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So The Beach Hunts Start Again

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So, my beach season officially starts again. My first hunt after Labor Day and I couldn’t wait to get out there. A friend text me pictures of silver he just found, and I think I surprised him by walking out on the beach to see them. 😄 He thought I was 2 hours away and didn't know I was going detecting that day. Because he found silver rather shallow at 6-8”, I decided to take the Equinox out and see how midalake’s settings worked out. It took a while to get used to it and I did get a couple nonferrous that read negative numbers, but none were quality targets. I ended up changing the recovery speed to 4 which is what I am used to. Thanks midalake for posting those settings. So, how did the Equinox do???  Well, the Equinox did not exactly hit gold, but it did get me close enough to glance to my left while digging another target and spot a gold hoop earring sitting right on top of the sand. 😍There was some pushing up of targets from the ocean recently and that was exposed. Along with that, I found a silver quarter and a sterling religious medal. A decent amount of clad as well and a greatly reduced amount of junk targets. Not too shabby for 3 ½  hours. I then switched to the GPX and dug my heart out. A lot more clad, more junk, but also a Buffalo nickel and another silver quarter. All in all, it was nice to get back to digging at the beach!





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2 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

Always an impressive display of finds. 👍

Thanks. Can junk be considered eye candy?? 😄

1 hour ago, geof_junk said:

DITTO.    👍

I was actually a bit surprised that this beach had so many quarters within range of most machines. Are people just digging gold signals now and not bothering with clad?  This is a very popular beach to hunt, so I'm a bit shocked there were so many coin targets there.

1 minute ago, midalake said:

Nice Digs!   That is a big gold hoop. I know you eyeballed it, but did you sweep the nox over it?  Bet it could near it! 

I did run it under the coil, and it read a solid 1 on the Nox. It's big, but hollow. I just weighed it and actually added some coins to make sure it could read the weight correctly. It weighs 1 gram.I'll take a free gift like that any day 🤗

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Good to have you back at it, and before it gets below freezing (which doesn't stop you, I realize).  What is top left in the Eqx 800 trash photo, a meteorite?  :biggrin:

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1 minute ago, GB_Amateur said:

Good to have you back at it, and before it gets below freezing (which doesn't stop you, I realize).  What is top left in the Eqx 800 trash photo, a meteorite?  :biggrin:

Not afraid of some cold.... well maybe a little bit 🥶 I really do hate cold. I'd do heat over cold any day. They're predicting a cold winter up here, so maybe I'll miss a couple of hunts, especially late January into February. Yes that is a meteor.... do you want to purchase it? 🤥 I find those pieces a lot and they are iron but barely have any iron left in them. They read rather weak and sound like deep coins. They may be parts of some old, broken drainage pipes or some kind of sand retention pieces. Fairly thick.

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Glad to see you back out there again as it is always nice to see all that you dig.

Good luck on your next outing and may the gold gods be with you.

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Beach hunt #2 is done. I was #7 detectorist when I entered the beach. Apparently, this beach is producing, and the locals know it.  So, I wandered over to an area that was good to me before and far enough away from the others to not get the old stink eye. It was a slow day for the first hour or so, mostly junk and some clad. Eventually I found an area that I could follow for a while. My luck changed when I found my first silver ring. But what I didn’t expect was to find 2 more within 3 feet of each other. That renewed my energy and was rewarded with another silver ring about 20 feet away. Clad was everywhere and no matter how hard I tried or how deep I dug, there were no silver coins to be found. Eventually I stumbled on to what I though was a nice, old style gold ring with diamonds. Then another golden tiny ring appeared. Both were heart breakers. No gold for me. I did manage to get two (well almost 2) Buffalo nickels. The beach can wear down coins to be much smaller than they were when minted. I call that one my penny Buffalo nickel.  The nicer Buffalo was found inside the clay…. Yep, don’t let anyone tell you that there are no signals inside the clay layer. Not many, but sometimes clay layers shift and trap targets inside them. So, all in all, it was a normal high target hunt. Lots of junk but lots of coins as well. Looking forward to next week’s hunt.






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