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  1. My thoughts on the deus 2 v Equinox 800 v Deus 1 lets look at the pros and cons?. Deus 1 Equinox 800 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 1- not as good in iron unmasking 2-Good depth on targets in open ground 2- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 3- not so good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 5- can de dial in to most conditions 6- poor in the wet sand 6- excellent on the wet sand Deus 2 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 2-- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 6- excellent on the wet sand I Have been watching all the you tube videos on the Deus 2 all against the equinox, fair battle, But we all know that the Deus 1 is far better in the unmasking in iron than the knox, as will be the Deus 2, so not comparing apples to apples really ? I have a Deus 1 and it will hit all the tests put up on you tube in the iron unmasking tests with the Deus 2, And i seen the test on depth put up in the UK soil, not a fair test as they used field 1, field 2 and park 2 are deeper seeking, but the nox still kept up with the Deus 2 , then they used relic mode and gained the advantage, the nox would have done the same in gold mode, So here is my thinking if you own a deus 1 . why spend £1400 on a deus 2 just buy a second hand nox 800 as i expect the prices will drop when the deus 2 is available, you have all the benefits of the deus 2 and a back up detector, Or if you own a Eqinox just buy a second hand deus 1 as the prices have come down already, or if you want all the advantages of the Deus 1 and the equinox 800 in one package get the deus 2. Just my thought on this
  2. I posted this on another site, but would like to hear more opinions. Like the title says, which is better for general coin /jewelry hunting in Parks, Ballfields, Playgrounds, School yards, etc., Deus or ORX? I know that the main problem with either is probably all the aluminum trash found today in those kinds of sites, and that most hunters probably wouldn't choose either one for that activity. Don't really want to hear about other, "better", units for hunting those sites, just which would be best between these two? Anxious to hear the opinions, and how you came to that conclusion...
  3. Just a reminder that the original Deus, XP ORX, and now Deus II, all use different wireless headphone options, and they are not interchangeable. So be careful what you buy, especially if buying used. Make sure you are getting what you really wanted. Click or double click for much larger version:
  4. Wow. There was always a market for used Deus & ORX detectors for sure, and some prices made me think to want one, but since yesterday, I think when the Deus II news arrived even the last Deus users, there are so many new offerings for money I'D only pay for a brand new one with some goodies included. Think there will be a drastic price drop in the future. Hopefully the Deus II will have no glitches or issues like some other brands/models had in the past. So time will tell....
  5. I had a nice little surprise this afternoon. Our club meeting was this afternoon and I thought I’d go hunt for a while before the meeting. I was glad I did. Nothing great but anything thing civil war left there are few and far between. I took the Deus and was using g Max then switching to 6 deep to check the target so nothing fancy just factory settings. There’s a lot of trash as you’d expect in a park. I was just playing but trying to learn if I could get any tell that would help in the decision to dig or not. This particular target sounded not bad but very similar to a lot of the other targets. However this time the line in the graph was better. I said to myself hmmm better check this out. Out popped a three ringer! I’m pretty sure this target had been hit before but nobody dug it. Just a little extra info caused me to investigate and recover another mini from the 1861 battle here.
