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  1. Lot's of the books record the areas of high productivity and low productivity finds. The low productivity finds were often forgotten or are not as widely explored anymore by the general public. Also, just because there is a known gold area, it does not mean that everybody and their grandmother has covered every square inch. Many many of my finds are in known gold areas, just not in the heart of the main work. Many time there are no "signs of life" anywhere near where I am finding gold. Maybe they are not noticeable or they just weren't worth the old timer's efforts. But staying on the claims can be really tough. I really don't know if you will get skunked more by going off the claims or not, but I can tell you that your chances of the big finds tend to increase 10 fold when you go off on your own and explore. And when you find a couple gullies that nobody else found (because they were afraid to explore) you will more than pay off all of those skunks. Well, hopefully :)
  2. And if the smaller gravel piles have a lot of iron in them, use a rake with strong magnets on the teeth. This will help you spend less time digging trash.
  3. I would be happy if NF makes a small coil, too. This would likely bring down the cost of the Russion 10". If not, then I have to agree with others, it is likely not worth the smaller coil option. I have loved having the small 10"coil, but still have not found enough tiny bits to pay for it. (especially since the 14" coil will get down to a grain and sometimes smaller if making contact with the coil) The only way I would probably buy yet another small coil is if I had a Sadie 8x6 size coil. To me, that is the perfect size, but likely not manufacturable for the GPZ.
  4. Agreed, Rob. On my GPZ, I have to fight the tendency to ignore screaming Low/Hi signals that are typically iron..... until they are not. Similarly so with those signals you think have to just be ground noise, until you keep kicking away the dirt, only to find that the noise eventually gets louder and turns out to be gold.
  5. forget the coils. I just need Dave's detecting prowess and awesome gold ground
  6. Sorry Lunk, only emails I get lately are those from Russian women who want my body. Darn gold diggers.
  7. I think I was #1 for the US 10" coil (haha) So there is some variability in the 10" coil. My first one had the issue with the coiling coming undone and was kindly replaced. My second one (run in the same areas as the first) had extreme bump sensitivity. I just had to learn to run this coil very carefully so as not to bump anything. So bump noise, yes … general operating noise … no, not worse than any other coil. Unless you happen to have picked a spot of saturated ground that messes with your ferrite balancing. That is the only time I have had general noise. As has been mentioned in other threads, you can set ferrite balance with 14" coil if needed and then put on your 10" coil. At least then you would know what it was.
  8. Nah, you've just grown smarter, Norvic. I carry a small 9mm (that doesn't bother the GPZ) in case I run across people who shoot first. But if someone asked me to leave, I would avoid the trouble, as well (keeping my gun hidden) There are still plenty of other places to search.
  9. I usually don't get harassed until I get home.. On those rough days when you're prospecting new areas and come up with nothing to show for the long hours and wasted gas. I'll unload the truck, putting everything neatly into my messy gold equipment corner, and go to the refrigerator for a cold one. "So did you find anything?", comes an echo from our living room couch. "Not today, but it was gorgeous out", I say trying to sound positive. "Sounds like you're a LOOOOSER, today." My wife and daughter bust out laughing, and of course I bust out too because you just have to laugh about what we go through for gold. Anyways …. probably not the point of the thread, but I thought I would lighten it up. 🙂
  10. Good stories, JW. Glad you are still tearing it up with the Xcoil.
  11. Great topic. If I am in an area where gold has been found before (within 1/4 mile) and there are my typical indicators, I will go as Lunk describes. I will pretend my shoe laces are tied together and pretend I am a master painter covering 90% of that wash. The more indicators I see and the more my intuition sets in, the slower I go. But this is only for washes. If I am scanning hillsides (not knowing if there is a gold in the washes below) I will go much faster. I will not walk along the hillsides, however, without my coil to the ground. I have stumbled on great gold with this small rule ...hillsides you would swear on your relatives grave there could not be gold there. But there was. 😬 I started learning gold hunting on claims and for that, I did the slow hunting everywhere. And that taught me the style of gold hunting that gets the bits others miss in their rush. I believe this is really important to learn starting out. But as I began hunting with others, there was a distinct advantage to really covering ground and covering only half of a prospective gold wash. So many more gold areas can be found this way. But I think you need to be able to go back and clean out those washes the slow way, once they are identified. Some people can flip that switch and in my opinion, they are the most successful. So I see it as you need to be good at both methods and even better at deciding when to apply these methods.
  12. I know a person who bought both of those detectors. He favors the GPX for gold hunting and found the ATX to be a little too bump sensitive. But that is all second hand info. I wish I could give you better.
  13. I have no idea. LOL But I usually have about 6 large images kept on my GPS, before I start recycling them. For me, the only thing I notice it affecting is my device startup time. It takes about 20 seconds for all my maps to load.
  14. I will not go out without my Garmin Montana. It is higher priced but has paid for itself time and again. I wanted a large screen and the ability to overlay maps and geology. I manually would overlay google earth areas for about a year before I tried Birdseye. It was so worth the money as overlays get you close but are rarely perfect and it's very tedious. The only other type I wished I had were the Rhino? so I could find out where my partner is so I can locate him when I find a good gold wash.
  15. Interesting concept. I do like it better, so long as you are not balancing out that connector, making it less sensitive to gold. I like metal as far away from the coil as possible.
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