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Back In Central Texas

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I just moved back to my home state of Texas, Lago Vista, to be exact. I'm  20 minutes from Leander, 40 from Georgetown, 30 from Marble Falls. I've been hunting on and off for 30 years now. My interests are old coin, relics, shallow water hunting. I'd drive 2 hours one way to hunt if need be, thanks.

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On 10/12/2019 at 9:51 PM, Dan(NM) said:

I just moved back to my home state of Texas...

Keep an eye out when you're on a ridge.  I've heard of a Texan named Chuck who will talk your ear off.


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    • By CCRV
      Hey Guys and Gals,
      Some of you may remember me, I used to belong to WSPA and spent quite a bit of time in SoCal and Rye Patch. But, about 6 years ago I dropped out to concentrate on business. Now I find myself with more available time and have jumped back into detecting with both feet. I'm looking forward to running into old friends and swinging new machines. If I met you before and have forgot, please don't feel offended, I have a hard time with my own name some mornings, LOL.
      I don't want this to come across as a solicitation, it's not.   I know a lot of you have RV's and trailers. I own Carson City RV. If I can help my fellow prospecting/detecting community with: questions, technical/service issues, parts or looking for a unit. Please feel free to ask, I will do my best to help.
      I attached a pic of my own truck and Trailer. If you see me out in the desert, come say Howdy. I'm hard to miss with the giant CARSONCITYRV.COM on the side of my bright blue truck.  I always have a cold drink, bowl of soup or shot of whiskey handy. Also, if you want to use the head, instead of digging a hole, I'm happy to step out for a few moments and let enjoy the facilities. If I'm not in the trailer, feel free to go on in and help yourself.
      I was solely and gold detectorist in the past, but I'm looking to add some coin and relic hunting to my list. I live in Reno, NV. I have a pretty open schedule and I'm willing to drive. So, if anyone wants a detecting partner, LMK. 
      Good luck to you all and look forward to meeting/seeing you again,
      Beau Durkee

    • By Erik Oostra
      G'day all..
      Just got a hold of a Gold Bug Pro and am starting of on the island's beaches.. so far I've found a handful of coins (my first one was a $1 so struck 'gold' straight away) and three old fashioned spoons on a site where an old cottage once stood in the late-1940s.
      I've done a bit of research on gold on the island and it gets a few mentions.
      The Brisbane Courier in 1886 recons that: "Samples of quartz from the newly-discovered reef on Magnetic Island are now in possession of the police-magistrate. It is good brown open quartz, showing fine gold freely. The reef from which the stone was taken is 3ft, wide with the casing. One solid quartz reef has been traced 50 yards along the surface. The reef is situated within a stone's throw of the sea, three miles from Picnic Bay in the direction of the Quarantine Station".
      Needless to say I've had a search out there but being a beginner i haven't got much of a clue what i'm listening for. I've only just worked out which sounds and readings each Australian coin makes, and that is only on the beach.
      Gold on Magnetic Island gets mentioned again in 1970 in the BMR's Geology of Townsville (survey map) which recons: 'Gold is also known to occur on.. Magnetic Island (uppermost Carboniferous granite).' I believe that this granite occurs on the western side of the Island, which also fits in which the name of a hill in that area - its called Goldmine Hill.
      Sounds like its all coming together a bit too easy! But I'll keep going till I can at least say I've found gold on the island.
      All in all, this detector prospecting game is turning out great fun, just swing away on the beach in the mornings and the possibility of gold in them there hills certainly keeps it interesting.
      Just a quick question: how have other GBP users found this detector for coin shooting?
    • By Finkster
      I am Getting back into metal detecting now that I am retired. I have an old 20 + year old Garrett, two coils, still works and recently picked up a new Nokta Kruzer Multi which I am getting used to. Beach (freshwater) and local fields/ parks etc will be primary areas of searching. I need to learn a lot with these newer style detectors so any help appreciated. Looking forward to participating in the forums and possibly meeting some fellow detectors in the area. Yes, winter is coming, which puts a damper on things but Ibhope to get to Texas and Florida and areas in between in the near future. Good hunting to all fellow detectors!
    • By KD0CAC
      In the early 80s got into underwater suction dredging in No. Cal. mostly in the Sierra's , towards the end early 90s I picked up a detector , a Garrett , was just getting use to it at parks and got out of Cal. back to MN .
      Kept telling my self I was going to get back to Cal. to mine again , but then Cal. banned dredging , took a lot of motivation out of it .
      But I did find a great metal detector store in  the area Metal detectors of Minneapolis , and the owner had a lot of knowledge , and I bought a bunch of detectors including pin pointer , a couple of Whites machines one of the bigger general detectors , and a gold machine , then a diving unit from Fisher and another I do not remember .
      Manly went around parks & beaches with my German Sheppard - that way we both got a good walk in 😉
      Then a couple yrs. ago had a fire , lost all detectors and or about $250,000 in tools & equipment .
      Now also on disability , and Gillie - the dog ran into the end about 13 yrs. / starting to sound like a country western song 😉
      Well bought a Minelab Equinox 800 from the same shop , dang I stopped by and he had a used one with 2 1/2 yrs. of warrantee left for $700 , I went home to get my saved coin stash about $500 and more stashes and when I got back to the store , the used unit was sold , but he did have a new one in stock . 
       A couple weeks later I went back to get a pin pointer , we both agreed that that the Garrett Pro AT was what I wanted , hay it was on sale too 😉
      Now taking a friends boat to FL , I'm not into fishing & throwing back - I'm a catch & eat kind of guy 😉
      This will be my 1st salty beach doin .
      Oh and we were going to go looking for the bermuda triangle and look for lost stuff - dang the Equinox only goes 10' deep .
    • By lauchon03
      Hi guys, my name is Cristian, I'm from Argentina, my detector is a Garret AT Gold, I use it to search for gold nuggets in the Andes mountain range. I have very good results with very small, tiny nuggets, but I think I'm losing some depth, I compared it to the Garrett AT Max and apparently it has a little more depth but not so much sensitivity to small nuggets. I want to change the AT Gold for another detector that gains depth in larger gold (2gr, 5gr, 10gr etc).
      Do you offer me minelab equinox 800, makro gold kruzer, goldmaster 24K, xp orx, which recommend me to have greater depth in large or acceptable nuggets and not lose much effectiveness in small nuggets?
      I found the gold nugget in my hand with the AT MAX at 20-25cm, with the AT GOLD I had no signal
      I leave some photos to see the gold that took out the AT gold. regards
      p / d: sorry for my english, I used google: D

    • By Guessologist
      Hi all, thought I'd better sign up for an account as I've been lurking for too long! The technical discussions in the Equinox subforum keep me coming back, always interesting to see what new ideas people are coming up with to get the most out of their machines.
      I've mostly been coin and relic hunting for the two years I've been into detecting, and luckily have some unique permissions in an 1860's gold mining town that enable me to get onto what I think are some really interesting finds. The area's not really known for detectable gold so it's escaped a real hammering until I've got my hands on it! The soil's crazy mineralised so it's been a challenge to find settings that work, every time I change a parameter more finds leap out of ground that I've slammed before. My favourite finds are the chunky copper pre-1860 Victoria pennies and 1850's trader's tokens, I think they even edge out big silver for me...
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