  6. Today I was invited by a friend for an outing on a 1st WW hospital in a plowed field. After a few weeks testing the Apex , I decided to use my trusty XP Deus WS4 , this time with a brand new elliptical 9X5 HF coil instead of the 9 HF round coil that I have been using since several years now ... Normally this elliptical coil is more designed for searching very small targets in the high iron trash and !I was curious to see how it will work for mili hunting ... Long story short , I spent around 2 hours in the field and I found 8 1st WW buttons , German and French including a very nice French Marine button with an anchor. Very happy with these finds 🙂 😹, it is unusual to find so many buttons during an outing here ... The 9 elliptical HF coil is excellent , it has a very good ground coverage because of its length and it is very easy to pinpoint the targets because of its narrow size. May be it is not the most powerful for depth but this has no real importance in a plowed field where the targets are mostly near the surface. This little coil is really a beast for field hunting , for me it is even better than the round HF coil and I wonder why I have never tried it before ... As usual the Deus audio is perfect , the iron filtering is great and the signals on targets are excellent . Definitely the best machine I have ever used for plowed field hunting 👍 ... My settings were DEUS FAST nr 3 factory mode , 14khz , 5 tones A few 1st WW buttons ... : The trash : The Deus WS4 wireless headphones , the elliptical 9X5 HF and the round 9 HF :
  7. thanks very welcome..need hammrered pennys settings
  8. Question regarding ground balance please, Reading the DEUS manual, it appears to ground balance in two different ways depending on what mode you are in, Goldfield (or all metal) says it is an exact ground balance point that matches the ground phase. In the discrimination modes it says that all the ground numbers are rejected below the setting. It almost sounds like the ground balance in the motion modes are like the discrimination setting but for the ground region of the scale. Am I right thinking this? and how many different methods are there to achieving ground balance? Thanks.
  9. I got a place that has deep coins. I've found a lot there with the Equinox with a lot of them 9 plus inches deep. I'm hoping there are some a little deeper that I've missed with the 11 coil on the Equinox that the 13 deus might pick up...any ways just playing to see what might show up. Also will have the Equinox with me to play with. I've found all the other coins with the recovery speed on 7 and thinking about slowing it down to see what might happen. Like I said, just playing around to see if I can possibly get an older deeper coin. HH!
  10. I’m having huge interference from the Quest using it with both XP models .Changing frequency doesn’t help .It is quiet with the Nox .Any help is welcomed . Also here in Canada having good success with G’s Sonar programme on the Deus ,though one needs to be vigilant with crown caps as they ring high tone .Pull tabs barely make high tone so are mostly recognizable , at least for me in my conditions .
  11. The XP Orx has been taking quite a bit of heat on this XP detector forum lately. Indirectly, the same can be said for the XP Deus. All I want to say here is that no one detector can do it all the best in all detecting situations. All VLF detectors including the Deus and the Orx are a compromise between speed and depth, accurate numerical target ID and accurate tone ID, simultaneous multi frequency and single or selectable single frequency, waterproof or not, great ergonomics and ergonomics better suited for a bionic human. Personally, I would not go on a relic hunt without a Deus or Orx. The same goes for a gold prospecting trip. I know some people (I am not yet one of them) that are absolute masters with a Deus in aluminum trashed parks when coin and jewelry hunting. All in all, one of these two XP detectors are tools I will never be totally without. I have struggled with them, had some of my best and worst detecting experiences with them, sold several of them saying "never again" only to buy another after realizing what I was missing.......... Using them in the best ways that suit my hunting style and for my hunting situations, while knowing and accepting their great qualities and limitations has been the key to making them work for me when I need them the most.
  12. I’d have to say the Orx has been a successful venture for XP. But what comes next? Their R&D must be working on a next generation detector, so what direction do you think they will go? An incremental change in existing technology or a whole new direction? I haven’t a clue but I’m interested in what others think might be coming in the future, although right now I’m sure their focus is on getting their stock replenished after COVID
  13. Question: Does anyone else have a problem with the ws5 headphones battery going dead while they're turned off? They are updated to 5.21...twice !! Could it be the headphones have a problem or is it the battery? It's certainly not normal. Thanks!
  14. Special thanks to Calabash digger for his reasearch on the pitch mode being good in iron , and His heads up on keeping the silencer at -1 so the target does not get masked in iron . well i used the pitch mode on the DEUS and kept the silencer @ -1 and it came thru for me , Got a good hit on many non ferrous targets today and some right next to iron . i was using the full tones but when i seen Calabash diggers VDs on the pitch mode i had to try that and it has proven to work very well the VDI on this target was 49 and 50 right where a 22 casing comes in or some foils . glad i dug it
  15. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the arm cuff wider. I don't remember the orx being this tight. I don't have large forearms so I know there's guys having the same problem. Thanks!
