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  1. Not all are like that. I sold several ounces of rings and got 90% of spot. That seems fair doesn't it? No stones involved.
  2. LipCa

    Confused Reader

    I hardly open anything in the various detector brands unless there might be something in the Fisher brand. If there is a found item or a hunt , post it in this category and let Steve move it!
  3. Both of my parents used the old coinmaster and I don't think they left many nickels. They would come back with a pouch full of pull tabs and bottle tops every time. They dug everything. My aunt did the same thing. Maybe there wasn't that much discrimination going on?
  4. Just use the "tap" method to get all your gold(and shot) to one side of the pan then roll the shot out with your finger. I do it all the time.
  5. LipCa

    Detecting Along Gold Mint Trail

    Can't get your pic to open Steve
  6. http://noamberg.com/blog/2011/02/bicycle-bell-thoughts/
  7. LipCa

    It Paid Off To Knock On A Few Doors

    Nice finds... (couldn't have been much of a lawn with that hole!)
  8. LipCa

    Atx? Yes Or No.

    You might check and see if your connection, coil to machine is tight. Sometimes that will cause goofy problems. I've found mine will work loose occasionally. You do have an adjustment on your threshold...... should be able to adjust it until sounds good.
  9. I was detecting at Pismo one day and I hear this giggling above me...... looked up to see a couple teens throwing pennies ahead of me.
  10. Anyone who has Ray's book knows it has a chapter on the GB Pro....
  11. They found the ship, not the gold as your heading to the thread says. Maybe it will be there.... make a good story.....
  12. LipCa

    Gpaa Claims Vs. Blm Land

    What will you be swinging?
  13. LipCa

    Newbie Question

    Since you are new to detecting and are heading to a park, you might ask here about some advice on digging signals in public parks. I know you'll get some.
  14. Yep, most likely at the mint.
  15. Only way that could happen would be if another dime was pressed into that dime.... another dime left in your hole?