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  1. I took a torch and cut both sides off on mine. That guy you(Jin) saw stole my idea.
  2. As Fred and Reno said, test some of the soil. Easiest way is to pan some or with a small recycling highbanker.
  3. Fortunately, the only coins of any value I've found were a half a dozen gold coins and they cleaned up just fine under a stream of water in the kitchen sink(no brushing). As all but one are EF or AU, any future cleaning will not be done by me. As a side note, I found a really nice 1898 Indian Head penny once. In the field it looked like it was not worn at all. I cleaned it up in the kitchen sink with a soft brush and dish soap. When done, I could not even read the date any more!! The dish soap had taken all the surface off! Who would have thought that would happen? Never again......
  4. Nice finds kac. Just looked at one of those III cent pieces I have close by. It is 1851. Have another that I think is 1861 Probably brought from your area during the gold rush.
  5. I bought a couple of those kits for my(and my sons) Gold Bug 2. A quick switchover and now fits in a backpack better.
  6. Oldmancoyote1......., you didn't say if you found any gold for your effort.... but, if you did you probably wouldn't be asking the questions. If you didn't find any, I'd be looking for easier gold. I wouldn't be moving yards of overburden hoping for gold on the bedrock. You might start where the bedrock is exposed and work towards the center of the stream on the bedrock. Maybe a couple feet wide until you have convinced yourself you need to find another area. Remember, gold is not usually evenly distributed throughout the stream. Sometimes only on one side or in the middle. You are sure that your recovery system is working... right?
  7. I think this is what they call "prospecting"..... How have you tested the top layers? Have you ran a half cubic yard through your box or just done sample pans? Do you have any indication of how far it is to bedrock? If it is more than a couple feet, you got a lot of work ahead of you! What makes you think you "may" have found the right spot in the first place? It doesn't sound like you know what is on bedrock..... More info and we might be able to help you better
  8. Flowdog, that was not the term I had heard. But thanks to everyone for the information. I made a call to BLM in Sacramento and they gave me this procedure.... First off, this is an association claim which requires 4 individuals. They said to remove the person that died with a Death Certificate and a letter from the surviving spouse stating that she is the sole heir to his estate. Then quitclaim her interest to both of my sons. They said they do not go by "percentage" of interest but by the number of individuals on the claim. In the end, I have 4 names on the claim.
  9. I don't believe there is an estate for the deceased husband. I think the surviving spouse takes ownership of everything. At least that is what I've seen happen. ?? I think there is a "term" for that but I don't know what it is.
  10. In my case, a husband and wife were on an association claim with me. The husband died and the wife wants out. She wants to give their interest to two of my sons. I guess we could do a Grant Deed but I thought you used Quitclaim deeds on claims?
  11. Has anyone come across a good quitclaim deed for transferring ownership of mining claims? This would be for California. Tons of forms on internet but was wondering if anyone found a specific one that worked great. Thanks.
  12. You are right about nothing being in the lower 8" or so. When I got my second LeTrap, the first thing I did was cut off the lower section. On the full length one, just before I got ready to empty it, I would flush out the bottom 4 riffles. That much less to pan.
  13. Not fun vacuuming up a broken glass vial of gold off the tile floor at home either!!
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