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First The Bone-phones And Now The Headphones.. More Deus II Failures..

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Try find it at a UK dealer, UK generally has cheap shipping and their shipping is Royal Mail shipping is super fast, not like that USPS rubbish that can take months.

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Back when I got it there was just the one supplier. Not the case now. Google:

XP DEUS 2 Remote Control Headphone Jack Adapter Part Number D2-RC1-G0-002

It is a genuine XP part, and any XP dealer should be able to at least order it for you. And surely somebody can put it in a small padded envelope for shipping, not some ridiculous oversized parcel. The thing can weigh a ounce or two at most.

XP DEUS 2 Remote Control Headphone Jack Adapter

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On 6/22/2022 at 11:35 AM, Jeff McClendon said:

The two mini USB connectors on the 3 way cable and the cable for use with the WS6 puck are the same size and type = Mini USB. The difference is the actual exposed lengths of the connectors. The connector on the single lead is definitely a bit longer.........so I am not sure where the USB B and C reference is coming from. The connectors will both fit well in the WS6 port.

Where the confusion is for me (or XP may need a different English language translator/proofreader) is what is printed in the manual and the included Erratum single sheet that came with my Deus 2. The Erratum pages shows using the single lead cable for charging and data update of the WS6 as opposed to the manual showing updating the WS6 with the single lead cable on page 30 and charging the WS6 with the 3-way cable on page 38.

Deus 1s used the 3 way cable for charging the RC and the WS4. The single lead cable was for data update of the RC but I used it for charging it too.

So, who knows.........I have charged my WS6 with the 3 way and the single lead and they both seem to work fine for just charging the WS6.


You’re spot on Jeff.  Going from memory, I thought it was clearly stated in the manual that the puck could be charged with either cable (three way or single), but to update you could only use the single cable.  I think the erratum was just making it known that you could use the single cable not just to update but that it could also be used as a charging cable. BTW, both of the cables fit snugly in the port on the puck and I haven’t had a single issue with the puck not pairing with the remote when I turn it on.  Knock on wood.  Lol!  I did have a problem with pairing after doing one of the updates, but once I paired it manually all was fine.  

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On 6/21/2022 at 5:58 PM, midalake said:

That is not the decibel rating I am talking about. I am referring to the ability of the headphones to keep out EXTERNAL ambient noise. None of the headphones you listed have that ability. 

BTW, a good rating is around -28dB. 

SO IMPORTANT, to keep external noise out while beach hunting! 

Sony makes the best noise cancelling headphones....no not for water hunting but wet sand yes!!! 

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