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  1. Well let's see. Minelab was supposed to produce 3 coils for the gpz. They obviously can't count. So, no I wouldn't put a lick of salt in their numbers and charts. I love and hate Minelab equally for the games they play with their products.
  2. Damn, that thing is HUGE!! I hope you don't have any silver fillings or you're going to be spinning in circles trying to pinpoint a target. Forget wearing a metal belt, sunglasses or anything. Heck, you better just go naked. And weight-wise … that thing should come with wheels or a hot air balloon attached. But yeah … still looks kinda cool 😝
  3. Just catching up on posts. And then I see you made it to the Q! HA!! I could tell you were going to be heading out there soon. I'm glad you pegged some of those you missed with other machines. It is funny how spoiled we can get with the GPZ. It really finds a lot of gold with crystal clear sounds. !!BAM!! not doubt … garbage or gold. !!BAM!! garbage or gold. And then every once in a while only with the tiniest of gold tid bit patches, do you really have to listen. ….gold or ground noise … And then you get grain and sub grainers. But I have to admit, I spend most of my time as a spoiled little prospector, listening for the !!BAM!! noisy signals. Gotta love the machine no matter the coil.
  4. All I know is that all those little dinks that I have found, and get laughed at for going after in the first place ...... are GROWING in my gold box. 🙂
  5. I got mine in the mail, today, and about fell over in surprise. I'm always curious to see if I pick up a point or two from books such as these.
  6. So far, even in mineralized ground, the 10" coil *does* get the missed smaller gold. Lots of little bits. But as I have mentioned, I have found one rare area that gives the coil grief. Thankfully, that is the only area I have found so far (knock on wood) Also, nice gold, JP. Thank you for sharing.
  7. I am with you Gold Catcher. I have to drive and then hike so much farther to find fresh patches. I would not want to be a newbie trying to learn, today. It gets harder and harder each year and there are fewer signs to learn by. Jason has put this into good perspective in one of his past videos, and it is true. Technology isn't opening up that many more areas in the US. But don't give up Mitchel... I'm still rooting that you find some big ones missed!!
  8. Yes. In the US, for me, it is mostly whether I think I can: 1) fit the coil into areas I could not with the 14x13 2) Cover more ground area (depth is not as much an issue) 3) And of course getting smaller gold a little deeper REALLY applies in the AZ deserts (but is not going to make me rich) For example, for me to go 17x15 Xcoil, may not benefit me much more when I can get a 19" coil for a 40% discount price, unless we are talking really tight rocky gullies (in which case I'm moving rocks, anyways). We all have different terrain, different types of patches. Now we have an option that makes our detector like a man's Barbie doll. Dress her as you see fit!! (and no, I don't play with Barbie doll's … I have a daughter... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
  9. Look at the bright side, Klunker, you could have been stuck with the Polaski .. LOL Yep. The McLeod brings back my glory days. The smart ones on the fire line chose the McLeod because they were usually at the end of the fire line (after 10 people cleared the line ahead). Aside from using in the forest service, I never saw it anywhere else. Then while clearing the overburden from a wash with my pick (for prospecting), I thought to myself, "there has got to be a better way". And then I remembered the glorious McLeod. Now if I am clearing overburden not far from my truck, I will bring this before any rake in my garage. $7 is a damn good price. I'm sure I paid way more....
  10. Well heck, don't throw away that 14" coil. It may not be spiral wound but it is still a damn good coil with trained ears. You get some new ground under any of those coils and you will be surprised what the GPZ can do. More of it is technique in finding the patches. Cleaning out the same areas can definitely benefit from new coils, though.
  11. What the heck, Simon ... did you win the lottery? A GPZ and those coils would set me back quite a while. LOL. Well I am happy for you. Congrats on your first GPZ gold When I grow up, I want a 17x12" coil. Haha.
  12. Good info, Norvic. Thank you for sharing. You reminded me that JP also mentioned that manual GB can give more depth. I tend to just leave my GPZ alone but should experiment more as you have done. I think the GPX machine, itself, had a lot of variations. Some 5000 machines can hear really small gold while others, with the same settings-using the same coil, cannot hear a damn thing. I don't see that on the GPZ machines. They all seem to run fairly similarly from what I have seen. Well until Xcoils came along that is.
  13. If I did incorrectly plug it in, it would have been the first time ever. When I switched out the coils it was not noticeable, but it was the only thing I did differently. From my previous coil testing I had been swapping out the coils all of the time. For now I will keep an eye on it but it is running 100% for now (knock on wood). Gold Catcher, I agree, I have seen the SDC on bedrock and it is excellent at this. The main reason I got the 10" coil to try was so that I didn't have to buy a $2K SDC. Because in my mind the best combination out there is the GPZ and the SDC. But aside from having a 2" bigger coil, I believe the 10" coil is as sensitive and probably better signal processing. It would take someone like JW to do this test. I have yet to find anyone willing to do this test. My previous testing results putting the SDC against the 10" coil was only comparing depths of small size nuggets given from a friend who I meet up with on rare occasion that owns an SDC (and who is very successful with it) Now under the powerlines ... I'd be curious of that too. I can't tell you how many patches I have under or very near power lines.
  14. Very nice haul there, JW. I have not tried the 10" under the electrical lines, but the 14" handles it if you turn down the threshold. I think the greatest benefit in my mind is really being able to get into depressions a little more. And I still think it is comparable to the SDC, though I have no definite proof of that. My 1 grainer had to be chipped out of the bedrock and I almost thought it was ground noise until I got the dirt spread out. It had to be stuck up and down in the vertical schist. Same with another 0.1 grammer that I actually pulled out of the ground and it was stuck in the mud on the foliated rock slab. Originally I had trouble with this coil ringing on everything it touched, but now I believe this was just me maybe not having the coil on tight. I have used it in two other locations, now, and have not had the coil ringing/touch sensitivity that I had the first time. Live and learn I guess. Andyy
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