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  1. Andyy

    GPS Recommendations?

    For overlays, and Birdsey, I use Garmin Montana. But realize they are in the very high price range. The Garmin Oregon has similar capabilities and is a little cheaper. Selling point for me was definitely the overlays and having a big screen. My small screen etrex drove me nuts .. but it was still a great gps.
  2. Andyy

    Hand Held GPS

    Being able to put my geo maps on a gps is priceless to me when I am hiking all over the place and don't know where I might end up. I used to manually make my non geo maps in google earth and then import them to the GPS. Now I just pay to do the BaseCamp. It is so much easier than trying to line up points exactly with the township boxes... (those of you that have done it, will know what I mean) Whatever GPS you get, you will likely have an attachment point. I just put this on my chest (right side) clipped to a carrbeaner. When I want to know where I am at, I flip it up to look at it and then let it go when I'm done. Easy cheesy.
  3. Andyy

    Hand Held GPS

    I'm with Steve. I have the Garmin Montana, which is like a Rolls Royce of GPS, but I really wish I had a Rino to communicate with my partner.
  4. Andyy

    Just A Squeak

    Dang, Norm. That is a crazy rough one. You must have found it not far from it's birth place. I agree with Walker. Reunite the rest of the family. There's got to be more near there.
  5. Andyy

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    When you're running the Z, you have a good idea if it's a small piece or a gnat. I use divide and conquer for the large or small pieces, but the ones that are faint, I will put dirt in the scoop and then run the coil over the ground to see if I got it. Then I will spread it out on the coil like Phoenix said, either moving it with my finger or blowing the lighter stuff away. I used to lose the really small pieces before because I didn't know how to separate the really small < .03g pieces. Now I get those little suckers every time :)
  6. Andyy

    Newbie Question

    Hey there Nuggetnewbie!! Here are some prospecting clues that I wish someone had told me..... 1) definitely mylandmatters ... 2) start with a detector that picks up the smallest gold first(there's more of it - you'll learn quicker) 3) know the depth of ground this detector works good in and dig EVERYTHING at least for your first year 4) pick shallow washes with bedrock - sort of goes with #3 5) when in known gold territory with diggings and handstacks, hot rocks (them are some clues), slow your detector to at least 3 seconds per direction keeping it level. You have to work for it by getting dirty, in the bushes, move a few inches of dirt with your shoe, and kick away rock for more depth - that gives you virgin ground. 6) and study...study... study.... and hunt hunt hunt. Enjoy your time outside, because a lot of the time, that is all you come back with :)
  7. I have a question for you, JW. Unless I am in really tight areas, I generally feel I have to use the Zed. I don't think it misses too much. Do you still find that the 10x6 is getting gold the Zed definitely left behind? Just curious. (only talking about the mild ground stuff) As a side note, I *do* notice that the Gold Monster is much louder on the small stuff where the ZED can be pretty faint. Thanks!!
  8. I've noticed he has been sticking with the 5" coil more, too. The Zed will usually find the same stuff (or close to it) as the 6x10. The 5" coil, though, will really get in places and allow you hit closer to the base of rocks. Curious if JW has found this to be the case, as well.
  9. Andyy

    Doing The Monster Mash

    JW - great read. I am always interested in going through the settings before the target is dug. It take great restraint doing this but I think it is a great for really learning the settings. Thank your for sharing. and 10x (or 11) pieces are good no matter the size. We're not there to get rich ... unless we happen to hit that monster one hiding beyond the next schist outcropping.
  10. Andyy

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    I understand everyone's view and did not mean to start anything against bears. Really, I was only attempting to add a little humor. In truth, I am not a hunter and LOVE animals. I don't even like seeing coyotes shot. But not everyone agrees because we all have our own situations and locations. In the "True Story" I spoke of, me and my buddy were hitchhiking across Alaska and in very remote areas. I would never shoot my partner. But we still get a good laugh about that conversation to this day. But I still do not underestimate what a bear can do. For instance, I was in the forest service, and when they drop you off in Alaska to fight fires, they give the Squad Boss a 12 gauge shotgun for the bear, JUST IN CASE. Not that anyone is going to go after them but if you know grizzlies, and you come upon a mother and her cubs by mistake, it'll likely be the last time. Sometimes a shot in the air may stop a bear. Plenty of situations when it hasn't. Secondly, in Wyoming's yellowstone national park, a bicyclist was attacked and killed a week after my family arrived there for vacation. It shocked us. But unfortunately it happens every year. It does not take much research to find all of the people mauled by bear who were not looking for trouble. Plenty of stories like this here in the states, in bear country. BUT... do not get me wrong. I DO NOT advocate shooting any bear, grizzly or otherwise. We are here to live with them. I carry a gun not just in Alaska but in my home areas of Arizona as well. Unfortunately, we have a lot of rabid animals and sometimes the mountain lion that are hard on their luck will stalk you. The gun is good to just scare them off. And then we have the crazy drug runners and such. I could go on and on with stories. Guns here in America are just for those JUST IN CASE situations. And honestly, I would much rather be talking about gold over guns
  11. Andyy

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    You notice there are two people and one of them has the gun. When I went backpacking Alaska with my buddy, he started razzing me saying ... "what are you doing with that gun? That .40 cal isn't going to stop a bear." I told him that he was correct, it likely would only anger the bear. But it doesn't have to stop a bear. It just had to slow *him* down. He gave me a blank white stare. True story.
  12. Andyy

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    Ever try to run a ZED with even a 14 inch coil in a mine dump area? You will be there for the rest of your life. Tight spaces and mine dumps are not the ZED's cup of tea. There are better detectors for this, for sure. That is where my VLF shines. So as Steve has said before, there is no best detector for everywhere.
  13. kind of sad. It is interesting how quickly we learn about gold once we find our first piece. If I hadn't gotten the fever, I probably wouldn't know what to look for either. Heck... I'm thinking of going back to make sure all that gold I am hoarding away isn't pyrite.... LOL
  14. Andyy

    Small Target Comparison Test

    My experience with the Sadie 8x6 coil on the GPX 5000 is that in general, you were very lucky to get anything less than .2grams even when touching it. But ... the Sadie had phenomenal depth on everything larger in size. It really amazed me in this respect. So it definitely still has a place.
  15. Andyy

    New Gold Monster Headphones Coming Out

    Tried those adapters along with many other types and they wouldn't work (on Black Widows or Sun Rays). I know a lot of people who tried and failed as well. Then I ended up running into a guy on the other forums who finally made an adapter that worked. Now I can just use my one set of headphones. Still not sure what Minelab was thinking when they came out with a different jack.