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Lobo ST With Hot Technology 3x18 Coil

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I've been in the hunt mode to find and acquire one of the rare 3X18  Delta 4 pin Hot Technology cleansweep coils for about 3 years. Finally got my hands on one.  These coils have been out of production for about a decade and they're about as rare as 'hen's teeth'.  Tesoro still makes the Cleansweep in the 5 pin Epsilon configuration but not the 4 pin Delta .  Mating this coil up to my Lobo Supertraq has provided me with some interesting observations.   Generally speaking it does cover a large swath of ground with each sweep, but the sweep speed has to be slowed down to say 1/2 to 2/3 of the speed of the stock 6x10 elliptical coil to get a good target response.   My best depth was a measured 5 inches on a quarter on edge.  It pinpoints fairly well off both the toe and the heel, but I do a full circle of the target to make sure the target is within my 6 inch cut plug.  The coil discriminates very well.       Now the interesting stuff.  First, it does not fully ground balance in the All metal mode. Pumping the coil down and up, it sounds off loud on the down push and does not respond on the up pull.  However, it is still functional in the AM mode, targets are still picked up clearly and the pinpoint function still works.   Both modes, All Metal and Discriminate achieve the same depth.  I ran the Sensitivity at a gain of 3, more gain didn't achieve any more depth.  In All Metal with a smooth threshold the coil ran stable and only responded to ground tracking and targets. In Silent Search Discriminate (setting of 3 1/2) the coil had at times a propensity to load up and give off erratic chatter, it also sounded off on 'bumping'.   I found the best way to run the coil was in AM and upon locating a target I would do a quick switch to Disc. to determine to dig or not to dig.  I will do some further testing but I believe I have found it's boundary limitations. A good coil, it just has some quirks.  I would imagine this would be more stable on a Vaquero.

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