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  1. Firstly, I scrub the ground (because I can where I am at) Secondly, I run more conservative settings with my sensitivity down in the 5 or less, area. Everything else is pretty much like Northeast runs. What I found is that when I went back to my patches, I got nothing more until I lowered my sensitivity. When I did this, the ground noise went away and I heard deeper targets. Overall, when I switched to the ZED, I find many more smaller targets that the GPX5000 was not sensitive to get. If you have pounded areas with your larger GPX coils, don't plan on the ZED getting too much more. It all depends on your patch, I guess, and what you've already pounded it with. I *do* find the ZED more sensitive to improper handling and requires (in general) a slower sweep than the GPX. But I still love that I can get almost everything I need with this one coil. My only gripe is that the 14" coil does not fit in all the areas I want to put it. Good luck! Andy
  2. Heck, what can I say.... if it makes my machine lighter, I am all for it :) Darn - why didn't I put a patent on that ...
  3. Nope ... no metal anywhere (not even the eyelets). It's nice to know you can walk through cactus and not have them pierce the leather. Jumping Cholla are all over my neck of the woods... and the gold likes to hide where the others don't walk. There are other brands of non-metal shoes on this website as well. Search "non metallic". There are many choices. I went on the cheaper side with the Avengers. I kick rocks out of the way all day long, like I am playing rock soccer. The ceramic toe helps protect the toes.
  4. I still enjoy my Avenger 6 work boots. Not too pretty but have good thick leather so the snakes just bounce off. https://www.workbootsusa.com/avenger-7416.html
  5. I agree with the others. When starting out, I spent too much time trying to find the magical contact zones. As they said above, it is usually identified by a color change. Your circled area has a larger grey finger (probably of metamorphic rock) that I would consider a larger contact. I also would check all of those washes so long as the bedrock was not too deep. If it's deep, hop around and cherry pick. But the only way to learn is to cover a ton of ground. You *will* get over the gold.
  6. Just one more thing, I might add. Really check your lead that you find. Sometimes native copper nuggets can look a LOT like lead. It was pretty cool when a friend of mine recently showed me what I thought was a piece of lead. A small scratch on the side of it showed it to be a copper nugget. And copper travels in gold areas too. I now have to go through my bucket of lead to see if I threw in any copper nuggets. LOL. But, yes. The gold is much more fun to find. And I can tell you will be doing that soon. Good luck to ya!
  7. Wow, you are smoking on those settings. I run HY/NORMAL (and much lower sensitivity) on almost all occasions and if I do make a change, it is to General. But I never hear anything off the grass itself. Roots, yes. But not grass. I am really curious if the battery has an affect on the noise perceived through the GPZ.
  8. I agree - great to hear from Jasong, again! :) As for the extra noise, I was out in the Vulture Mtns (AZ) and there were wet weeds all over the place. A lot of targets, gold and garbage, were even rolled up in mud balls. But my Zed did not show any issue with this. In fact, the Zed, from my experience, is much better than the GPX5000 in wet ground. I have detected in mud, through permafrost, right after a rain, and it just chews it up. Perhaps it is the type of weed in your location that bothers it. If it happens with all types of weeds, it might be your machine. I hope you get it figured out.
  9. LOL. I was never keen on the legit Xterras. The Chinese versions must reeeeaaally suck.
  10. Very nice. Those babies sparkle. What did you use to clean them up?
  11. Longhn - I wish I could offer some advice, but your area looks way different than those I prospect. I like to find areas that were known for gold and then work out on the fringes. But looking at your creeks, it is very important to know where the bedrock is at, if you are considering detecting, as well as the average size of gold you are looking for. This will better determine what tools you have to use. It sounds like you are looking for small gold, so the previous VLF recommendations may be your best bet. But you still have to get to near bedrock. So you are going to have to move some rocks around the typical locations that gold hangs out (around the large boulders, widening flows, inside bends, .... etc.). Either way it sounds like an interesting treasure hunt. If anyone tells me that there isn't gold on the surface anymore, I take that as a challenge.
  12. Well, that's just how I wish I had done it. I know... I know.... your eagle sight and a straw is all you need. Some guys are just naturals.
  13. I agree whole heartedly with phrunt. As I have stated on this forum many times, I believe people new to prospecting should start with machines which can detect small gold at least down to half grain. This way you increase your chances of getting "SOMETHING" so you continue your quest of learning much longer. And the same as others, I found my largest gold less than 6" deep with my smallest coil. So yes, a Radio Shack detector could have found it. Being a good prospector, in my opinion, is only about 25% the machine and 75% your blood sweat and tears into research and covering ground. Remember, there is much more smaller gold out there. so GM1000, GB2, SDC2300 have my vote. After you have found many pcs with one of these, then move up to gpx or gpz. Andyy
  14. Very nice. I like hearing stories like that. Sad thing is, you wouldn't likely even be able to get back to that cemetery now, with all the gates and stuff. Andy
  15. What I don't like is that when you invest in stocks and ETFs that hold gold, you get get hit with a much bigger tax hit than with other stocks. Commodities are treated much differently in the markets. Mining stocks would definitely be the way to go. Yet, I would much rather just walk around and pick it up off the ground for free or for the cost of a little extra sweat and exercise. :) Andyy
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