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  1. You are right about nothing being in the lower 8" or so. When I got my second LeTrap, the first thing I did was cut off the lower section. On the full length one, just before I got ready to empty it, I would flush out the bottom 4 riffles. That much less to pan.
  2. Not fun vacuuming up a broken glass vial of gold off the tile floor at home either!!
  3. this link might help.... http://new49ers.x10host.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=93
  4. A link to Texas State Park regulations: https://tpwd.texas.gov/publications/pwdpubs/media/pwd_br_p4000_0000a.pdf You will notice that metal detection is not allowed without a permit
  5. I have to assume you are saying that it is to weak to power a 5" dredge.... That setup certainly ran my 4" good.
  6. If you know that it is a cache of gold coins that you are looking for, I'd get a two box detector, If you are up against foundations, walls, etc., use the 3030
  7. Why wasn't it tapped it and plugged when Keene built it? I think I've had Keene pumps that were drilled and tapped?
  8. Sounds like you certainly have the background for the book! Those old timers are sure great to know, aren't they? Thanks for sharing that info. I think I panned my first gold in the mid 1950's (almost an "old timer"!!) Be looking for the book. My wife and I "self published" several family books through DiggyPod. Quite easy to do.
  9. Sounds interesting..... Sounds like some know you. Might I ask what your background is? How many years detecting? Probably have that info in your book but thought I would ask...
  10. Thanks GB. The reason I ask, is that I have a new 7" x 11' coil that came with my GBDP that I will give the fella if he gets the F19 (to supplement his 5" x 10")
  11. I guess they would be considered a relic? grin
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