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  1. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    Highest respect for you Steve. Tim.
  2. New Member

    Welcome BH!!
  3. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    Wow. That is huge!! "The Detector that is worth the wait" ;)
  4. Highly Mineralized Ground

    Steve, you can probably disregard the pm I just sent now that I read this thread..lol. great info!! Thank you.
  5. A Late Fall Day Of Detecting

    Whoa!! That is AWESOME!! Congratulations TNSS!!
  6. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    All my comments are well deserved. And the above quote begs the question/suggestion.... "Steve Herschbach Detecting Bootcamp". Just putting it out there. and sign me up for every session. Tim.
  7. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    Involved or not involved... I, for one, will never accuse you of being biased. You have addressed all the questions I have had on various makes and models of machines with honesty, tact and professionalism. You may point out the limitations of a machine in your experiences, but you also point out the advantages. I appreciate that, I know others do as well. I also know that successful detecting is your priority, no matter what machine gives you that edge, and you wouldn't be selling your other machines if you thought there was slightest advantage to you while hunting by keeping them. I am sure you weren't looking for accolades, or an amateur detector such as myself to step up and defend your honor... but here I am anyway. Your insights on the forum and detailed responses to even my most inane questions make my detecting experience better... everyday. so thanks Steve. Tim.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome JCM, This is a great place for information and discussion, best detecting forum on the web in my opinion. Glad you can join us. Tim.
  9. Who's Buying The 600?

    E800 out of the gate for me. No question. And then maybe a future E600 as my backup machine. It is like 2 for 1 when considering the previous Minelab price points (Etrac/CTX). Tim
  10. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    The other thing that occurred to me when reading through your post again, is that I need to stop thinking in tems of the minelab grid, a la Explorer, Etrac and CTX.. this is more linear in its target id.. or a meter. So the adjustable tones are divided by sections of the linear (albeit portrayed in an arch) meter, as opposed to bins. Boy am I looking forward to this machine!
  11. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    Ah, I see. That's very cool! I understand what you're saying about the lower price model appealing to a lot of people. The apparent functionality and technology that you can get in the 600 seems to be unparalleled at that price point. My only comment is the difference in price between the mid-level, and the flagship model have never been so close. And yes, 800 for this guy all the way too :-)
  12. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    At the price break between the two, I would be very surprised if the pre-sales for the 600 are anywhere near the 800... but for those that may be waiting for the 800 to become available after the backlog of pre-orders... the 600 sitting on the shelf might be very appealing. So Steve, reading through your description of the adjustable tone breaks... it sounds similar in concept to the CTX tone bins (5 bins... 4 non ferrous and one ferrous) for the 800... am I thinking about that correctly, or should I read through your post again.. I know that one criticism of the CTX was the need for an additional (or a few additional) tone bins... so interesting that Minelab has stayed with the 5 or 50 stance. But I may be way off base in that comment... Tim.
  13. Vaq Black

    Had about 30 minutes at lunch today, decided to hit a quick and close tot lot. $0.14 in clad, a Tow Mater toy car (not pictured), and my Vaquero's first gold! A child's 10k ring. Came in like a wadded up gum wrapper (of which I have many in my pocket as well). Not sure my Minelabs would have picked this little guy up (will do some testing when I get a chance at home). Viva Vaquero. Hopefully the first of many gold finds. HH. Tim.
  14. Recent Encounter

    I have known this is the best opportunity for finding old coins now that all the public areas have been scoured by every detectorist and machine out there... more than once. I'm not sure what makes walking up and having a conversation with a home owner so difficult. But this thread lights the fire under my seat... I have targeted several properties around my neighborhood that are 1900 - 1920 homes... which should be prime locations for some nice older coins or relics. I would be interested to hear how the rest of you do going forward by knocking on a few doors... permission success rate and finds. I'll post the same... Tim.