  16. Heading to low country in South Carolina looking for good custom programs to pick out those rev war buttons.
  17. Jan 29, 2021 by Relics & Rings - Quick video for those who are interested in setting up the Deus for gold nugget hunting.
  18. I have a standard Deus with the 9.5 and 9 inch HF coils. There is gold in our area, though the pieces are generally quite small, under 1/10th of a gram for sure. Anyone have any experience or advice on hunting gold with the Deus? Most of our gold is in big rocks and cobble as well so it's hard to work around them and get the depth we need. Your thoughts? Thanks Brett
  19. Hey guys, I'm gonna geek out on this debriefing report 🙂 A couple of friends were down in my area of CA @ early November to do some beach hunting. At the conclusion of their stay, one was kind enough to loan me his Deus for a few weeks. Which I will ship back to him when done. Over the years I've heard how this is supposed to be the "cat's meow" in nail/iron-riddled sites. But never had my hands on one personally. I've always just reached for my Tesoro Bandito in such situations. Which, as you know, is wimpy on depth, has no TID, etc. Then a fellow I know gave me an hour's tutorial over the phone from Virginia a few days ago. Walked me through all the settings, pros/cons, etc.... Last night I was able to take it on a maiden test voyage to a certain adobe site. An "adobe site" in CA, is our version of what the east coast guys would probably call a "cellar hole" site. This site was the adobe home of a Mexican land grant recipient. Granted in the early 1830s. Although the dude might already have homesteaded the place earlier. This is just his formal grant date. And since this was on the road between 2 mission era towns, it was a stopping spot in those days. Ie.: hospitality to travelers, did trading, etc.... Today is nothing but a faint rectangle outline of adobe melt in a hilly cow pasture area. After the gold rush and statehood, this was one of a myriad of the 800-ish land grants in CA, that just got taken over by the incoming settlers. Either via bought out, or legal maneuvers , etc.... And apparently by the 1860s, was abandoned. The *newest* coin we ever found there, was an 1860s IH. When we first researched it in about 1995, it was SO thick with targets, that we literally went into park mindset. Eg.: going high disc, avoiding iron-ridden patches, and not bothering to dig anything that didn't ring the bells of Notre Dame. Just so many targets to choose from. I filled a box with 10 or 20 lbs with green copper, endless cool doohickeys (mankiller balls, gun parts, endless henry shells, lantern parts, buttons, etc....). All told we've pulled about 20 to 25 period coins from here. Many reales, many early seateds, etc.... And perhaps 15 phoenix buttons. By the early 2000s, all the "easy gimmees" were picked off. Leaving only the thicker iron zones to get more stuff. Because go figure, when we started in 1995-ish, it was machines like XLT, 6000 Di pro, Whites Eagle, and Fisher CZ6. None of which are known for ability in heavy iron. Then eventually using creative arsenals to see through the iron, we got to where even the iron zone was getting stingy. So today, the site is nothing more than a test zone. For testing machines for their iron-see-through ability. Such that .... even if you only got some more camp lead or copper snippets you KNOW that your machine or method you're testing is competitive. Ie.: a sport-unto-itself JUST to eek some more conductors from there (even if they're not turning out to be coins ). Thus this was the perfect test site for the Deus . Started with the "basic" (#1) pre-set program, and modified from there. Assume the basic pre-sets, unless listed here : 1) Disc : negative 1 2) Full tones 3) sens : 90 4) Frequency : 17.6 5) Iron volume : 1 6) Reactivity : 4 7) Target volume 5 8) Audio overload : 0 9) GB (ground balance): 85 10) contrast : 10 The results were astounding : 16 conductive targets. See the pix. And as you can see, several of them *could* have been coins. I especially like the lock-dust cover. That was deep ! Of course , since I'm just learning, I got fooled by cast-iron. There is a different sound, but nagging doubts sent me to dig a few "just to be sure". More than I would have been fooled by the explorer, yet more conductive targets that the Explorer would have found last night. And the ratio actually wasn't that punishing. Like if I got 16 conductors, I don't think I got more than 5 or 6 iron . And for several of those conductors, there was utterly no doubt. So theoretically I could have been more picky, and dug zero iron. But it's a trade off , since some targets could be fighting masking. Hope y'all enjoyed the report. Looks like I'll be looking to buy one of these, as soon as this loaner period is over 🙂
