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  1. LOL. I was never keen on the legit Xterras. The Chinese versions must reeeeaaally suck.
  2. Andyy

    GPZ Finds

    Very nice. Those babies sparkle. What did you use to clean them up?
  3. Andyy

    Prospecting Suggestions Please?

    Longhn - I wish I could offer some advice, but your area looks way different than those I prospect. I like to find areas that were known for gold and then work out on the fringes. But looking at your creeks, it is very important to know where the bedrock is at, if you are considering detecting, as well as the average size of gold you are looking for. This will better determine what tools you have to use. It sounds like you are looking for small gold, so the previous VLF recommendations may be your best bet. But you still have to get to near bedrock. So you are going to have to move some rocks around the typical locations that gold hangs out (around the large boulders, widening flows, inside bends, .... etc.). Either way it sounds like an interesting treasure hunt. If anyone tells me that there isn't gold on the surface anymore, I take that as a challenge.
  4. Well, that's just how I wish I had done it. I know... I know.... your eagle sight and a straw is all you need. Some guys are just naturals.
  5. I agree whole heartedly with phrunt. As I have stated on this forum many times, I believe people new to prospecting should start with machines which can detect small gold at least down to half grain. This way you increase your chances of getting "SOMETHING" so you continue your quest of learning much longer. And the same as others, I found my largest gold less than 6" deep with my smallest coil. So yes, a Radio Shack detector could have found it. Being a good prospector, in my opinion, is only about 25% the machine and 75% your blood sweat and tears into research and covering ground. Remember, there is much more smaller gold out there. so GM1000, GB2, SDC2300 have my vote. After you have found many pcs with one of these, then move up to gpx or gpz. Andyy
  6. Andyy

    Beep Dig

    Very nice. I like hearing stories like that. Sad thing is, you wouldn't likely even be able to get back to that cemetery now, with all the gates and stuff. Andy
  7. What I don't like is that when you invest in stocks and ETFs that hold gold, you get get hit with a much bigger tax hit than with other stocks. Commodities are treated much differently in the markets. Mining stocks would definitely be the way to go. Yet, I would much rather just walk around and pick it up off the ground for free or for the cost of a little extra sweat and exercise. :) Andyy
  8. Andyy

    Has Peak Gold Been Seen?

    Sweet. Then maybe all those dinks I have will be worth something. ha ha.
  9. Andyy

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    If they can ever squeeze all that GPZ wire into a super D the size of the Sadie 8x6 coil, the SDC would likely be replaced, at least for those users with a GPZ. 10x9 is getting there, but will still need to be smaller. A 10x9 is not going to get into that many more places than the std 14" coil. It is likely the small coil will need to go more elliptical to be of use. My guess is that Minelab does not want to take business away from the SDC and Gold Monster and is why they have not jumped on the smaller coils. But that is just speculation on my part.
  10. Andyy

    Lost My Gold Virginity?

    It also looks like gold to me, too. Looks like you just crushed the quartz out of it most likely. And it sounds like you learned a lot in that trip. Smart of you to stay in the area as opposed to racing around the mountain side. Keep walking and swinging that detector slow and you are going to have many more pieces. And you won't even question whether it is gold anymore. Nice job.
  11. Andyy

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    I'll give you the key that my buddy told me on the SDC (even though I don't use one). Listen to the squeaks. Don't dismiss them. I am sure Gerry already showed you the best way to set it up. Me personally, if I could have just two machines, it would be the GPZ and SDC. (I already have the GPZ and could only afford a GM1000 as a semi-replacement for the SDC) Good luck out there!! Andyy
  12. Andyy

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    Hey JW. I had a Sadie 8x6 coil as my smallest. The size limit for me, my settings, in my ground type (Arizona) was about .2 gram (couple inches deep) Flat wire coils may get a little smaller but at the time that I had my 5000, I did not have flat wire coils. The size gold I was referring to as small is .2 gram down to 1/2 grain. This is the SDC's, GPZ, or VLF world. Arizona has many locations that people think are pounded out. But if you bring an SDC or GPZ in there, they will be pulling out literally hundreds of pieces the un modified GPX cannot see .. (SDC will pull a little more just due to getting in places with the coil size). Also note, I do not have the wonderfully quiet ground that New Zealand has! But then again ... some people can do wicked things with their GPX's.
  13. Andyy

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    Interesting. I actually think beginners are better starting off with the SDC, for the sole reason that there is much more small gold out there and I have seen many times a buddy out perform my gpx 5000 in spots I have pounded. After the SDC teaches the technique and locations to a newbie, then I would move them to the GPX's. But that is just my opinion.
  14. Andyy

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    Night hunter, also look at the geology of the club claims. Figure out why they picked those claims. Walk around them. Then find areas with similar types of geology and walk some around those. Study the trash. Are there square nails, maybe boot tacks, wire ..? That is great. Stay in the area. Or are you hunting on the side of the hill where people are shooting at? I stay away from those areas unless I know there is good gold there. Also buy a .25g nugget if needed and bury it in a vial at one of those claims and gain confidence in your settings. And lastly, start out in washes with less than 2' of overburden, if you can. Otherwise you will be digging some deep trash and that really wears on your mind quickly. Research, research, research .... hike, hike, hike... and lastly ... BE THE GOLD :p
  15. those are some nice painted rocks. You can tell it is fake because his hand would have been shaking like crazy on just the first one. And those rocks practically glow. Gold just doesn't come out that pretty. Oh, and the person is missing the scream that comes with such a find. He's just like ... oh lad-e-da .. here is another one... hmmm.... interesting... what's for dinner. LOL