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Snacks For Detecting Or Gold Hunting

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When I go out to do some serious detecting or panning for gold I always get a little hungry and grab the old jerky.

I would like to see if anyone else does this and if so share your recipes so others might like it.

I will pick up a nice ribeye and have it sliced about an 1/8 inch thick and smoke it for a few minutes on the grill.

Then I will marinade it in a teriyaki sauce from my local restaurant over night. They have the best Chinese food around.

Then place into the dehydrator and leave until done.

I found this to be really good and fast with friends eating most of it.

Remember to have plenty of water along to stay hydrated. 

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During the winter months I make steelhead jerky in my smokehouse. And during the summer and fall months I do the same with ocean and river caught chinook salmon.Not politically correct to say but it's an old-time recipe called squaw candy.Other than that smoked oysters and sardines.

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26 minutes ago, Reg Wilson said:

The result is that Australians are fast becoming as obese as Americans, plus the packaging from this rubbish now litters our highways.

So what you are saying is that the people down there like it so much they are eating more than they should, and they don't have manners to put their waste in a proper container.

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The problem is that idiots outbreed those with a modicum of intelligence and are easily influenced by the avalanche of the worst of America (moronic television programs and junk food). We are becoming just an extra state of the USA and a puppet country that does what Uncle Sam dictates. Having been to America I have seen some of the poorer areas that are third world, with trash everywhere.

As an example we loyally follow the USA into each unjust and unwinnable war that our master commands, which other countries are smart enough to avoid. 

There are some great intelligent people in America that have contributed to world betterment, but don't kid yourself, there is a dark and dangerous, not very smart aspect as well, that the less intelligent of Australians identify with. We have perhaps more that our share of idiots here.

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