  20. ⁉️ Which one is better? Has anyone done a comparison test between the two coils for a jewelry hunt in the water? (freshwater or land) Both are able to use the same frequency. 28 kHz is very good for detecting gold. When I hunt in the water it is a very useful feature of target ID normalization. On the of LF coil, this was a big advantage. I set the gold range, so I only dug out the signals that belong to it. The HF 9" coil is great, but when I increase the frequency the VDI changes, getting higher and higher. The upper range will become narrower. This makes it difficult to decide whether to dig or not. Let's look at an example. A 1.5 g 14K wedding ring is the test object. HF 9 "coil at 14 kHz = ID 50, 28 kHz = ID 65, 56 kHz = ID 79. X35 11 "coil 11.3 kHz = ID 54, 16.4 kHz = ID 54, 25.4 kHz = ID 54! If I use frequency offset these numbers will change a bit. The general opinion of many people is that the HF coil is the best. I'm not so sure about that. I looked at this idea in terms of the gold jewelry hunt.
  21. I was showing my orx and deus lite to a friend and he wanted to buy the orx so I sold it and bought the deus controller. He loves the orx (so did I) and now I'm really liking the deus. I've been using 5-G-MAXX and checking each target with 6-DEEP (xy screen)to see the correlation between the two on targets. It takes very little effort to switch back and forth and I think I'm starting to see the difference between good targets and bad ones.(after a LOT of digging) I say lot of digging but I've only been out with it twice. Anyways, after hitting the signal I knew it wasn't a coin but the XY screen said better investigate...glad I did. My first Civil War spur. I think the extra info you get really helps with the dig or not dig decisions we all have to make. Just some thoughts so far using my Deus. Any advice appreciated! Thanks! Tom
  22. I have been forcing my self to use my Deus more here lately. I am finding that I like the Deus very much. For the most part I am using Gold Maxx and deus fast. I have a custom deep program I use as well. What I am getting at is i am not really using as many of the programs and settings. I fiddle between 2 for the most part and some times 3. And that is Deus fast and either gold Maxx or the deep Custom one I made. I have been thinking of selling either my Deus remote set up and keeping the ORX or selling the ORX remote set up. I like the ORX for the large easy to see screen and iron probability bar. Plus I only fiddle with the coin programs anyway. I actually favor the ORX to tell you the truth. They are slightly different animals. And each has their own strong points. But target and depth between the 2 are equal. Who else has the same delima??
  23. Hello, i was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the xp phone app, i heard it would be out in 2019?
  24. I just put together a deus lite and I'm needing some input on what works good to set up wireless headphones with it. Thanks!
  25. Looking at Uber expensive detectors. As we all know White's is on the way out and the V3i will not be available long. This may be the last chance to get hands on a factory new unit. In light of that it has crossed my mind to get one as a historical investment. Now with all that out of the way, we know it is heavy and that it loves batteries but can use Ni-MH batteries in the pack. Weight, nothing we can do about that. My mind is more about the longevity of the V3i, is it a very durable detector? I know all about the multitude of settings, and that is one thing that draws me to it. A Tinkerer's dream, more like a computer than a detector. Bottom line, is it worth the price? XP Deus. Had an ORX a while and loved the weight and ease of use. Hated the wireless headphones and they dug into my ear but I tell ya when it is hot weather that would sure be better on you. The ORX was somewhat crippled compared in settings, only giving 3 tone audio. It also had higher frequencies than the X35 coils do. The model I am looking at is the one with WS4 headphones and 9" round X35 coil. Between those 2, which is worth the bucks?? Thanks Rob
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