes I am waiting for mine also). Alkali ground is tough for a 2 year newb such as myself. Wish the coin was in better shape but I was happy to get it. The nick in the rim was caused by a wildman in the park flailing about with a big knife o
  13. I believe you have nailed it. As I remember reading, the parent co. of ML is a publicly held corp, shareholders first (as it should be)but ethics are situational at best. Our dealers are expected to be ethical, trustworthy and helpful, and for the largest part are. The distribution chain has changed. Me not having my prepaid 800 is not my dealers fault but I will wait it out...oh well, onward through the fog.
  14. The Cabelas site says the 600 is in stock, just as you say. That sure contradicts all that I read.
  15. dsrtdwg1

    End Of Year Summary Report

    That is meticulous record keeping. I am always impressed with some folks organization. My tax preparer would love me if I could do that. Will you continue this on to 2018 ?