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  1. Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    Awesome Awesome Awesome STEVE!! That is just incredible!! And thanks for the detailed write-up of your hunt. I can hear the excitement you were/are feeling in your words. 1864?!?!?! wow. I also love the history you shared with the homeowner. Happy for your Steve! Tim.
  2. Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Yes, it was angled, maybe at about a 45 degree... I pinpointed it about 3-4 inches off center, that is probably why.
  3. Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Thanks for the response Tom, Just today I found a similar odd id target. I was sweeping a park that has been refreshed since I got the Equinox 600. I was focusing on digging mid-tones since I had already been over this area with the Equinox... so basically my intent was to clean the ground a little and see if anything interesting popped up. About 10 steps into the park, I get this 14-15-16 tone but every once in a while it peeps a 27-28... I even got a few 37-38's in my multiple sweeps, but it was repeating in the mid teens. I got some modulation with the pinpointer, so I knew it was probably 4+"... and fully expected to pull a bent rust nail. Low and behold, off center in the hole, at about 6"... a '52 Rosie. So I agree, it is very interesting what the ground/other target conditions can play on the ID's. I did resweeps the hole, and it was silent, but then, there could have been iron nearby that I was then disc'ing out after breaking up the halo by digging. But, it gave me a solid enough tone to investigate... and that is what I am enjoying with the Equinox. Thanks for your info above, more relevant data for the 'ol computer between my ears. ;) Tim.
  4. Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Outstanding Tom!!! Interesting that you are running IB 3. And did those Indians come in using your custom settings, or were they below 22? Tim.
  5. I have 5 kids too, but mine are from 10 - 16. Total age of 60. Which is about how old I feel most days. ;) Tim
  6. Wheat Penny Respect

    That makes sense.
  7. Wheat Penny Respect

    Those wheats are in great shape Bryan. It is rare I find one is as good condition as any of those in my area. I found two wheats yesterday that I could only decipher the 'x94x" on one and the "1x5x " on the other. I'm with you though. Yes, wheats are a good indicator for other possible finds, but they are great coins in their own right :). Good post!! :) Tim
  8. Little Nox Action Today

    I'm in the same boat CC. I get so excited hearing a nice mellow repeatable deep tone, that I dig into the ground before testing in other modes. I am using your note as a reminder to check all the parks and fields on the next few potential old targets. :) My finds have mostly been in Park 1... I feel like I am in the minority with all the reports of finds in Park 2 and Field 2. ;) Tim.
  9. Little Nox Action Today

    Nice TNSS!! Wow!!. You have it all covered.. wheats and buffalos and indians and mercs and war nicks... I can only dream of a site as chock full as that. Very impressive. Tim
  10. A Couple Firsts

    Love this post Steve! Thank you for sharing your experience and your settings. Tim.
  11. Lost My Headphone Jack Cap

    Thank you, I will check it out. Tim
  12. Another Tool In The Tesoro Tool Box

    Fish, it really depends on what type of hunting you want to do. In my opinion, the Vaq covers the bases pretty well. I have owned a Bandido II and still have a Silver Sabre microMax, as well as a compadre. Others like the Mojave or Tejon as well, though I haven't spent much time with those machines. One way to customize your machine would be to get additional coils.. I have the 12x8 and the 5.75 both in widescan and concentric, and there aren't many sites I feel limited in with those tools. Some great information from Monte and others in a previous thread that I started (link below if you haven't read it). Tim.
  13. Why Dig Nickels?

    So true. Ever since I brought home my first gold ring, my coin finds are much less interesting to my wife. haha. Tim.