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  1. It is strange. A lot of my hillside gold is almost in a compacted silt. And yes, for some reason they are the big ones and they usually look like a dirt clod.
  2. Those are the days that make all of the others really worth it. Very nice work. I am happy for you. Hard work definitely does pay off.
  3. Yes, this is a very handy website. But as you have found, you still need to go through google earth and review different time frames. And even then, you never know how much the bushes or roads have changed from the past satellite pics.
  4. Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to make it or not. Probably only there for a day, if I do. Hope to see you there. We'll have to see if ML says anything different.
  5. Just thought... it would be interesting if the technology ever came about where you could run one detector as either a VLF or a PI (orZVT). What machines would you combine? I would go GPZ and Equinox
  6. Cool. I like seeing how others do it. I usually make small vials with the lid drilled out to accept a knotted string. If not going deep, then I can pull it up to different string lengths. But this gets really hard after 6 inches. That's why I have gone in your direction, at times, by using a vertical pvc pipe that I can raise the gold vial out on a string. But yes, a 30/60/90 or a 3/4/5 triangle would let you make a simple chart for this and you would have more ground above the gold (to improve accuracy). Andyy
  7. They lied to us the first time ML showed up to the outing. I'd be surprised if it were any different this year. By the way, are you making it up for the outing?
  8. At my workplace, one of our shipping women mistakenly got her thumb into HF. It only looks like water. She had to have her nail pulled off and get a shot into the bone to preserve it. Let's just say it wasn't her most pleasant work day... but she survived. Be careful ! !
  9. Hey Phrunt, maybe you can get on this plan so you can get yourself a ZED. But for them, I still think they'd be better off using the machine to club an animal. Anything they find is going to need to be spent on essentials, not on paying of a loan. And that comment on a meter deeper, just did not make sense to me. Personally, there is nothing worse than digging down 2 feet, and then busting up another 1 foot of caliche, just to get to a can that was buried by a bulldozer, long ago. And don't get me started an freak'n nails! Well then again, who am I kidding. I'd probably strap a small VW to my back if I thought it would get me on more gold. Scratch that last paragraph.
  10. Jason - I was just curious if the Xcoil did ok balancing on the new ML ferrite ring you just got? Mine has worked in probably 3 out of 4 locations. oops - I just saw Simon beat me to the question.
  11. Sorry, I've been out curing world hunger, helping little old ladies cross the street, and night hunting for some gold. I think my season is on hold now for a while as the monsoons have really brought in the mosquitos. It's just too miserable to keep your head clear and listen for feint signals. Below are a couple shots of the new coil. I'm not sure it could be seen in Jason's so I wanted to focus in on the coil clamp. You will also notice my patch cord is a bit bent, which happens when the old coil comes unraveled and doesn't allow you to collapse the unit very far. Thankfully, my patch cord uses Unobtanium (small upgrade), so it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  12. Just to close this out, I did get the replacement 10" coil, as well. Improvements have been made so that it fits very nicely into the shaft and includes clamps on the end (like Minelab) that prevent the unraveling. I think this new version will do quite nicely.
  13. Thank you for the update, Jason. I hope they handle our heat a little better!
  14. Ha..Ha.. what's that saying .... "LIFE DOESN'T GIVE YOU SEAT BELTS!!"
  15. Many of the times I go out, I do not find enough gold to pay for a coke or a big mac. I always thought that was why it was called a penny weight.
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