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On 1/23/2023 at 6:00 PM, Jeff McClendon said:

The 2 Euro reads 42/43 on my Nox 900. The 2 Euro is 75% nickel.

A 2 euro piece always sounds good on the Legend. But they should have included a 1, 2  or 5 eurocent piece. Those are very difficult to call.

But otherwise, I see a confirmation that my legend is a great machine. I cannot compare it to the other ones, I only have a legend. What I must say in defence for the Minelab detectors is that their interface is very neat and organised. Especially the manticore. But then again, it's a machine that costs 3x what a legend does.

By the way, the bottle cap rejection on the legend is still in beta testing. So perhaps this test should be done again once the update is final?

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