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Whites Spp Coil Question


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In your last photo (shows up better in that one), above the variable capacitor(?) on the left edge there is an integrated circuit(?).  To the right of it is an empty socket.  There is another one on this circuit board as well which I don't see in the photos.

The Sierra Pulse Pro (SPP), also called the Sierra Super Pulse (SSP), also called the GMT Super pulse, doesn't have either the conductivity switch nor the pulse delay adjustment pot that's on the SL model.  That is why those two sockets are empty.  AFAIK (others here are more knowledgeable), the circuit board itself is the same.

BTW, you will notice in your first photo that the detector nameplate is a paper stick-on label.  If you peel that off, the chassis box has the GMT Super Pulse name decal, an address and company in the United Arab Emerites (UAE), etc.  This detector was intended exclusively for the African market but failed to catch on there.  Jimmy Sierra bought out Whites's inventory, overlayed the new name, and sold them excusively in the Western USA.

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The exact same PCB was used in all those TDI variants. I don't recall if the software was modified for a fixed pulse delay or if it naturally defaulted to 10us. Plug in a pot and see what happens.

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